How To Start a Blog That People Will Be Interested To Read

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There are literally thousands of blogs online nowadays and in order for you to stand out from the masses, you will need to start a blog that people will actually be interested in and want to read.

If you want to stand out from the millions of blogs online today, then it is absolutely essential and important that you think hard before you launch your blog online.

If you start a blog only because you think that it is the ‘cool’ thing to do or because your chosen blog topic is within a ‘sizzling hot niche’, chances are you can expect to find yourself faced with a few challenges in the future.

It is important to know that being a follower is the quickest way to fail online.

Why? Because by following what someone else is doing you may fail to be true to yourself -hence why you are more likely to experience more writers block, a decrease in motivation and an overall sense of apathy after the rush and excitement of starting a new blog has long gone.

So what are some of the ways to which you can start blogging without putting your readers to sleep or having them lose interest?

Be True to Yourself

If you are planning to start a blog, remember to always be honest, open and transparent – Whatever you do remember to ALWAYS BE YOURSELF. If you try to hide behind a facade that you’ve created (because you think that it is the only way you will succeed online), you risk failing in the long run because you can only play someone that you are not for a very limited amount of time That is of course before people start to call you out on your ”act’ or you tire and exhaust yourself entirely from having to putting up a show!

Find a Topic People Are Interested In and Others Will Be Too

Do not just start blogging about a topic that only very few  select people are interested in. Just because you are interested in writing about the prairie Red Tail Fox, it does not mean that others will be. Find the proper balance between the things people want to read about and what they are actually searching for each and every month, – after all, you do want people to find your blog and read what you have to say! There are a number of tools you can use such as Market Samurai and the free Google Analytics tool in order to find and analyze hot keywords and their

corresponding competition levels.

Be Consistent!

Are you one of those people who posts your blog content once in a blue moon? Do you post every 2 weeks- or worse, do you post your content just once a month? If are inconsistent when it comes to updating your blog on a regular basis, then expect inconsistent results. It is really just that simple. Do not expect to succeed online if you are not willing to work hard towards what you want.  Most people who are unsuccessful online are usually not willing to put in the work required but instead choose to have their heads in the clouds wishing for an overnight success and other ‘set it and forget it’ shenanigans.

Provide Quality

Remember, people love quality and they are more likely to appreciate a well written and structured blog post than a poorly written mess that you may have slapped together in just 10 short minutes. Remember to always structure your blog posts in a way that makes it easy for your readers to navigate and read through your articles. Also remember to spell check and structure your sentences in the proper way. Many successful blogs deliver quality with every written post and with any content produced.

Provide Value

When people feel as if you are offering them something that they can use and they feel as if it is something that will help them to better themselves or their craft, you are more likely to gain a loyal readership and your content more likely to be shared in social media websites. If anybody who stumbles across your blog feels as if you are just regurgitating unoriginal, useless information that they can easily find elsewhere, -well then, your blog risks losing its credibility and your content can tank in value.

Develop and Edge and Voice

What are you known for? Is it your controversial voice? your satirical humor? sly sarcasm? free guides ? etc. When you start a blog, it is important to find something to offer your readers that will help you to distinguish and set yourself apart from other bloggers in your area of expertise/niche. Again, do not be afraid to be who you are and then some!

These are just some of the main important things to work on for anybody who want to start a blog and  find success in the already crowded online blogosphere in 2013 and beyond. Starting a blog is easy but creating a successful blog takes hard work, long hours and has its ups and downs just like anything else, relying on overnight success is definitely not realistic and is a quick way to hinder any future success. So get ready to put in work if you have the desire, optimism, drive and determination, you will eventually see your online blogging dreams come true!