How to Maintain Consistency in Blogging?

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Shabarish Balaji
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We bloggers wanted to share and help people (That’s is Our Goal), But not all the bloggers blog for helping others. There are many bloggers who blog for different reasons like, Some blog for Money, Some blog for Fame and respect, the list goes on. But the only think is that Consistency in blogging. It is not so easy to maintain consistency in blogging. Because we have alot of distractions and we don’t always have the mood to write. If we are not consistent, Then we will Lose our Readers, SERP (Search Engine Rank Position), Interest, Money. We will lose many things. Even Google also ranks the blog with Unique and Fresh articles updating blogs, They have this in their algorithm itself. But most of the bloggers doesnt know how to maintain consistency in blogging We all know that “Blogging is a art”, But art is something which will fascinate us for a while but not for ever, Until and unless we are completely Indulged in it. So in this article i am going to share my views on How to Maintain Consistency in Blogging.

How to Maintain Consistency in Blogging

Consistency is the Key to Blog’s Success

How to Maintain Consistency in Blogging?

Don’t Spend most of your time working in your blog

Yes, You heard it right. Don’t Spend Most of your time working on your blog and also spending most of the time in computer. Try to free yourself, Do your School or College Homework, Spend time with your family, Hangout with Friends, Many More. I have seen Many Newbie bloggers spend most of their time in computer working

on their blog, They think that they can Outrank high authority blogs within a day by working more. But its just a myth. Its not possible to rank in just a day working more.


Make your self motivated or Read the stories of your Favorite or Inspirational Blogger, Who succeeded in becoming a pro blogger. Head over to their blog and read their Posts, Case Studies, Get to know them alot. Make your self motivated by reading their Success, Failures, Struggling periods, and Many more. Its not that you have to only read about Bloggers. You can read some of the Most Inspirational people’s like Abdul Kalam, Abraham Lincoln, Bill Gates, and Many More. 

Participate in Blogger’s Meet

This is also a part of getting motivated. When you meet Like Minded people (People Having Same Taste), You get motivated and also you get knowledge. There are many pro bloggers and also some of the companies like Indibloggers, Asus and many more, They organize blogger’s meet frequently. If not you can also organize Blogger’s meets. When you interact with people’s having same taste you will get tons of ideas and also interest by this you will know how to maintain consistency in blogging.

Read More Books

Read more books not ebooks. Dont always stick with your tablet, Mobile, Laptop or Kindle’s, and many more. Buy some real fiction books in the market or you can also take books from the libraries, Read them. You can also read Motivational Books like Abdul Kalam’s Autobiography (The Book which i read whenever i am down), Steve job’s autobiography, and many more.

Conclusion on How to Maintain Consistency in Blogging?

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