What is Article Marketing in 2011?

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Mitz Pantic
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Mitz Pantic
Mitz Pantic
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article marketing in 2011

Article marketing has come a long way and now we are left with a nagging question; what is article marketing in 2011? At one stage article marketing simply meant submitting an article to a well known article directory such as Ezine Articles or Articlebase. However now article marketing in 2011 means so much more.

My definition of article marketing is very simple. If you are using an article to get backlinks or traffic for your website, then this is article marketing. I know I will here some arguments here but I believe it to be as simple as that. Let’s not get caught up in Internet marketing terms and definitions that have been developed by some so-called Internet millionaire?

I use article marketing to generate traffic for each new blog post I write, after all, I do not want to just slap content up and hope that it ranks. I would like to give it the best chance I can.

Why Article Marketing in 2011 is still the best SEO tool

  1. Article marketing brings lifelong SEO benefits.
  2. Article marketing in 2011 is mostly free.
  3. Article marketing creates two or more back links to your website per article.
  4. Backlinks are allowed in article marketing, and are not frowned upon.
  5. Article marketing brings you targeted traffic.

Article marketing in 2011 – Where to submit

Ezine Articles

I like to get the best results from my articles when submitting articles to Ezine articles and this means that the articles submitted must be good quality. The aim of these articles is to get back links, but if I submit a fantastic article that people will republish all over the Internet, I will definitely get many back links from one article.

The quality of the article that you post on duties on articles is directly related to who publishes it. I have seen some fantastic websites publish my articles and I have later approached them to submit articles directly to their blogs. This way duplicate content turns into original content for them, and I have another blog for guest posting under my belt.

Guest posting

Many people are neglecting all other methods of article marketing in 2011 to just concentrate on guest posting. I agree totally that guest posting is fantastic but I never put all my eggs in one basket, and this includes article marketing. If you are relying on guest posting for your website traffic then you will have to be constant and diligent with your guest posting. You blog can easily die down as guest posting does not fullfill all the SEO needs.

Article directories

[easyazon-image-link asin=”B003YH9OIK” alt=”Article Marketing Secrets – A Step-By-Step Guide To Article Marketing” src=”http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51r7RQ8%2BgGL._SL160_.jpg” align=”right” width=”136″ height=”160″]I do use various top dofollow article directories to submit my articles to, however some directories are for SEO purposes and others are for traffic. You need to work this out for yourself as it really depends on what type of articles you write. For an example, if I submit to ease sign

articles I will get my article republished many times but not much traffic. If I submit to article base, then I possibly get traffic only. Every article directory gives a link back to your website, but not all are follow links.

Automatic article submission

There is great debate about automatic article submission and of course I have a finger in it, testing all the time. I tested automatic article submission on a blog of mine that I was willing to risk and so far it is still there, live and kicking. I still do not have the confidence to directly promote any large websites but I am using article spinning software and submission tools only for experimental purposes at the moment. Feel free to give an opinion about this below. The outcome of automatic article submission depends greatly on the quality of content you submit, and the amount of directories you submit to. If you are going overboard and submitting junk content then there is no doubt that you will be in trouble for this.

Squidoo and Hubpages

I have found that when it comes to article marketing in 2011, Squidoo and Hubpages packs a great SEO punch! This method of article marketing results in a win-win situation. You can then money on both of these websites, that the power of the links is fantastic for search engine optimization. I definitely suggest that you start with Squidoo as it has dofollow links even for newbies.

Free Blogs

I love free blogs! I do not recommend building a fully fledged business on a free blog, however I do recommend that you use these free resources to promote your main website. This is just another article submission on another website on a different domain. For example you might have a blogger blog or a WordPress blog. These both count as back links from different domains. I have a few of these free blogs that now have their own Page Rank and traffic coming in. I did not intend to do this as I was just doing my usual article marketing.

Quick tips for Article marketing in 2011

There are many methods for article marketing in 2011 and I know I have definitely not mentioned all of them. However here are some quick tips to help you get the most out of your article marketing in 2011.

  • Submit quality articles and you will be rewarded by more traffic and more republishing.
  • Write articles that relate to your niche and place them on websites that relate to your niche.
  • Use anchor text for your keywords linking to your website.
  • Make an offer to the readers to get them to click through to your website. Like get this free report Article Marketing Explosion.
  • Guest post on blogs in your niche. For example, not everyone on this website is interested in Mexican dancing but they are interested in blogging.
  • Make your article interesting and personal, not boring and flat. Show yourself.

Article marketing in 2011 conclusion

Yes we are still article marketing after all of these years, but why? Because it works! I know most webmasters are article marketing in some way or another. I also recently used some of these article marketing methods to pull a website out of trouble after the Google panda update. There is no doubt that article marketing is my number one search engine optimization technique.

What is your definition of  article marketing in 2011 and how has it changed?