Foods to Avoid to Lose Belly Fat: Top 3 Foods You Should Avoid Eating at Restaurants

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Do you work or travel a lot ? Then chances are, you are usually also eating out more often.  Most people are simply too busy or too lazy to cook their own food at home or find it a hassle most of the time. In the end, a majority of people usually just end up ordering takeout or eating at restaurants since it is the quickest and most convenient way. Why is eating out the recipe for weight gain ? Because most people when they eat out don’t pay enough attention to the types of foods they are eating! Keep reading to find out more on the foods to avoid to lose belly fat .

lose stomach fat

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Why people get so fat

Many people even those who once kept a fitness routine of some sort may fall off the track and start eating out at restaurants more often. The reason why people gain weight and get fat throughout the years is because they start eating out often at restaurants. Whether traveling a lot or simply too swamped to think about preparing a home cooked meal, takeout is always a dial away and other restaurants are only a drive away…and so many flock this way.

It’s nearly impossible to eat healthy at most restaurants these days, with the sodium content, fat content, calorie amounts, portion sizes way out of control, you can see how eating out regularly can contribute to significant weight gain in most people. Despite the facts, here are ways you can eat a little bit healthier even if you’re eating out by following a few tips and tricks and therefore avoid putting on weight.

The following are effective ways to stay lean and healthy even as you travel on business or eat out at restaurants by keeping watch of what you eat and knowing the foods to avoid to lose belly fat…

The 3 most important things you need to avoid are served EVERYWHERE in all restaurants :

  • Refined starchy foods
  • Deep fried foods
  • Any juices, sugary deserts, sodas etc.

The above major food sources will usually do the worst damage to your body. The evil trans fats, refined starches, refined vegetable oils as well as processed and refined sugars are the main culprits to weight gain and also pose major risk to your health and well being with regular intake.

So what foods do you need to shun at restaurants in order to avoid gaining weight and getting fat ?

In order to avoid the major culprits of weight gain when eating out it means that you will have to avoid the following foods: Skip the french fries ( these usually come with each and every burger or sandwich on the menu at every restaurants), skip the table bread, only eat half the portion you are given (as you know portion sizes at restaurants nowadays are out of control), eat pasta in minimal amounts and avoid white rice.

What to order instead…

Try and order just meat on a salad, a side of vegetables ( skip the heavy creamy dressing, opt for a clear colored dressing), ask for a salad or side of vegetables as a substitute for rice, pasta or typical side of fries that comes with the order.

Side note:  Don’t be shocked if the people you’re out with scrutinize you because you choose to substitute veggies for fries. They may as a matter of fact tease you and say that you’re ”not living” all because you won’t eat fries…

Yet the same people who scrutinize you will always be the first people to complain about how fat and overweight they are and how they’ve ”tried everything”, but yet can not seem to lose weight or get rid of belly fat . I don’t know why people may think that eating unhealthy is equivalent to ”living it up” …Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for things done in moderation and that means you shouldn’t deprive yourself completely of the foods you like to eat.  There are however 2 evil culprits that should be removed from each person’s diet…that is, soda and fries!

Have a look at the straightforward easy substitution between making a smart choice and doing what most people do…

Most people will usually eat the following foods at a restaurant:

  • Burger or sandwich
  • Chips or fries
  • Soda or some other sweetened drink

The much healthier alternative is…

  • Veggies or a salad
  • Unsweetened ice tea
  • Sandwich or burger

Avoid drinking ‘diet’ drinks such as Diet Coke, Diet Pepper etc….unless you really love drinking carcinogenic poisonous and artificially sweetened chemicals.

By choosing healthier alternatives over the common restaurant foods, you can save yourself anywhere from 400 to 900 calories EVERY TIME you eat out ( this also depends on portion size as well as drink refills). By knowing the foods to avoid to lose belly fat, you’ll also avoid high fructose corn syrup which is one of the most evil contributing ingredients to weight gain…Not to mention that you will lose stomach fat by doing so. Another healthy alternative that may be rare is  to find a restaurant that offers  grass-fed beef burgers as this is a healthier alternative to grain fattened beef.

So you still want to eat pasta but are afraid that you’ll get fat ?

You may sometimes be craving bread, rice or pasta etc. and you can actually get away with eating such foods without gaining weight. The secret is to make sure that you work for it and earn the food you are going to be eating. This means that in order not to pack on the body fat, before you eat pasta, break or rice, make sure that you work out by doing a high intensity and fully body resistance training workout.

A high intensity resistance training will help you body to handle higher levels of carbohydrates and will help to refill the muscle glycogen you lost during your intense workout, as compared to not working out beforehand, but eating pasta and therefore adding to glycogen you still have and leading to fat gain.

Cardio workout will NOT cut it… You need a high intensity resistance workout that will deplete enough of your muscle glycogen in order to combat restaurant carbohydrates.

I really hope that the above dining tips on foods to avoid to lose belly fat will help you to be more selective in choosing the healthier and smarter alternative the next time you dine out. Feel free to share this article if you’ve felt it was helpful.