6 Predictable and Surprising Reasons Why You Will Quit Blogging in 2014

Jedith N
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Jedith N
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Blogging used to be so easy to get into and competition far and few in between…this is of course if we were talking about blogging in 2005 up until 2008. Nowadays starting a blog and making money is more difficult than ever and blogging is more competitive and ever so popular with every passing days. For this reason alone, there is a high number of people starting blogs and new bloggers setting up blogs everyday. Some people think that a blog is a quick way to make money almost immediately. However, sooner or later, most of these people eventually quit blogging altogether once the reality of making money with a blog presents itself.

Do you think that you will be one of those people who will quit blogging in 2014? Do you think that one day you will quit your blog?


The following are a few surprising reasons why you will quit blogging today or in the near future.

1. You Simple Do Not Have The Time!

Most people are very busy on a day to day basis with their daily lives.
Let’s be honest, running a blog takes a lot of time! You will more than likely quit if you lack the time needed to maintain and update your blog since most of the time you sit down to start writing or posting content something of priority comes up and you simple find yourself running out of time to dedicate to your blog.

If you are wasting time on social media websites browsing through other people’s Instagram pictures, Facebook updates etc….then you are spending time being non productive and doing little to further your blog (harsh, but true).

2. Frequent Blogger’s Block:

Blogger’s block is when you fail to come up with any ideas on what to write or post for content. You tend to lack the ability to produce any content at all.

If you always have blogger’s block, then you will not post any content and readers will stop visiting your blog. Why? Because people love reading information/content that is up to date. It is really that simple.

3. You lack the ‘edge’ 

If you find that you are easily bored whenever you read other people’s blog, then you are either reading the wrong people’s content or you simply get bored too easily.

In order to stand out as unique, interesting and different in the already overcrowded blogosphere, then its very important to produce unique and high quality content with its own personality. If your website’s main focus is information on a certain topic, make sure you give out

the right information in great detail but not so much that you bore your readers.

Remember, if reading is not your ‘thing’, then your interest in writing is bound to suffer and you can say goodbye to the blogosphere.

4. You do not proofread posts:

One of the fastest ways to tell if a blogger will stick to their blog for a long time is by taking a look at his/her articles.

If you find tons of mistakes, incorrect grammar, spelling etc. then it’s safe to say that they are not as committed to the journey. ;)

If you care about providing quality content, then it is safe to assume that you will take the time needed to check for spelling and other errors before you click the ‘publish’ button. 

5. You are not focused

The most common reason why many bloggers quit their blogs is due to the fact that they lack a clear plan and vision for their blog. Most bloggers typically do not have a clear grasp as to which niche/topic it is that they want to dedicate their blog to.

If you blog about anything under the sun, your blog is likely to fail. People are already distracted as it is so its important for them to come to one place dedicated to a focused topic/niche in order to get answers of the information they are looking for.

Blogging without focus is a lousy waste of energy and a quick way to set yourself up for inevitable failure.

Don’t worry!

The reason I wrote this post is not because I want you to quit your blog or feel as if you can never make any money blogging, but to make you aware of the types of behaviors and actions that can hinder your success.

In order to leave you motivated and not beat down, I found an inspirational quote that you can keep at the back of your mind in your journey to blogging success or success in life and in general.

i want to quit

How long have you been blogging  (if you own a blog) ? Have you ever feel like you just wanted to quit blogging? If so, Why? Feel free to share in comments below.


  1. Sure, these are more than reasonable issues. Though the future of blogging and guest blogging in general is very much unpredictable. I think most bloggers fail and quit mainly because have set unachievable goals or write on niche that don’t like or understand well.
    Kaloyan Banev recently posted…Your Own Social Network. Start Project on the Right FootMy Profile

  2. Reason #6

    Frequent Google algo updates will leave you out of the game. And you will never ever try to change all your ideology you once set according to Google.
    Hemant Aggarwal recently posted…12 Steps To Take Before Applying For Adsense For Successful ApprovalMy Profile

  3. Neeraj Dalal says:

    yes you are right this can be the reason but if you want to keep continue blogging then you have to forget about All this reason and make sure that this thing will not become the hurdle in your blogging career

  4. IMO any of these factors wouldn’t deter any blogger who started blogging in the first place as a passion. If you started a blog for the sake of it being a business, I can definitely see these things applying,
    Kayla Seah recently posted…Off ShoulderMy Profile

  5. Hello Jedith,

    I would like to say that a blogger may not want to quit but he/she may quit out of frustration. With constant Google updates it is almost impossible that a blog will stay safe from any penalty. New blogs are constantly at a risk of getting penalty because of lack of knowledge or any silly mistake done by a blogger. All Google updates are related to SEO and you can learn well about it only after you start your first blog and make few mistakes. And these days making mistakes can make you Quit Blogging! :)
    Worli recently posted…Top Ten Impacts Of Technology On The Business WorldMy Profile

  6. Hello Jedith,

    I’ve never bothered about quitting because I blog for the sole reason of my passion for the art. Recently, I even quit my day job to focus strictly on blogging and the art of making money online. The challenge, I believe, most folks face is simply doing the right thing (blogging) for a whole lot of wrong reasons…success is never recorded that way!

    Akaahan Terungwa recently posted…RAW TRAFFIC, ENGAGEMENT OR THE BUCKS: WHAT DO YOU VALUE AS A BLOGGER?My Profile

  7. Xee MAlik says:

    Yes Agree with you. Now blogging is become More Complex for Bloggers. We have to manage our time for blogging and personal life But usually we Spend our most of time in blogging and skip our family so I have to quit blogging for my family :)

  8. Even though I don’t agree with you, I really liked your thought and post !
    Freddy M Thomas recently posted…# 5 : THE SUPERHERO FIXATIONMy Profile

  9. I am agreed with some of the above points . Also blogging needs passion without it you can’t sustain for longer time. So stay dedicated to your work and one day you definitely achieve your goals.
    Anyway great job!
    Ritul Gangwar
    Ritul Gangwar recently posted…Riptide GP2 Now Available For Free on Amazon AppsMy Profile

  10. hello Jedith,
    I think these are the real main reason for quitting blogging. Any one should be leave the blogging if he finds himself that he is not adding value to internet users any more. Nice and well written post. Thanks for the sharing.
    Mahendra recently posted…Best video player Software for Windows 7,8 List 2014My Profile

  11. Hey Jedith,
    Nice post and yes, these are the main reason for quitting blogging. These days many people use blogging for making money but for getting success in blogging requires lots of hardwork. We have to do blogging consistently and also have to update our blog regularly and believe me, its very hard task and its the main reason behind quieting blogging.
    Sudipto recently posted…Candy Crush Saga for PC, Candy Crush Saga for Windows 7/8/MACMy Profile

  12. yes, blogging needs lots of hard work and passion. you cover really great points and i do agree with you on all. time is one of the most important things, if you really want to get success in your blogging career. if you’re not giving time to your blog then leave it because it will not create single cent for you.


  13. Hello,

    time is very important for any business. if you want to earn through blogging then take it seriously and take it as a business and not only as a hobby. i came across many bloggers shutting down their ventures within a month or two just because they’re not able to spare time for their blogs.

    the second most important things is useful and informative content. if you’re just rewriting articles then it may be possible that you visitors found your blog UN-useful. it’s very important to produce high quality, original and fresh content to make your blog successful.


  14. I agree with you entirely that blogging is getting harder and harder and making money from it is not an easy thing to do. For this reason many are going to be leaving blogging. But if one keeps at it and works hard then its possible to earn some money from it.
    Shalu Sharma recently posted…My new India travel guide book now on AmazonMy Profile

  15. Sorry but i think you made a typo “You Simple Do Not Have The Time!”. You have some nice points Ma’am. I like what you said about reading a lot then writing. Being consistent with learning so you have new content to write with accuracy in the information. Very nice. Also, i think that personal finance blogs or any blog is about expressing yourself. Without thinking about earning, just writing what you think and letting the world know.
    Jeff recently posted…Saving money on holiday travelMy Profile

  16. Jedith, of the 5 points you listed, I feel the lack of time will be the demise of most blogs. I frequently hear people say they plan to start a blog because it’s an easy way to make money with virtually no work. As you indicated this may have worked several years back but not today. Anyone making this assumption will start a blog, put very little time or work into it, make no money and after a few months give up.
    sam recently posted…Creatine for WomenMy Profile

  17. Haha, I like #2, bloggers block is real common. Sometimes this can stop people from writing in general. When this happens, it’s best to read books, magazines, or other blogs to get off bloggers block. Not worth quitting though.
    J. Wright recently posted…Advantages of Getting a Child Support LawyerMy Profile

  18. All the reasons are good. And you explained them nicely. These may be the reason for quitting blogging.
    Prakash recently posted…Download Whatsapp for Windows 7/8/8.1My Profile

  19. Well, this is one of the phenomenal post I have read. Good, Its really eye opener for many of us!
    Enstine Muki recently posted…Hike Messenger for PC or Computer Download GuideMy Profile

  20. I am a new blogger and I can understand all these points very well. But quitting is not a solution of anything. :)
    Shabina Siddique recently posted…5+ Features in MS Office You Probably Don’t Know AboutMy Profile

  21. I’m in blogging for long time, around 5 years. 2 years ago i started to make good amount of money from blogging and for now i don’t have planes for quiting.
    In the past when i doesn’t make money or get any feedback from my work, i have quite few times from bloging for short period of time (around a month), but i love blogging and i think always will be part of my life.
    Tamara recently posted…Top 7 Sites for Watching Live Sport Streaming Online FreeMy Profile

  22. Good article. I agree that posting about something you’re genuinely interested is the only way to stay motivated… you don’t get something unless you truly want it deep down and will do whatever it takes :D
    S Pasha recently posted…Aqua Vitae Pheromone Review – Liquid Alchemy LabsMy Profile

  23. Great post. It should be followed up with “why you’ll start blogging again in 2015″. I seem to yoyo between active posting and months of silence. Keeping to a schedule and keeping focused is key.
    Adam recently posted…High PR CommentLuv Dofollow Blogs ListMy Profile

  24. Initially when i didn’t get any money, I though of quitting blog . But i gave It little more time and now I earn a lot. We need lots of patience to be a successful blogger. And one thing that helped me is that I am a student and gets lot of holidays and this help me to give some time to blogging.
    Noor Basheer recently posted…HostGator ReviewMy Profile

  25. I’m in blogging for a short time now, around 3 mounts. i don’t have planes for quitting because you don’t have to make money to blog, you can use it for other fun reasons. I love blogging it’s great and fun for meeting other succesfull people.
    Anna recently posted…One Of The TOP Best Upcoming (Futured) And Already Realeased PC Games Video Gameplay List For The Year 2014My Profile

  26. Blogging is a necessity for many persons, so only those who will write for passion will survive. It´s the same for professionals who need to publish and be consistent if they want to position their business on the Internet.
    Susana Paz recently posted…Postboda Vera y TonyMy Profile

  27. Well, you might have some pretty clear and obvious reasons here ! But for the most part i can decisively assert that these very reasons would make blogging a whole new experience. While the hazards are there, we’re already forewarned thanks to your observations. Great post.
    Kathy Mathis recently posted…5 Engaging Super Cool Android GamesMy Profile

  28. To keep the blog going, one should have some sort of motivation. For some, it is passion, while for others it could be increase in readers/ revenue and what not. I never used to proofread posts before. It’s funny how many mistakes can come in even when typing with concentration. And then there are auto correct when typing on word. Sometimes it could be just a bad sentence structure.
    Arun Chandran recently posted…KeekMy Profile

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