The Article Marketing Debate

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Article Marketing and Google Farmer
While you may have never thought to hear “article marketing” and “debate” in the same sentence, the Google Farmer update has made this a very common occurrence indeed. When you research the topic of article marketing since the update, you will see this is a very heated debate indeed. Some sites swear the update hasn’t changed a thing and have the proof to back it up. Other sites swear the exact opposite and once again, they have proof.

How can both sides of the debate have undeniable proof? For something as straight-forward as article marketing, shouldn’t there be a simply right and wrong? After all, this isn’t a moral debate, or is it? In some ways, Google has turned article marketing into a moral problem. Since Google doesn’t like it, it must be wrong and immoral.

However, on the other side of the argument, if a site didn’t feel any negative impact and was using article marketing, Google must not have any problem with it. Suddenly, everything is fine, except for those who felt the blow of Google’s hammer for no real reason.

Either article marketing works or it doesn’t. It’s not so simple. If you carefully look at article marketing before Google’s update, it was never actually a simple yes or no issue. It all depended on how you used it. Both good and bad sites could see amazing results through article marketing. However, is it right to send visitors to low quality, possibly dangerous sites? No. Is it right to post your content on the same site these low quality sites use? There’s your problem.

You want to use article marketing, but you can’t avoid sharing space with those who use it incorrectly. Everyone wants visitors, but it’s the reasons behind why they want visitors which causes the problem. Google decided to take matters into its own hands by cutting out article directories completely.

So why didn’t this affect everyone the same? A lot depended on which directories you used, the quality of your articles and where else they were published. Some directories weren’t as affected as others, which meant sites using primarily these directories were likely to see little change. If you used high quality articles, with a different one on each directory, Google’s new quality and duplication requirements helped sites keep their rank.

Since articles can be published on other sites as well, even if you used articles directories which rarely make it into Google’s results now, if your articles were republished on high quality sites, you still seemed valid in Google’s eyes. While no one knew what changes Google planned to make, it was simply careful marketing and luck which helped sites remain unaffected.

Is Article Marketing Dead?

The nay saying side of the debate is that article marketing is dead. Google no longer approves of it and has taken great pains to ensure sites stop using it. Those who do use it are punished. This all sounds very glum indeed. According to this side of the debate, there is no way article marketing has a place in the post-Google Farmer world.

Google doesn’t like low quality, article directories or duplication. When you look at it, article marketing doesn’t really have a place. It offers search engines everything Google no longer wants. Marketing with articles is bound to hurt your website, so why even bother.

For many websites, article marketing was their main source of income. The marketing is free and the traffic equals profits. Take that away and sites will fail. Without profits, you can’t run a successful website or business. So what are you to do?

Do you give in and try to find a different marketing method? Do you let all your hard work go to waste and abandon your website? There has to be a better way. Google couldn’t have destroyed one of the most popular marketing tools. Hear enough negative

talk and you may believe Google has. This is just one side of the debate, though.

Article Marketing Is Alive

The first ones to say article marketing is alive and well are those who are still using it to successfully market their sites. It works and they have the traffic and rank to prove it. This side of the article marketing debate is music to the ears of those who thought they had lost it all.

You don’t just hear this answer from sites that weren’t affected when Google updated. You also hear this response from those who have come back after the change. While they may have taken a hit initially, a few changes to how they marketed and suddenly they are seeing better results than before. Obviously, they are going to agree that article marketing is alive.

Something you will also hear from this side of the debate is article marketing is easier than before. Many thought this was the case before the update, yet all the hard work has set them back instead of gaining them traffic. So how could it possibly work and be easier at the same time?

Those who are pro-article marketing know how important it is to market your site correctly. Part of doing this is to create high quality content which is well-written and provides useful information to the reader. Engage the reader and they will be more likely to visit your site. Ensure the article deals with something your site offers and visitors stay on your site. If your site helps golfers improve their technique, an article on ladies golf clubs reviews would make more sense than one on pet care. This alone helped many sites remain on top after the update.

The sites who took a major hit had to make a few other changes. First, where you publish matters. Google wants only the highest quality content. If you use article directories notorious for low quality content, having a link from their site isn’t going to improve your rank. Sites republishing from these directories are often low quality as well, meaning a large number of low quality backlinks. None of which Google likes.

The second change these sites made was to use unique articles. Instead of duplicating the same article, they published unique articles on each directory. Duplication became less of an issue, especially when higher quality sites were picking up their content. In this way, article marketing is still alive for those willing to find out what Google wants.

Which Side Is Right?

The answer may surprise you, but the answer is both. Article marketing is indeed dead for those who abuse it. This includes those sites no one ever wants to find themselves on. We’ve all seen them and been subject to the questionable or flat out ridiculous content. While searching for something completely different, we were falsely led to these sites.

Article marketing is alive for those who use it for the right reasons. While you may have used what is considered the “wrong” technique in the past, you can still recover by changing how you use it. Instead of taking the supposedly easy way out, carefully craft and submit your content. This actually equals less content to write and fewer places to submit it to.

Google wants users to find the right sites, not the low quality ones which tended to outrank legitimate sites. Not only is Google trying to help searchers, but legitimate websites as well. Thanks to old article marketing methods, this may not have seemed the case initially. However, performing a search for your keyword yields more relevant results than ever before. When you don’t have to compete with spam sites, it is much easier to rank.

Don’t let the nay sayers get you down. If your site took a major hit, you may feel like there is no point in article marketing now. That’s understandable, but not true. Think of it as getting a fresh start at marketing. You can recreate your site’s image and gain a higher rank than ever before.

There is no reason to push article marketing to the side. It is still as effective as ever. Be a little pickier as to where your articles go and your site becomes the authority Google is looking to put at the top of its search results. Give Google the quality it’s looking for and article marketing becomes your best friend all over again.