Do Presentations Play a Big Role in Your Content Marketing Strategy?

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Christopher Jan Benitez
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Christopher Jan Benitez
Christopher Jan Benitez
Christopher Jan Benitez
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Do Presentations

You may have already asked yourself this question while creating visual content for the promotion of your business.

Sometimes, you might even think that it is an irrelevant question. However, apparently, presentations can help you get ahead in the game called Marketing.

Slide presentations have come a long way since being used conventionally for academic and professional purposes. In this modern era, no information is ever valuable if you are not able to explain it well—that is, through visual content, particularly slide presentations.

“Slide decks are easy for virtually anyone to see,” says Rand Fishkin in a 2012 episode of Whiteboard Friday. “They are a simple, powerful way to present content. You can present visual content. You can present charts and graphs. You can even embed video. You can do all sorts of stuff, and they are easy to make possible because you can screen capture elements from all sorts of websites and then quickly show attribution.”

From the traditional software and tools we used long ago to make basic slideshow presentations, we are now being introduced to a wider variety of applications for improved visual content.

Using this form of content creation could be advantageous, especially because people nowadays quickly absorb information through visual means.

The Power of Slides


If you think you have already included everything in your marketing strategy, think again.

One should just never disregard nor underestimate the power of slide decks in the marketing world or any other industry. Without slide presentations, you will not be able to elaborate on your point well and give your audiences a concrete description and information about your product or business. Slides rely on images and visuals, which makes it a perfect choice for creating valuable visual content.

This is the very reason that makes presentations perfect for content marketing.

“Content marketing is the process of creating any type of visual, text, audio, or other multimedia information to educate and engage prospective customers,” says Michael Jenkins at Shout!, a social media agency. “The power of content marketing is that as you present more and more valuable information, your community and prospect pool grows.”

Before, businesses would present the set of slides that they made while elaborating the key points during meetings. Now, slides can stand alone as content pieces for your marketing strategy.

Most importantly, using slides to generate a different type of content lets you diversify your content production. This allows you to reach out to your audience who likes written and visual content!

Creating Effective Presentations

There are many ways on how you can make effective slide presentations. Using Microsoft PowerPoint has been the way for people to create slide decks for business meetings. However, there are other tools you can use to develop visually compelling slide decks as content pieces.

Two of these tools are Visme and Canva. Both are cut from the same cloth – they let you create visual content by dragging and dropping elements onto a page.

Canva – Amazingly simple graphic design for blogs presentations Facebook covers flyers and so much more.

Canva arguably has a better user interface and lets you create seamless images even without design experience.

Create Interactive Online Presentations infographics animations banners in HTML5 Visme by Easy WebContent

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Visme has a steep learning curve. However, once you get acquainted with its features, you can create presentations, images, infographics, banner ads, and other types of visual content for your site or blog.

Other features with Visme is the ability to download your created content in different formats (PDF, PNG, JPG) and password-protect your content. The latter is a cool way to serve exclusive content to your email list if you have one.

Once you have created your presentations, upload them to SlideShare, which is one of the most popular sites for projects like these.

vu3k23D5“SlideShare is a popular, business-friendly social site – one that you probably already use to enhance the life span of your company’s PowerPoint slide decks and other presentation materials.” – Jodi Harris, SlideShare Secrets to Stack the Decks in Your Favor

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Aside from the ability to upload and share your content with the world, you can browse different topics and categories and look for presentations of others.

Certain slide presentations have the ability to capture the full attention of the audiences and leave a good and lasting impression after they have been presented.

“[Presentations are] a remarkable tool because it allows very dense verbal communication,” says Seth Godin in his Really Bad PowerPoint (and how to avoid it) PDF. Yes, you can send a memo, but no one reads anymore. As our companies are getting faster and faster, we need a way to communicate ideas from one group to another.”

Gary Vaynerchuk is an example of a slide author who made their presentations free of speech but are effective nonetheless.

Upon checking the example above, you will notice that the slide packages they have uploaded can stand on their own, and are easy to comprehend. There are a lot more of these slide sets which you can download for company presentations, especially those that are relevant to marketing.

dpoRgf_1“People all over the web are looking for someone to lead them. They want expertise. They want new knowledge. They want something of value and benefit. A presentation will provide you with this opportunity to showcase your knowledge in a visually compelling way.” – Scott Schwertly, How to Use Presentations for Content Marketing

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Content Repurposing

To “repurpose” content means to derive a different concept of a different content type from an existing one.

The Social Media Marketing Report of 2014 shows that visual content what users want to learn about the most.

With this in point, slide presentations show great potential when used in social media. As a matter of fact, many blogs and sites have turned their written entries into infographics and other forms of visual content.

What’s great about slide presentations is that it can be used in real time, like in conferences, meetings, and webinars. Moreover, you can repurpose your slides into other content types such as articles, videos, audios, and blog posts.

By doing this, you increase your chances of being found over the Internet and raise the stakes of your Google rankings as well. Just don’t forget to provide links to the original post so it will be read or viewed as well.

Now what?

The content that you will put in your slides is what matters, but the method that you use is important as well. In this case, slide presentations are now found to be effective not only at conferences and meetings but content marketing as well. Try to appreciate slide decks moreyou never know, it might be what would make your business sell!