How To Start a Blog That People Will Be Interested To Read

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start a blog and make money

There are literally thousands of blogs online nowadays and in order for you to stand out from the masses, you will need to start a blog that people will actually be interested in and want to read.

If you want to stand out from the millions of blogs online today, then it is absolutely essential and important that you think hard before you launch your blog online.

If you start a blog only because you think that it is the ‘cool’ thing to do or because your chosen blog topic is within a ‘sizzling hot niche’, chances are you can expect to find yourself faced with a few challenges in the future.

It is important to know that being a follower is the quickest way to fail online.

Why? Because by following what someone else is doing you may fail to be true to yourself -hence why you are more likely to experience more writers block, a decrease in motivation and an overall sense of apathy after the rush and excitement of starting a new blog has long gone.

So what are some of the ways to which you can start blogging without putting your readers to sleep or having them lose interest?

Be True to Yourself

If you are planning to start a blog, remember to always be honest, open and transparent – Whatever you do remember to ALWAYS BE YOURSELF. If you try to hide behind a facade that you’ve created (because you think that it is the only way you will succeed online), you risk failing in the long run because you can only play someone that you are not for a very limited amount of time That is of course before people start to call you out on your ”act’ or you tire and exhaust yourself entirely from having to putting up a show!

Find a Topic People Are Interested In and Others Will Be Too

Do not just start blogging about a topic that only very few  select people are interested in. Just because you are interested in writing about the prairie Red Tail Fox, it does not mean that others will be. Find the proper balance between the things people want to read about and what they are actually searching for each and every month, – after all, you do want people to find your blog and read what you have to say! There are a number of tools you can use such as Market Samurai and the free Google Analytics tool in order to find and analyze hot keywords and their corresponding competition levels.

Be Consistent!

Are you one of those people who posts your

blog content once in a blue moon? Do you post every 2 weeks- or worse, do you post your content just once a month? If are inconsistent when it comes to updating your blog on a regular basis, then expect inconsistent results. It is really just that simple. Do not expect to succeed online if you are not willing to work hard towards what you want.  Most people who are unsuccessful online are usually not willing to put in the work required but instead choose to have their heads in the clouds wishing for an overnight success and other ‘set it and forget it’ shenanigans.

Provide Quality

Remember, people love quality and they are more likely to appreciate a well written and structured blog post than a poorly written mess that you may have slapped together in just 10 short minutes. Remember to always structure your blog posts in a way that makes it easy for your readers to navigate and read through your articles. Also remember to spell check and structure your sentences in the proper way. Many successful blogs deliver quality with every written post and with any content produced.

Provide Value

When people feel as if you are offering them something that they can use and they feel as if it is something that will help them to better themselves or their craft, you are more likely to gain a loyal readership and your content more likely to be shared in social media websites. If anybody who stumbles across your blog feels as if you are just regurgitating unoriginal, useless information that they can easily find elsewhere, -well then, your blog risks losing its credibility and your content can tank in value.

Develop and Edge and Voice

What are you known for? Is it your controversial voice? your satirical humor? sly sarcasm? free guides ? etc. When you start a blog, it is important to find something to offer your readers that will help you to distinguish and set yourself apart from other bloggers in your area of expertise/niche. Again, do not be afraid to be who you are and then some!

These are just some of the main important things to work on for anybody who want to start a blog and  find success in the already crowded online blogosphere in 2013 and beyond. Starting a blog is easy but creating a successful blog takes hard work, long hours and has its ups and downs just like anything else, relying on overnight success is definitely not realistic and is a quick way to hinder any future success. So get ready to put in work if you have the desire, optimism, drive and determination, you will eventually see your online blogging dreams come true!


  1. It is very inspiring and overwhelming to know that many youngsters are taking up blogging as a career. Trust is one self is the foremost investment you should have!!
    Mia Taylor recently posted…Why Accuracy is Paramount in Medical TranscriptionMy Profile

  2. Kevin Ashwe says:

    Developing a voice takes time. Not all bloggers get it right at the initial stage of blogging. Most times we horn it out at the job.

  3. Reetika Gupta says:

    Hello Jedith,
    Great Post, Really you have done Great job and Your Pots is so inspire me. Actually we need to know before starting the blog. and i will keep remember your post. and i must say thanks to you for sharing this post.

  4. People will only read that blogs which provides satisfactory and complete information, which should be enjoy to read. Look of the blog is also a major factor. Thanks for the informative post.
    Rahul Biswal recently posted…How to get Insurance for Apple iPhoneMy Profile

  5. Arul shaji says:

    This post is very helpful info for me to start a blog, and at the same it will surely helpful for each new beginners in the blogging field. Our blog should with interesting content, it will help us to travel heights.

  6. Hi Jedith,

    This is an excellent post packed with information that it vital for all bloggers. It’s especially important to be yourself rather than trying to be someone who you think you should be. It’s important to be able to connect with your audience and the easiest way to do that is by being yourself. After all, why make things more difficult than they need be?

    Thanks for these great points.

    Kind regards,
    Glenn Shepherd recently posted…Are You Sending Your Visitors Away?My Profile

  7. Hello Jedith,
    Yaa I’m also satisfy with your points. Today most of people wants to earn money but don’t want to work hard. They just want to get rich in a single night. Obviously consistency is very important, I too have such friends who starts their own blog and post once in a week and then end up complaining about the visits. Plus only Consistency is not enough, your blog should provide the quality content to attract the visitors.
    BTW, Very nice post, cover all the necessary points.
    Thanks for sharing
    Pankaj Jain
    Pankaj Jain recently posted…Android Smartphones V’s iPhone: What will be your choice?My Profile

  8. Hi Jedith,

    Sharing your personal path with all your failures and successes is a great way to succeed online. If you do that “in your own voice” it is even better and faster.
    However, I do think that the most important part is choosing your niche. If you like the niche and it is profitable you will succeed no matter how many mistakes you make.

    Have a nice day
    Silviu recently posted…A Video Recorder Software for Your Coaching SessionsMy Profile

  9. Well yes producing the quality cintent is always the better part, to engage with your fellow readers, and even with fellow bloggers. One must provide the best possible material in your niche, and no doubt with hardwork, you will be the king, massive traffic would come in, I promise. ;)
    myles recently posted…Root HTC One V and Install ClockworkMod Touch RecoveryMy Profile

  10. Agree with you Jedith !
    As a blogger , its very important to be consistent and come with with new ideas to convert into a blog posts .These tips would certainly help a lot of bloggers.Thanks for sharing the information .

    Pramod recently posted…Celkon Campus A20:Celkon’s 3G Android SmartphoneMy Profile

  11. I figure the best way to start a blog is to pick a topic that you’re really passionate about and want to know more about. As you learn your topic you can create content for your website, and you will grow and mature as your blog does. That way, it doesn’t matter the size of your audience/conversion rates etc., you still win.
    Matt recently posted…Godaddy Promo CodesMy Profile

  12. Adding value to the community you are writing for is the best way.
    Vineet Gupta recently posted…15th August – India got Freedom, but Did You Got Financial Freedom?My Profile

  13. I could not agree more with the points here. One thing that I like to see an emphasis on quality over the quantity of posts. Thanks for sharing.
    Dr Sarita Jackson recently posted…Will The Brazilian Director General Elect Cause the Decline of the WTO?My Profile

  14. Jami Force says:

    Nice article, this can be a very overwhelming thing to try to accomplish

  15. Karan oberoi says:

    Hi Jedith,
    Totally agree with you, its very important to provide quality content to people and these kind of tips Bloggers should never avoid because these are really helpful.
    Thanx a Lot for sharing this.
    Karan Oberoi

  16. I just started to write myself truly on common fact of society & environment. Hope to enrich my blog by my own thinking power & write them as well as I find some new topic. You may comment about my blog to tell me that I am on the right path.

  17. Great post Mia! You nailed it! Writing from a place of passion and being yourself is always easier than forcing yourself to produce boring content. Personally I like to mix business with pleasure :-) I like to take boring subjects and zap em’ with some sci-fi ninja comic book mojo LOL!

    Thanks for the suggestions!

    -Eric Out-

  18. To find interest of the people Google’s adword Keyword tool was the best as it it used to tell us clearly what is being search over the internet right now. Unfortunately Google’s keyword tool is no more in use but you can fine its alternative like Mergewords, Wordstream etc to take the find the taste of the people. When you find the topic, start writing unique & quality content about the topic. Great post Mia.
    raj recently posted…Talking Tom Cat for PC download, Talking Tom Cat for Windows 7/8/Vista ComputerMy Profile

  19. great post here Jedith with some very valid points to implement. Sometimes though people just have to get started, get going, because doing something worthwile is worth doing poorly until you can do it better. It’s all a process, finding your voice, quality and content. Consistency is the key to everything though.
    Alex Zemkus recently posted…How You Can Create Multiple Streams Of IncomeMy Profile

  20. I think topic selection take important role to decide whether a blog is interesting or not. Then how we set the tone of our blog take the next big leap. The rest is just how we promote it to make people interested.

    Great post. Thanks Jedith!
    Okto recently posted…How to Get Traffic from FacebookMy Profile

  21. rena gamueta says:

    Being true to yourself, makes other people feel the same way of yours. They can also think what you think too if you just write what really inside your head. Thank you for this piece of yours. it was amazing and great .

  22. This is a great post! really inspiring me since i am new to blogging. By the way consistency is the hardest part for me. But i will always try to be better.

    Thanks for your advice ;)
    Irfan R recently posted…Membuka (Mengakses) Website Yang di BlokirMy Profile

  23. Well before starting a blog its necessary to finds ones interest and then pursue with proper planning…..Content is the king pin and quality is must. Well thanks for throwing more light on this topic.
    Simon George recently posted…Top 10 Features Of Samsung Galaxy S4My Profile

  24. Great points. I would add one more to the blogging success formula: having passion is essential for blogging, for writing, for communicating with the rest of the world. Awesome article!
    Elena recently posted…Very Funny Olympic ChucklesMy Profile

  25. I think this is the perfect guideline for them who all are new to blogging or who all have just started a blog.

    In my opinion when we start a blog the most things are to keep in mind is:

    1. Always write interested things
    2. It needs to be unique and quality
    3. You need to be consistant
    Johnw recently posted…How to communicate and connect with the key decision makers?My Profile

  26. Hi Jedith,

    Nice points, One should first find the topic on which your targeted audience is interested. Then write honest post by researching all essential aspects and publish it. Then do some marketing on social media especially on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ so that your post can get more exposure.

  27. To start a new blog that people will be interested to red, we must first find out the topics in which people are interested. Reading news papers, magazines etc can assist us to find the topics which interests the people more and thus we can start a new blog on that topic.
    Ajay recently posted…10 Awesome Windows 8 Themes Free Download For PCMy Profile

  28. Great post, I also think that offering value is very important. There are so many blogs online that your audience needs to see a reason to return, comment and get engaged. Whether it’s training, information, coupons or tips and tricks make sure you provide what your visitors are interested in to create loyal readers.
    Sondra recently posted…Featured Vendor: Parker Nutrition CenterMy Profile

  29. Awesome and worth reading post. for to stand between the millions of blogs today one should need to post those article which should be accord to the interest of people online. Thanks
    Muneeb Ahsan recently posted…How to determine Whether the site is WordPress powered or not?My Profile

  30. I started a blog for fun. I was not seeking readers or revenue, jyst the pleasure of writting about something that I like. Well apparently, that was a the right state of mind because I have more and more readers and more and more popularity. Now that I read your article I noticed that I did a lot of it without noticing I was doing it :)
    Lise recently posted…A Berlin aussi, on va à la plage ! Teil ZweiMy Profile

  31. siddhartdas says:

    Hello Jedith,
    Nice Article , and i like your it. I understand that Topics and your content should be good and interesting to read it. if your content will be good quality and your topics both then we can get very easily traffics on our blog/website. so i prefer of topics and content both of things. Well thanks for reminding me about it. thanks

  32. Hello Jedith
    your points are so valid, this is indeed good article
    First of all Blogging is not easy, 90% bloggers fail because they think it is only 1 time process. they want success overnight but they don’t know that it is continuous process.
    Blogging demands patience and consistency.
    We should provide Quality Content and write for readers. If readers like our articles Google will automatically liking it. As we all know “Content is King” so we should update our blog regularly.
    Thanks for Review.
    Very Well Written article hope this article will be useful for newbies.
    Rajesh Jhamb recently posted…Apple vs Samsung- Battle between two giant companiesMy Profile

  33. Great post, I liked it. Yet, the real challenge is going around consistency and continuity…
    Ahmed Taha recently posted…Prostaglandins and inflammation: the synthesis, effects, and functionsMy Profile

  34. Hello Jedith,
    For me it is very nice content because i am learning this things newly in SEO world. Thanks to you for help me. I just want to know how to put some social plugins in MY blogs? can you help me for solving this issue.

  35. Just love your post… “Passion is what needed to make a blog success”
    thanks for your lovely words

  36. Awesome information for newbies like me, and i will suggest other start ups as well that they must start a blog that interest them the most and where they think that they are more good then other in that field..then they will enjoy their work and will paying more attention then any one else…
    jawad zaib recently posted…2013 Best Free Windows Phone 8 Apps For EntertainmentMy Profile

  37. well this is actually a very dificult task ! people always ant to be updated and get new out of the internet ! so it is a must to get into the right with right information about it !
    harshi recently posted…Root Unroot | Samsung Galaxy Pocket S5300 | 5 minutesMy Profile

  38. quality and quantity both needed but they never work together. if someone could be able to do this then it will be interesting to read.
    Rohan Mod recently posted…6 Powerful Blogging Tips To Make User Focus On Special PointsMy Profile

  39. The main thing that mustn’t be omitted are quality and engagement with readers. That alone is the best way of retaining visitors. The rest depends on traffic. Your tips are outstanding and complete. I do follow them and they works great
    Gilbert Samuel recently posted…2 months of blogging – my blogging journeyMy Profile

  40. most people read the information sought. So if we just set up a blog, it’s better to share and tell your friends to be our friends read what we’ve created and re-share it.

  41. Great advice indeed! I know i need to work on being consistent, and your right being true to yourself is the only way to go about it!
    Miguel Shands recently posted…How to Sell Your Music Directly to your fansMy Profile

  42. anis rehman says:

    i agree with you Jedith. I also created a blog following above steps about a week ago and from years now i am receiving targeted results

  43. Nicely said , Jedith . Blogging is not a bed of roses . You have to add valuable content consistently and update the blogs regularly . You have to work hard and be patient before you can reap rewards from it .

  44. Wonderful !
    I respect your work. But now I get a problem with my blog. Recently I created a Blog using Blogger (BloggerExplorer.Com). People are also interested to read it and my site also get hits but didn\’t get google adsense. I don\’t know its answer. Can you help me? Please.I am waiting.
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  45. you should be write the good content and avoid to make the copied content.
    santosh recently posted…MagicKEY K36 Key boardMy Profile

  46. oliversmith says:


    Wow, I enjoyed while on reading this article because i got the information for creating my blog beautiful. i would like to ask is there any way for blocking spammers in WordPress for avoiding comments. IF that so then please reply me.


  47. I agree with all the points here. Writing a blog people will like to read involves many things and they have been listed here.

    One of them which I recommend all time is being consistent. Consistency is one key to a successful execution of projects and it makes things easier.

    Thanks for such a wonderful contribution.

    Jackson Nwachukwu recently posted…How I Got an Offer 50 Business Articles From One Single Client Without Any HustleMy Profile

  48. anis rehman says:

    i created many blog with good topics, unique content, good quality content but i never received a satisfactory traffic. I work in blogger. Please Jedith help me if you can

  49. hi jedith
    great and inspiring post. this post will definitely inspire the youth who is planning to be a blogger.
    suryabhan4 recently posted…Top 5 puzzle android gamesMy Profile

    Tanmoy Das recently posted…Free Direct Download Link Of Microsoft Office Professional Plus Final Edition 2013 Full VersionMy Profile

  51. providing quality to the content is what we get written everywhere.
    But, the main criteria is to be regular.
    People want you to be regular in your blog.
    yogesh pant recently posted…What is an Accretion Disk?My Profile

  52. Hello Jedith,
    Very right words jedith. Its always easy to start something but to maintain the pace
    you have to work in it.
    In Blogging you should be unique and smart.

  53. From own experience: the unique blogs that had success were the ones that i have natural trend to write. You should write about what you know and about what you love. Otherwise you will never be able to gain the trust of your readers.

    Regards to everyone
    pedro miguel recently posted…Symbiosis GameMy Profile

  54. Hi Jedith,

    Thanks for writing this. For me the concept is easy. Write something to help others and not blog for others to read your story.

    This is why sites which more how-to usually gets more traffic than the rest :)

    Just my 2 cents :D
    Reginald recently posted…CommentLuv Premium Comment Plugin: Love It Or Hate It?My Profile

  55. Haha, very humorous post, I love to read this kinda posts but these kinda posts are really hard to find!

    You’re good at cracking up people. LMAO
    Jafar Dhada recently posted…Whatsapp for PC, Whatsapp for Windows 7/8/XPMy Profile

  56. Its not only about interest. There are loads of other considerations too…
    SAJID recently posted…Primary Cloud Deployment ModelsMy Profile

  57. To make people interested in reading your blogs, you must be able to publish such content that solves their problems that they are facing from a long time. People loves sites that offer problem solving content to their readers.
    Arbaz Khan recently posted…Top 5 Best Cydia Themes for iOS DevicesMy Profile

  58. One should write articles on how to something . These articles help people to solve their problems and they are most likely to come back to your blog again and again . ALso google loves these type of articles.
    Posting regularly , Helps our readers get new information daily , so they are likely to visit your blog several times a day.
    nikhil recently posted…General Knowledge Questions And Answers for Competitive ExaminationMy Profile

  59. Nowdays what i do is make a great content. for example if i read someone article that i think this will make a good information, i will make it with my ways. i mean i read it all carefully then i will re write with my experience. :D
    Willy recently posted…Tips: 5 Hal Yang Menolong Kita Untuk Tetap FokusMy Profile

  60. Really a nice article. Would be actually helpful for new Bloggers like me. I’m targeting the perfect readers for my Blog. But, I am not sure am I successfully attracting them. Anyway ….. thanks for your helpful contribution
    somon recently posted…Download & install new 2go Version 3.7.0 for Java phonesMy Profile

  61. Hi, Really nice post, I like the way you write blog posts. Starting a blog is really easy but maintaining audience is hard, but your post simplifies that.
    Jafar Dhada recently posted…Whatsapp for PC Download (Windows 7/8/XP)My Profile

  62. I agree with you Jedith. I also created a blog following above steps about a week ago and from years now I am receiving targeted results.
    Akshay Makadiya
    Akshay recently posted…MSRTC Admit card 2014 download from and mahast.inMy Profile

  63. Bhumi Faldu says:

    Totally agree with you, its very important to provide quality content to people and these kind of tips Bloggers should never avoid because these are really helpful.Thanx a Lot for sharing this.

  64. Hi, i am in total agrremnet with you, quality content is always the foundation for your blog to achieve greater success in the long run and these are small yet very important points to remember.

  65. All the tips are nice, finding a topic that people will be interested to read, being true to ourself. We should provide quality in our content. and being consistent is another quality factor.
    Prakash recently posted…Temple Run for PC Download, Windows 7/8/8.1/XP/Vista, MACMy Profile

  66. chirag sachdeva says:


    It is nice post for beginners. will give them strategy trend and scope for what readers are looking for?

    The beginners should focus on readership rather to focus on search engine. Yes, tips you specify would definitely help your readers.

  67. Hey jedith,
    Nice post and Yes, consistency is very important factor. We have to keep focus on providing good quality and always have to make good relations with our audience. Thanks for sharing these tips with us. This post really gonna help many newbies.
    Sudipto recently posted…Best Android Phone Under 12000 In IndiaMy Profile

  68. it is essential to think about your readers because our blog is all about our readers. So all of your points are nice.
    Enstine Muki recently posted…Slingshot apk Download, Slingshot 1.0 apk | Slingshot for android modMy Profile

  69. Hello Jedith,
    Thank you for this tutorial and reading. I’m absolutely agree with you in this case.
    Anetta Bursh recently posted…Bluestacks Offline Installer for Windows 7/8 DownloadMy Profile

  70. Great Post, Really you have done Great job and Your Pots is so inspire me. Actually we need to know before starting the blog I must say thanks to you for sharing this post !!!
    Kulwinder Singh recently posted…Airtel 3G Free Internet Tricks October 2014My Profile

  71. Firstly i want to say that if a person really likes to write then only he or she should be a blogger as you can attract people only if you write real good stuff. It was a great experience read this article.

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