26 Things That Can Make You Money Blogging

Karol K
Karol K. (@carlosinho) is a blogger and writer for hire. He has his work published all over the web, on sites like: NewInternetOrder.com, Six Revisions, Web Design Ledger, Lifehack.org, Quick Sprout, ProBlogger, Writers in Charge, and others.
Karol K
Karol K
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Yeah, I know … posts like this can get really corny at times.

I mean, it seems that there’s more advice out there on monetizing a blog than you can shake a stick at (provided you shake sticks at advice).

Yet, when I was doing research for this article, I found that there’s apparently no master-list – something that would cover more than, say, 20 techniques.

So I’ve decided to do even more research, gather as many methods as I can, and put them together all in one place. And here it is! I hope you’ll get some cool ideas going through this list.

(In no particular order.)

1. Membership programs and subscriptions

Aka. premium content.

The idea is simple (but not necessarily easy). A subscription offer is based on people paying extra to get access to a premium area of your blog. The content you’re providing there shouldn’t be available through any other channels (especially free channels).

The technical side is quite easy with plugins such as Membership.

2. Consulting services

Essentially, there are two paths to blog monetization: passive income and active income. Offering consulting services is probably the most active way of making money possible.

The difficult part is building up your expertise and status in the niche before you can reach out to clients.

3. Blog flipping

Probably the most straightforward way to make money from a blog is to sell it (on Flippa, for example).

Even if you’re struggling to monetize your blog in any other way, some people can still be interested in buying it from you.

Not to mention that there are hundreds of entrepreneurs out there who do blog flipping professionally (they buy existing blogs, grow them for a while, sell them, and repeat the process).

4. Private forums

Depending on your niche, and the level of user engagement on your blog, you might be able to launch a private forum where people have to pay for access. Usually works best in passion-driven niches like weight loss, business, or dating.

5. AdSense

AdSense needs no introduction. It’s a widely popular platform used by tens of thousands of sites. And it’s also the easiest way to start making money from your blog (not necessarily the most profitable way, though).

All you need is a free AdSense account. The official tutorials will take you through the whole setup process.

6. Selling ads yourself

Let’s take a step back for a while. AdSense is a platform where you just sign up, get a piece of code, include it on your site, and from that point on, it’s AdSense that takes care of serving the ads, tracking, and hopefully sending you a check at the end of the month.

In comparison, when you’re selling ads yourself, this is all on you. You have to find advertisers, pitch them on the idea of buying ad space from you, and then handle all the other aspects of the transaction.

7. Freelance blogging

Blogging is truly huge nowadays! With such a volume of posts being published every month (42.6 million), no wonder that some site owners simply can’t handle everything on their own.

This is where you can come into the picture. Find your target (the blog you want to write for), reach out with a good proposal and offer your freelance blogging services. There are some great proposal resources for freelance writers and bloggers created by the guys at Bidsketch.

Note. You don’t have to limit yourself to just blogs. Literally every other website that publishes regular content becomes a possible target for you.

Speaking from my own experience, making money this way is often way more attainable than trying to build passive income streams.

8. Freelancing in general

Freelance blogging was based on monetizing your writing/blogging skills. But there’s really nothing keeping you from monetizing any other skills you possess.

For example, maybe you’re an interior designer who has an interior design blog? You can still get some cool freelance gigs directly through your blog if you just position yourself properly.

9. Other ad networks

AdSense is undoubtedly the leader in contextual advertising, but they are not the only player around.

So if you’re not happy with their solution, try working with any of these companies: Chitika.com, BuySellAds.com, Clicksor.com, Adknowledge.com.

10. Affiliate networks – text links

The main idea behind affiliate marketing is that other businesses pay you for promoting their products and generating sales.

To join the game, you have to pick your network (like ClickBank, or CJ Affiliate), select some products, and then promote them through your blog.

One way to do it is through strategically placed text links (within your blog


11. Affiliate reviews

This is a more labor-heavy form of affiliate marketing. What you do is write a review of the product you want to promote, and add your affiliate link at the bottom.

The idea is that when someone is thinking about purchasing a given product, they often look for some reviews of the product first. So if you get in front of them with your review, there’s a very good change they will click your link and then buy the thing.

Of course, don’t do fake affiliate reviews (ones where you actually haven’t even used the product yourself or even seen it).

12. Amazon ads

Amazon is one of the biggest affiliate networks out there. The way you make money with them is very similar to any other network.

Just sign up to the Amazon Associates program, grab some links pointing to specific products from their massive store (as an affiliate, you can promote anything that’s in the store), and then publish them on your blog.

13. Sponsored posts

This covers posts that you are paid to write, as well as posts that other people send to you and pay for the possibility to have them published on your blog.

Usually a good method for sites that have already built a reputation in their niches.

14. Monthly sponsorships

Similar to regular sponsored posts, but this time the advertiser buys a sponsorship package for the whole month. As a result, the advertiser’s promotional banner/link is visible under every post on your blog that entire month.

15. Business partnerships

This is a very broad category. In its core, it’s based on striking a deal with another blogger to participate in a project together.

It can be an e-book project, some other product launch, software project, or even an agreement where you and your partner refer freelance clients to each other.

16. Making money blogging by teaching people how to make money blogging

Honestly, I’m only putting this on the list out of pure frustration that this is apparently still a viable business model for some bloggers out there.

I’m not a fan, but since it’s an actual thing, on the list it goes!

17. Info and education products

Based on selling information and teaching people how to master a particular skill.

Note. The info you’re selling shouldn’t be available elsewhere for free.

18. E-books

Somewhat similar to info products, but e-books have a specific form, presentation, and generally, people have set expectations about what a quality e-book should look like.

So whatever you do, don’t just compile a basic Word doc, save it as PDF and call it an e-book. Try preparing something a bit more special.

19. Software and apps

Developing a new piece of software or an app can cost a lot of money, but it is a popular business model regardless.

Likely the best way to capitalize on this concept is to create an app that solves a specific pain that your average visitor faces, rather than just creating a mobile app for your blog (one where people get easier access to your content).

20. Webinars to product sales

Webinars are the new hot topic these days. For example, one of the more popular podcasters in the business category, John Dumas makes more than $100k a month through webinars.

The idea is to get people to a webinar, provide value on a given topic, and then offer the listeners the next step up in a form of a paid product.

21. Selling exclusive webinars and seminars

The method above was about inviting people to a free webinar and then selling hem on your product later on. This is about making the webinar the actual product.

It’s a technique that Social Media Examiner has been using successfully since its beginnings.

22. Guest posting to product sales

This method was explained in detail on this blog a while ago by Milica Pantic.

The basic idea is this: you land some carefully crafted guest posts on reputable blogs, and then link them to your site, where you have something special waiting for the people coming in – a product that’s related to the post.

23. Guest blogging to freelance gigs

Similar to the above, but this time we’re aiming to get freelance clients, instead of product sales.

24. T-shirts and other merchandise

People still love t-shirts, and this isn’t likely to change anytime soon.

Besides, these days selling t-shirts is very simple (from a technical point of view). Sign up to Teespring and see for yourself.

25. Speaking opportunities

Although this usually isn’t a possibility for newbie bloggers, it is a possibility nonetheless. You will need a reputation in the niche before you will be able to go after speaking gigs and conference appearances, but once you get in, it tends to pay well. At least according to the people who do it professionally.

26. Donations / tip jars

Because … hey, why not?

Tip jars are a fairly common thing on the web. Putting one up on the sidebar of your site costs you nothing, so it’s basically free money, even if all you get is $1 a month.

27. ?

Feel free to comment and share your own ideas for blog monetization. Is there anything that you didn’t think would work but did?


  1. Oh, It seems better one from I have read in past, Starting and ranking a blog wasn’t easy for me and Now, the time to apply those approach. Thanks for the nice article.

  2. great post. almost all points covers i think finding 27 will be a tough job. I’m using blog flipping, adsense and affiliates to earn money through my blogs. i think these three are the best ways. but I’ll also try to focus on other ways which you have mentioned above and will see the results.

    thanks for sharing such a huge list

    Gaurav Heera

    • Twitter:
      Thanks. And good luck with your blogs. I guess that most people out there try to use at least a couple of methods. Becoming hugely profitable using just one is likely a very difficult thing.

  3. Twitter:
    Wonderful post – though I think that it’s always better to sell your own service – so that you don’t depend on anyone, for starting bloggers it can be too difficult task – so it’s better to start from something – and with this list everybody can find a way of monetization for his blog
    Victoria recently posted..Impressions of the iGaming Super Show 2014My Profile

  4. Twitter:
    Did you use generator to create that text on the image from featured image? I wanted to add that to my blog as well :) Btw, affiliate is the way to go.. kinda hard, but it’s a good way of income.

  5. Twitter:
    Hey Karol,
    For making money in blogging require lots of hardwork and consistency. Adsense is one of the best way to make money and many blogger using it. Blog flipping is also another way to make huge money in just one shot. This huge list surely gonna help many newbies for making money. Thanks for sharing this post with us.
    Sudipto recently posted..Best Android Phone Under 12000 In IndiaMy Profile

    • Twitter:
      AdSense is one of the most obvious methods and surely the quickest method to earn your first buck. Most of the time, though, it’s not the most effective method out there.

  6. Twitter:
    I have to say that Adsense, for me, has become a bit of a flop over the last twelve months, it doesn’t seem to earn as much as it used to and with so many people using “Ad-Blockers” these days, it just doesn’t warrant having it, although it is still on my site, it is slowly on its way out!
    Karen Woodham recently posted..North Wales Pride Returned to Hendre Hall feat Misha B and KameelionMy Profile

  7. Twitter:
    hi Karol K ,

    nice post excellent written but i think i like more things like if i am talking about PDF. so how to write write , publish and sell PDF . I mean i need some list of site from where i can do these things this is my opinion only. anyways great post Karol K.
    diwaker recently posted..14 stupid and funny inventionMy Profile

  8. Twitter:
    Hey Karol,

    That’s certainly an huge list of suggestions to make money with online blogging. Lots of bloggers try Adsesne but its really difficult to get the approval.
    Pankaj recently posted..All in One Mobile Recharge SoftwareMy Profile

  9. Twitter:
    Thanks for this list. I will have to try some of these. One way is utilizing your social media to make money. I know of someone who has over 100k twitter followers and his tweets usually get 400 to 500 retweets. He will sell you a tweet mentioning your site for 30 bucks.
    Sebastian Aiden Daniels recently posted..A Powerful Thought to Zap You Back to the PresentMy Profile

  10. Sherman Smith says:

    Hey Karol,

    This is a great list of options that we all can dive right into. I myself are looking how I can maximize monthly memberships and I plan on writing another Ebook but this time I want to charge. But yes, this blog post here would definitely be a great reference to see what options there are out there instead relying on just a handful of things we can do! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Twitter:
    You’ve generated a very good list. I’m already working on many of them.
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  12. Twitter:
    Well, i think donation is a good idea, in that case earning is depend on your work, if you work hard then you earn best….
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    Hello Sir,

    Awesome Article! You’ve created a nice list for suggestion of MAKE MONEY BLOGGING. I really liked it.
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    Hello Karol,
    I just learned some new ways for making money with my wordpress blog. Thinking of starting some paid services on my blog. Hope, i will get more posts from you like this. :)
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  15. Twitter:
    I do think the easiest thing many of us are involved in with respect to making money online has to do with going in with CPC ads.

    Website flipping is something is something I intend to try my luck on off late and moreover domain parking is also one of the means many could make money through it as well.
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  16. Hi Karol
    Nice article today i learn something new about how to make money with blog and i definitely apply some of tips and i hope it will help with me. thanks for share article.
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  17. Twitter:
    Hi Karol,

    These were some really awesome ways in which one can make money. I have usually paved the way through Adsense, Site flipping, private ad selling, sponsored posts and links.
    Salman recently posted..How to Lose Inner Thigh Fat – Diet and ExercisesMy Profile

  18. Twitter:
    Wonderful post Karol At the end of the day all of us have to pay our bills. Thanks for the great insights on how we can easily accomplish that through our websites. BTW Anyone who is looking to make money online FAST, can also check out the list which i shared on my website couple of months ago. http://www.wpseotricks.com/make-money-online-fast/
    Thanks once again.
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  19. Hi Karol,

    Thanks for this awesome post. As a blogger, we all want to monetize our blog and make more and more money out of it. We all want to make thousands of dollars through it.

    Thanks for this list of monetizing methods. Gotta implement a couple of those :)

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  20. Anshul Mathur says:

    Great article…
    I have started blogging on 4th June 2014 and I am finding ways to earn money with it. This article is perfect answer for all my questions.

  21. Wow… am hopping my blog gets enough readers. Never thought there were so many opportunities to make money blogging. thanks for sharing!

  22. Twitter:
    We can rent our blog for someone who want to put adsense code in our blog for certain time. This is rather new I guess and need high level of trust between blogger and advertiser. It just my wild ideas to add though.

    Thanks for the post. You have named all the chances to make money online without any way for me to add :). Wish you have a great weekend
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    Making a blog does not finish its job. If it failed to earn money, then you are doing it in the wrong way. This is a really effective way. Thanks for this nice post.
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  24. Bijaya kumar says:

    Its a Superb and awesome post. If you want to make your blog popular, i think – Making a android app for your website or blog is also better option.

  25. Mayank Chawla says:

    I have been searching for a while how to make money via blogging. And I must say that I cam to the right place. I personally think Adsense and Sponsored posts are the best method of making money. Although everyone doesn’t succeed via sponsored posts but it is one of the way to make huge money in blogging. All I want to say is Thank You! for this post.

  26. Twitter:
    Great list, I think E-book is a great way to drive more business. We can sell it for free , through this process we can collect more email. Because people love freebies. That is you can collect more and more emails in exchange of a E-book. I recommend this,if you want to take your blog to the next level and build a stable business, is to create an email list. You could apply affiliate marketing and sell other people’s products, or release your own products or services.
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  27. I’m definitely going to try monthly sponsorship for my blog to add extra income. Great ideas and each of these mentioned works very well to build up extra income.
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  28. Twitter:
    Hi Karol,

    You’ve shared some great list on money making. A lot of people prefer Adsense, especially newbies. But Adsense doesn’t really suit my niche. . .

    Affiliate Marketing is also one of the best way to make money as we don’t have to invest our time and money to create products to sell . . . .

    Great Post, thanks for sharing! :)
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  29. WOW !! Thats a long list. You cover most of the way to make money from Blogging.

    In 27th place I can only suggest you 2 method
    #1 Make Money from Social Media. For Example, you have good number of Twitter Followers / FB Fan then you can sell tweet / Post on your FB Fan page

    #2 Domain Flipping (just like domain Flipping) . As a blogger you can perfectly predict upcoming trends which helps you to buy & flip domain

    Thats all from my side.
    Raymond recently posted..8 Easy Way to Make Money Online Without A WebsiteMy Profile

  30. Twitter:
    Google Adsense + Infolinks make the best combination ! Sponsored posts just add up as bonus :D
    Amandeep Singh Nagpal recently posted..Step By Step Guide To Root Motorola Moto G XT1032My Profile

  31. Twitter:
    Does adsense still make any money? I’ve used it before but to very little success. 27 could be paid traffic. It doesn’t have much to do with blogging, but it is an online source of money. That’s something I got into lately and it seems pretty good
    Adam recently posted..I was wrong about FacebookMy Profile

  32. Millo lailang says:

    I dont like adsense. Affiliates are way better. Blog flipping, webinars and freelancing look interesting. Might try my hands on them in the future :). And selling your own stuff seems best but affiliates and advertising helps a lot when the business is at early stages.

  33. Twitter:
    That’s an extensive list. As a new blogger, I find the amount of advice overwhelming at times but it was nice to have everything listed here so succinctly. I’m new to affiliate marketing and it’s going ok so far. The tip jar is cute, but I don’t know if it would be a turn-off to some readers. Thanks for all of the advice! :-)
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  34. I wish to be now at the level of the popularity blog where I could wonder which of these options to monetize traffic at my website is the best. Unfortunately, I’m still constantly working on promotion and content to interest my readers and increase their number :)

  35. Twitter:
    well, thats a great list, really impressive job. i like hostgator programme most
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  36. Humayun Hashmi says:

    Wow, thats really nice. I only knew about Adsense and never heard about chitika.com or others. I thought maybe there is only Google in this field. BTW nice tips, i am also looking to increase my income so i will try your methods, at least for once. Please reply, i want to know which is easy to start, quick and reliable to generate a permanent income source.

  37. shounak says:

    For me its always Affiliate Marketing. The money is good, but not predictable. Thanks once again for sharing such an informative post. I was not aware of few things that you have discussed here.

  38. Twitter:
    The above mentioned were the great tips for a blog to make money.Some of them were new for me.Gonna to give them a try.Thanks for sharing.
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  39. Javeth Raguman says:

    Tats true.many ways prove to make money.One way that helped was approaching the companies like hosting for sponsored post by listing their name in top lists or by reviewing them

  40. Twitter:
    Hey Karol,
    First of all thanks for this great post. Earning money from blog or website is not easy now a days. Making money is easy if we make perfect plan for it.
    Adsense is the best to make huge amount of money from your blog. I am blogger and i am offering blogging services to customers. I am earning enough from that. Other source to earn money is affiliate marketing and it is the best way to make money.
    swapnil recently posted..Best Apps For Samsung Galaxy Note 3My Profile

  41. Donna Janke says:

    This is comprehensive list of money earning opportunities. Not every item will be applicable to everyone, but it gives something to choose from.

  42. Twitter:
    That’s a lot of options, more than I’ve seen on other posts about monetizing content. I’ve never heard about blog flipping, it’s definitely something to consider.

    I’ve freelanced as a web designer in the past but the market is flooded and a lot of people what all singing all dancing websites but want to pay peanuts for it. I’m trying the affiliate thing but I’m a bit rubbish to be honest.
    Pasha O recently posted..Auto share your evergreen content with TweetilyMy Profile

  43. Twitter:
    Nice and very informative post
    The above post explains 26 things that can make money blogging. For profiting in blogging oblige loads of hardwork and consistency. Adsense is one of the most ideal approach to profit and numerous blogger utilizing it. Blog flipping is additionally an alternate approach to profit in only one shot.

    Earning money from a blog or website is not easy as it was earlier. But it is possible only through a proper strategy carefully planned. Other source to earn cash is using affiliates and it is the most ideal approach to make money.

    Thank you for sharing.
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  44. Abhijit Bangal says:

    I especially liked the 27th spot. Yes, there is always room to add a new method. But that’s not the time to speak of now (at least for me :))
    I must say you have given some great tips. I have been using some of them, but others were really new to me.
    Thanks for all the efforts.

  45. Minakshi Srivastava says:

    Hello Karol,

    Great Post . I think if you are good at something technical and want to earn while staying back at home and working on projects, freelancing is the best option for you.Sites like wordpress.com and blogger.com are free and give you a platform to exercise your writing skills.

  46. Twitter:
    For me adsense has always been the primary source of income. Great list by the way.

  47. George Meszaros says:

    I think the best is if you can create our own products, books, courses, seminars, etc. That way you become master of your own destiny.

  48. Twitter:
    I think you pretty much covered nearly all effective ways of Blog monetization. Most people don’t know all the opportunity. Here you have introduced several great ideas, some I haven’t even thought of myself! But I think Adsense, Affiliate marketing and selling own service are always the best method to make money from your blog. Anyways thanks for the share.
    somon recently posted..Game of Thrones Ascent for pc Windows 8 7 XP MAC computerMy Profile

  49. Twitter:
    Hey, @Karol K
    I really like your article, thanks for sharing. For me Google Adsense has always been the Primary Source of Income. Great Post !

    Thanks for all the efforts.
    Manpreet recently posted..How to Become a Good ProgrammerMy Profile

  50. Himanshu Rawat says:

    There are hell lot of ways to make money blogging, I never knew potential of blogging, I thought Adsense is the only major source but you can also earn good from affiliate marketing with targeted traffic.

  51. Twitter:
    Well written interesting post, I think getting Adsense approval is very easy if you chose blogger as your CMS. Thanks for sharing.
    Sreeraj M Ajay recently posted..Free Feedback Widget For Websites/BlogsMy Profile

  52. singgasana says:

    I Agree….. but so hard implementation

  53. Twitter:
    Blog Flipping, Affiliate marketing and Sponsored reviews have worked for me over and over again.
    However offering blog consulting services require that you have immense knowledge about that topic and also you should be well known in your niche to actually get clients.
    What do you say about it?
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  54. Hi Karol,
    Well, yes you have a good list. I have a doubt I think you can help me get rid of it. How to get into freelancing? I know I have got some good seo and blogging tactics and a lot of tech knowledge. Althought I am not going to start it now but will try it out whenever my current blog would take off.
    Waiting for your reply.
    Anurag recently posted..Best Android Phones Under 10000 Rs 2014My Profile

  55. Making money through blogging requires a carefully thought out topic. If you have an existing blog with a small audience, be honest when considering whether the topic has broad appeal that isn’t already covered by other established bloggers.

  56. Twitter:
    Great Post .
    What About affiliate marketing? Despite what every internet marketer will try to tell you, you can learn how to do this with free research. The internet is the best tool ever invented to research ways to make money for free. All you need is determination .
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  57. I’ve only tried Adsense in the past so I will definitely check some of these other ones. I really liked the idea of selling ad space yourself, I can imagine you can make some great money in that.
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  58. Zubair ismail says:

    Thanks for the great tips shared here. But now a days all those blogs are being penalized that were made with the sole objective of making as much money as one can out of it. Although google changes its policies everytime, some of the most lucky bloggers survive for a long time but some of them are just kicked out of the ring

  59. Twitter:
    Thank you for these excellent tips! I realize I have some of these covered, and you provided some excellent ones that I would not have considered. Since one of the biggest parts of being successful is helping other people succeed, that’s my greatest aim as a blogger. Most of the others fall in line after that one :)
    Joe Dalio recently posted..Avoid This Sales and Marketing MistakeMy Profile

  60. Twitter:
    Nothing in this list beats the affiliate income, if done correctly. I have also earned a very descent amount through Adsense. Even providing service can also make help you make money. Few months back I used the flipping service of a guy from Delhi and I had to pay him 40000 INR as commission, so yes this can be a source of good income too.
    Sanjib recently posted..Facebook Proxy Login Server and Sites (Top 5)My Profile

  61. This post is very informative and useful, Many bloggers and other newbie are just looking for alternatives for making money. But at the end they end up without making single penny out of it…
    Thanks for valuable article.
    Best Regards.
    Paul Billygraham Reang recently posted..Happy Friendship Day 2014 best quotes (True voice)My Profile

  62. Twitter:
    Great way to monetize your sites. There are a whole lot of promotional stuff people go through sometimes. But for bloggers with limited resources it get’s pretty tough. Affiliate marketing and Adsense are definitely the saviors! Thanks for sharing such an informative post!
    Kathy Mathis recently posted..Maya Angelou : Letters to My Younger SelfMy Profile

  63. Twitter:
    Hello Karol,
    i believe that if you do blogging with passion then you can make good money actually you have to give time to your blog then it will grow if you will not give time then it is impossible to grow.

    Sam Singh

  64. Jaspreet Nayyer says:

    Hi Karol
    Your article is so helpful for me. I am also working on a blog but not able to make money from blog even traffic on blog is good but still there is no way to earn money. But, Now, I hope your article will help me a lot.
    Thank you for this great article.

  65. Alliwilson says:

    Great sharing ! I have tried guest posting, guest blogging and forums to make money and one best thing about them is that they are not costly as much as the other ways are. Anyhow, I will try other methods too.

  66. Priyansh Kumar says:

    Your research is very good and it gives ideas for making money through blogging, specially for newcomer who current linked with blogging site and want to do blogging work, so these tips and ideas will give the right way for more effective and efficient work.

  67. Twitter:
    Well Certainly these are sureshot ways to make money online. These days one more ways is coming in action, that is Niche blogging which can make you even thousands of dollars per day.
    Lovleen Sandhu recently posted..Make Money selling Images on iStockphotoMy Profile

  68. The best thing which i love the most is blog flipping.. and i do this for my living….
    lalina recently posted..Gmail Login – http://www.Gmail.com – Gmail Sign InMy Profile

  69. Yes, I am agree with you. Really it is very tough to ranking a website with a specific keyword and marketing a website for targeted visitors. Another problem that is Google is changing their algorithms very often and SEO has totally changed, so what is the way of KeyWord Ranking?
    Best Network is Adsense
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  70. The above mentioned were the great tips for a blog to make money.Some of them were new for me.Gonna to give them a try. But Adsense is unbeatable…. Thanks for sharing.
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    Hi Karol,
    Wow 26 things are pretty cool. I find Affiliate marketing and freelancing more profitable than contextual advertising. But making handsome income from these ways are not so easy. It all depends on your skills, determination, niche and readers trust. Any way thanks for sharing this informative list. :)
    Suresh recently posted..Adversal Review-Best CPM network alternative to adsenseMy Profile

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    Wonderful Post I am struggling to make money form blogging and I am going to implement a few things you mentioned here so that i can make money from blogging too :D
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  73. Hi Karol K, your article is very good. I can apply these ways to make money from blogging. thank you very much. Wish you many more articles or.

  74. Twitter:
    Hi karol,
    These 26 money making methods are really cool, I have experience in some of months and need to know more about others as well. These days another best method which most of the bloggers are trying is niche blogging which can help you to earn thousands dollars per month easily.
    Aqib Shahzad recently posted..Top Best 5 Free Messaging Android appsMy Profile

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    Hi, Karol thanks for sharing this post. I think affiliate marketing is the best way of making money form blogging.
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  76. Kalen Bruce says:

    Great list! I have always loved the idea of blog flipping. I am always working on new ebooks, because they are my favorite way to make money. I enjoy writing and composing the books, so it’s not really work, it’s just fun!

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    Hey Karol,

    Nice list to make money online, Ad-sense is very common now a days because lot of people use this tool to monetize their blogs.

    But affiliated links are more interesting as by this tool we can earn money double than ad-sense.

    Buysellads are only for high impressions sites.
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    Hey Karol. This is a great selection of tips for monetizing blogs and I am sure that everyone will find something to suit them on the list! Sponsored posts are great, but I would be wary of who you work with so you don’t come across as just selling links.
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  79. Bishal Biswas says:

    Hi Karol K,

    As you’ve concluded, Advertising, Affiliate Marketing converts really well. But,

    Only when you’ve foundation of great articles and loyal readers who frequently visit your blog as because affiliate marketing is something which only works when you’ve targeted and loyal audiences.

    Perhaps, thanks a lot for sharing such ethical strategies to make money blogging.
    – Bishal Biswas

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    If your blog really becomes popular, you might be able to expand your income opportunities beyond the web and into the real world. Some bloggers get paid to appear at conferences or to give readings to the public. You might not get paid to give a speech at first, but as your blog becomes more well-known and respected, organizations might offer you some money to say a few words.

  81. Baligyana says:

    perfect list to make money blogging! i am just new in blogging and the program i have chosen to make money online is adsense. But the problem is i am struggling to make my site have good amount of traffic. I hope this is only the start and I hope that I will experience success soon! Thanks for this list!

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    Thanks for sharing this list. I will have to try some of these. Really these tips and ideas will give the right way for more effective and efficient work. Thanks for sharing such an excellent post.
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    Hi Korel
    The Best way to Earn from blog in short time is sponsored Post but now a days Google is Penalizing many blogs for selling links so need to be little careful with sponsored post.

    Kamal Singh

  84. Hey karol

    Great share about monetizing our blog but sponsored post which works well and I have tried too.Recently Google started to penalize the sites which sell post especially the post with keyword.

  85. Mayank Chawla says:

    I agree with all the points you mentioned, and Sponsored Reviews is one of the best ways I use to earn via blogging, they are long term and do not require much marketing techniques. I gradually learned all these things.

  86. Rahul Chouhan says:

    I think Google adsense and Direct ads are the two best and easy method to earn money online. I am currently working on adsense program and things are now fine. Overall great post i world say

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    What about outright selling a backlink. I know it can be considered black hat SEO, but personally I consider it Gray Hat SEO. Anything that a person does is actually trying to manipulate an algorithm. So any SEO is Black Hat. Anyways, selling links can be very profitable especially if you have a Private Blog Network (PBN). Yes, PBN’s still work also.
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    Very useful make money blogging tips. thanks
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    Well first of all let me tell you that i think earning from internet or blogging is quite easy. All you need to have curiosity and passion.

  91. I have to agree … I like being as direct and closely connected as possible. Any time I can sell me rather than sell someone else, that’s where I’d rather be…..
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    Mostly You covered all the points . I am not getting any 27th option to earn money by blogging. But this 26 ways are sufficient to make money and this post inspired me too . Thanks for writing this one .
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