Content is the New SEO: Tips to Creating Content That Will Earn You Links

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Christopher Jan Benitez
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Christopher Jan Benitez
Christopher Jan Benitez
Christopher Jan Benitez
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Content is the New SEO: Tips to Creating Content That Will Earn You Links

Unlike what naysayers keep saying, SEO is not dead. It is just different.

“Building a successful blog is more than writing,” says Rob Lons, Marketing Manager of RankPay, a pay for performance SEO service provider. “As a blogger, the right mindset should be a combination of writer meets SEO, meets social media manager.”

“Content marketing needs SEO, and your SEO needs content marketing,” says blogger extraordinaire Neil Patel in his post at KISSmetrics. “These are no longer disparate departments with disconnected efforts. An SEO needs to know about content marketing, and vice versa.”

With the algorithm changes Google is undergoing, you must learn how to do SEO and content together. (Click Here to Tweet!)

It is no longer possible to apply an SEO strategy without content and see a spike in search rankings. You need to build content that you can use for applying off-page optimization tactics.

In fact, you can build content that will help you earn links in an organic way!

Below are ways on how you can do this.

Develop long-form content

According to serpIQ, the pages that appear on the first of search results have at least 2,000 words in them.


The number of words is not important. But more words in a piece of content means that there is more information to process. Long-form content also allows you to go in-depth about a topic. This provides your audience a more comprehensive take on the subject.

In order words, long-form content packs more value for readers. Google tweaks its algorithm to provide users with this kind of pages on top of search results. Publishing longer content on your site gives you the chance to rule the search rankings!

Writing long-form content is not easy. But use the techniques below to guide you in the content creation process.

  • Evergreen content – This type of content stands the test of time. It is always searched by your audience regardless of how new and old the topic is. A great starting point about this content is a guide written by Sujan Patel.
  • Skyscraper Technique – This is a comprehensive strategy developed by Brian Dean atBacklinko. It lets you gain backlinks for your long-form content using different tools. It is a tried and tested technique that generate lots of traffic and attention to your site.
  • The Pressure of Long-Form Content – Ramsey Taplin of Blog Tyrant wrote this post. It breaks down the process of creating this content type so you can make the most out of it.

E-book creation

You can boost your long-form content by turning it into an e-book. You can turn the e-book into a free downloadable product or a paid product so you can earn from your efforts.

About the former, a free downloadable e-book helps you generate leads to your business. Set up a sign-up form where visitors must enter their e-mails to gain access to the e-book. A tool I would suggest in running this campaign is the MailPoet WordPress plugin.

Use MailPoet for your e-mail marketing by reading a review of this plugin from Elegant Themes.

For paid e-books, you can set up a Gumroad account and upload the e-book there. Also choose your payment method on the site. Link to your e-book from Gumroad to your site. Gumroad will take care of the payment order and e-book delivery to buyers.

For both, you must create a landing page where you can direct your audience so they can get a copy of the e-book. To create irresistible pages for your e-book, refer to Instapage and Unbounce. Both let you create landing pages without any design experience. All you need to do is drag and drop elements

onto the page. Other features include A/B testing and more.

If visitors like your e-book, they will link to it without your consent. This is a great thing – instead of building links, you let your audience do the job for you.

Strategic guest posting

I am not referring to guest blogging as an SEO strategy. Matt Cutts has denounced this technique and laid a heavy hand on guest blogging sites to prove his point.

I am referring to guest blogging as a way to share relevant information to your readers.

Will Blunt of Blogger Sidekick has built an audience for his blog by writing a guest post for Hubspot.


If Will did it, you most definitely can too!

While guest blogging is a way to build thought leadership and influence, it is time to use this for SEO. (Click Here to Tweet This Quote!)

For this strategy, you do not create guest posts as linkable assets. But you write them with the idea that they link to each other. This way, you create backlinks from editorial content published at publication sites.

Develop a list of posts from a single topic that you want to publish on different sites. Make sure that you can link the posts to each other once published on the sites.

To find sites where you can submit your guest posts, refer to my guide on how you can do. It breaks down the different steps that you should do to find sites that accept guest posts. Be aware of the metrics that determine the quality of each site. This way, you will have a better idea on which sites to target for your guest posts.

Divide the list of sites into two: the authoritative and secondary sites. The former should have the highest metrics. The latter has

Once you have your list of sites, delegate which topic you want to write for each site. I suggest that you write your best guest post for the most authoritative sites.

For authoritative sites, find a way to link back to your money site or home page on the post.

For the secondary sites, link back to your posts on the authoritative sites.

guest blogging

Doing this lets you achieve two things. First, it helps pass referral traffic to your posts on authoritative sites. This can them lead them to your website so you can engage with your visitors there.

Second, following the structure above lets you create a strong link profile. The sites pass link juice down to your home page, which can increase search rankings for its keyword.

Keep in mind that you should approach guest blogging with care. Google has condemned guest blogging as an SEO strategy. But the kind of strategy illustrated above allows you to build links in a smart way. This is assuming that your guest posts provide value to the intended audience.

Additional tips

  • When writing posts, it is important to make sure that you communicate your thoughts in a clear manner. Your grammar, sentence structure, and other elements of writing must be correct. If you are not confident with your writing skills, enlist the help of Grammarly and Hemingway. Both will keep an eye on your grammar and sentence structures.
  • Learn how to create visual content for your posts. This helps break down the wall of text in your post to mix things up. Create or edit photos without design experience using PicMonkey or Canva. Create images that visitors can share on Pinterest or Twitter. Examples of this are inspiration quotes, cover photos, infographics, and more.


Learning how to approach content with link building in mind allows you to hit two birds with one stone. Writing content by following the ideas above lets you build and develop linkable assets. Instead of building links, your visitors will do this for you. They will link to your content without you telling them!