5 Guest Blogging Communities to Get the Best Out of Your Guest Post

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Hamza Butt

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Hamza Butt
Hamza Butt
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Guest blogging way to succes

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We all know what kind of lift guest posting can give to our blog.It probably is the most effective way to get quality backlinks on this planet.

But in the mean time is requires a lot from you.You have to conduct a lot of research and still sometimes your guest post is moved to trash or is asked to be modified.

Frustrating , isn’t it????

If you have ever thought of getting backlinks from guest posting then you would be familiar with the work mentioned below :

  • You need to Figure Out Which Blog is best for You : Obviously it is the first step which requires a lot of search.You need to keep a close look at what is the Pr of the blog on which you are going to guest post , the amount of traffic the blog gets , the number of followers on different platforms , how well is the audiences is engaged with the author.
  • You Need to Keep up with the Guidelines : One of the things that is responsible for most disapprovals.
  • You Need to Study the Site : Then you probably would look forward to read previous posts.To get an better idea about how you should write the guest post and not to forget what pleases the readers most , you can figure it out by reading the comment and also take a look on the social share counts.
  • You Need to Pick up a Topic and Start Writing : Then after studying the interests of readers and keeping the guidelines in mind you need to write the post.
  • Waiting to get a reply: And here comes the most frustrating part.You need to wait for a reply from the blog owner.It frustrates me the most as it could take weeks.

Now to get this list short , you could use Guest blogging Communities.

Let me explain to you if you use Guest Blogging Communities you could shrink it all up.Just have a look at the work left when you post your article to guest blogging Communities.

            Guest Blogging Communities Shrink it All up

  • Signup For the Community : For sure every guest blogging community will require you to get your self registered.
  • Write the post : You need to write and submit your articles for the site owners.
  • Wait for an Offer : Then all you need to do is just sit back and relax until you get an offer.This way you are the boss you can choose which offer you want to accept and which one to reject.

So to help guest bloggers short their working list ,  i will share 5 Guest blogging Communities that you can use to get the best out of your guest post.

5 Guest Posting Communities to Get the Best out of Your Guest Post :

1. Comluv.com :

While searching for hours on the internet for  blogs or communities that accept guest posts i have found Comluv to be one of the best community for guest bloggers.As it is mentioned in the title “Guest Bloggers Heaven”. Since you are reading this article so you would have been well aware of how things work at Comluv. You just need to get registered , write an article and wait for it to get reviewed.

2. Blogger Linkup

Blogger linkup screenshot

Blogger Linkup provides a free service to bloggers that are looking to exchange content with links.

  • How it works : Simple you submit your offer for guest posts.Then on Mondays,Wednesdays and Saturdays an email goes out to everyone.If you see a request then you can fulfill it if you want, or if any other blogger likes your request for guest post then you can contact each other directly via the contact info provided in the email.

3. Blog Synergy :

Blog Synergy

Blog Synergy is another great network for bloggers looking for content for their blog and for the writers that are looking for blogs to get their content published.It has got about 2000 + blogs for guest posters and about 17,000 + writers that are looking to get their content published.

  • How it Works : Get yourself registered and create a profile to provide content.After writing the content you can choose from 2000 + blogs to get your content published.

4. Guest Blogit

Guest Blogit screennshot

Guest Blogit is an other great platform to exchange your content with backlinks

  • How it works : while using free membership you can submit only one article.But with the pro membership which takes about 20$/month . you can post about 5 articles , unlocking a bunch of of other pro features.

5. Guestr :


Guestr  is a free service for both, bloggers looking to get content and writers looking to publish their content

  • Features : Their are about 804 sites listed with a wide variety of categories , each site is listed with it’s Page rank and number of estimated visitors.

These were some awesome blogging communities i knew to get the best out of your guest post , if there are any other communities like these so let me know i would love to increase my knowledge.