Too much BLOGGING Can Lead to this…

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J. Wright
J. Wright
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If you are a blogger, then you know that sometimes it can be fun, while other times it can be frustrating or even lead to situations that you never knew was possible. For instance, here are some possible outcomes of too much blogging:

May Lead to Lash-Out Syndrome!

If you’ve been blogging for ages and are writing about a topic that is very controversial and you have some strong feelings on it, then you may snappy if someone else feels differently.

This could lead to your blood pressure rising, your ears to start steaming and you could go on a ranting rampage that drives you crazy. Watch out!

You could even lash out at someone who doesn’t have anything to do with the situation like your significant other or pet, so stay away from the family dog until things settle down! :)

May Cause Lack of Sex!

Blogging could also interfere with your love life. Think about it.  You’re sitting on the couch with your girlfriend; she’s snuggled up to you while blowing in your ear.

As she starts to kiss your ear you’re still staring at the screen of your laptop while trying to decide how to answer a post on your blog. Horrors!

If you’re so enthralled with the words on the screen, do you even notice that she also has taken off her shirt? If not, then you are addicted to that blog and it’s going to

cause a lack of sex because she is going to leave your butt and go make out with the maintenance man instead!

Interferes With Your Sleep

It’s bad enough to spend all your free time on the computer answering posts and putting things on your blog. But when it starts to creep into your dreams and you wake up at 3 am running to post something you just thought of, then it’s time to re-evaluate your blogging situation. Blogging doesn’t have to be so serious that you can’t get a good night’s rest, so try to resolve things in the daytime!

Creates Optical illusions About Success!

If you’re a blogger, you may have dreams about being a MILLIONAIRE before the age of 30, right…

The reality is that most bloggers don’t get half as many fans and have to do all kinds of advertising, social media interactions, and other things to be able to earn a living from their blogs.

Most blogs are a penniless hobby making only a few dollars a month. If you like to write through expression about a particular topic, then sure, go build a blog.

But if you want to leave a FOOTPRINT in the online world, your blog better be something that is virally crucial or somehow has a great advertising campaign, etc.

Otherwise, your dreams of grandeur will be just that! Blogs can be fun and give you a way to vent, but it’s doubtful they will make you rich.

Hey, so all in all blogging can be fun, exciting, and even do some beneficial things for your readers. However, don’t make it your life.

Be sure to get enough rest, pay attention to your friends and loved ones, and don’t get hung up on one topic to the point it is all you think about. Plus, above all, don’t quit your day job.