Lets Celebrate The Good Human Day Once in a Year

An amateur writer, passionate about Poems, Sayings and Quotes. Loves sharing Inspirational and motivational words to the deprived one. On free time, he volunteer for a Local NGO (handicapped). HugLoo blog, where he shares all his experienced advice and tips about life and also on poems about love, life and more. The only  motto is to bring some good changes on you and to start your day with joyful.

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Celebrate The Good Human Day Once in a Year

Good Human Day

Every day, around the globe somewhere someone gets hurt, fight and war keep goes on and such news do might make the moment stagnant and a bit worry for a while. But what make me more worry are not these incidents rather it’s the fight within myself.

As a saying goes, “Before you start pointing fingers other, make sure your hands are clean” holds a great hidden truth. I know, the quote doesn’t mean for everyone but it do implies to most of us here. Just imagine a world without pain and sorrow, a home with full of loves and sharing and a street where we can more freely without a single moment to worry of any unfortunate; how marvelous isn’t it? But alas it can’t be, not because the nature doesn’t permits it’s we the human which don’t allows such to happen.

Ego, hatred, Jealous, Greedy is not a crime or sin, yes! I don’t consider them as problem. Everyone can’t become a person like Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, and Dalia Lama even though you may try to pretend and follow their idealism because they were truly exceptional one. But at least once for a while we can act like a social animal.  There is nothing 100% pure practically so as human’s nature and it’s behaviors, we can’t be practically purely good, life can’t sustained on such condition in today’s era but can’t we be just for a day in a year ? We all do celebrate New Year eve with great joy and do anxiously waits for it to come. So why don’t we mark a day on calendar as a “Good Human Day“ once in a year?

Some of you may be thinking “That’s nonsense” but believe me Helping Others gives a great satisfaction (It does for

me, Sorry if you didn’t feels). If you are a man of caring, loves nature and have a thought on “How the world should be“ then why not get it start from you, be the change and spreading the changes just like what nuclear chain reaction do!

Really I don’t have any huge suggestion and list to do so, but have got a few which I would love to share with you today.

 Some List to do on Good Human Day

  1. Get yourself enrolled to any of a NGO (welfare Group). For more convenient, Prefer the one which is nearby yours locality and area.
  2.  One day free Champ related to anything, may be on Medical, Awareness, Entertainment. But make sure it is free and others get benefits and they are happy.
  3. Please No Donation. It’s the act of laziness, instead save the money and use for the above two points.
  4. If not Human, give your one day to animals then. They too need our attention and care. Well obviously I’m not talking about your pet animal, go out and take some walk on street you gonna know what I meant.
  5. If not from any of the above, at least Plant a tree then. But make a promise that you going to take care for whole your lifetime.

For Fellow Bloggers on Good Human Day

  1. Forget about SEO, Google, SERP or anything related to this; simply write the post for yours satisfaction.
  2. Offer a free review, helping hand to all the newbie or needy bloggers.

Little Tips

  1. Celebrating “The Good Human day” and yours birthday together. Some might not agree with it, but I consider the birthday is the right day to celebrate such great act.

I’m not a pro-blogger not even under intermediate, so what I do is on the 1st list. The idea about this came on me one year ago and that’s how it started My Good Human Day and that’s how I do celebrate my birthday i.e on 5th August :).  My friends call me Crazy fellow but i guess life without craziness would be a boring one.

So, what your opinion about celebrating yours Good Human Day or do you think it’s just a waste of time ?


  1. Twitter:
    Yeah You are very right in the fact that life without craziness is So boring I totally agree with you
    Btw: thanks for sharing this cool article with us have a great day ahead :D
    Anis Emitez recently posted..5 Reasons Why I Decided To Move My Blog From Blogger To WordPress !My Profile

  2. Twitter:
    Thank you for sharing a great tips about good human life. We need to change our lifestyle and get connect to people to people. Without uniqueness is life, there is no things and life is valueless.
    Googma Sansar recently posted..The Effective Ways to Web OptimizationMy Profile

  3. Hello chatung,
    I also think that human day should be celebrated because things happened around us regularly and a wise choice is to celebrate; the hero, the fallen and many more… thanks
    Babanature recently posted..Adding A Clickable Link To Your YouTube VideoMy Profile

  4. Twitter:
    Outstanding leadership bro.
    This world would be a better place if it had more people in it like you Chatung.

    Thanks for sharing your story.
    It’s unfortunate that more people don’t see how much WE ALL are in need of help from each other.
    Darnell Jackson recently posted..What I learned from James Chartrand – Q&A with the founder of Men with PensMy Profile

  5. Twitter:
    The world would be so much better. Even just 1 day of being a decent person can change a lot of things positively.
    Leslie Edwards recently posted..Music Production Basics: CompressionMy Profile

  6. Twitter:
    You’ve really touched the inmost part of me with this post Chutang,
    I agree to that quote and another one that also sounded like that is thus… Before you remove the dirt on your neighbors eyes, you have to first remove the one in your own eyes.

    The idea is simply to be the change we want to see in the world. I believe that a little kindness can make a great difference after all, even a small droplet of water can create a hole on the ground so, why not start cerebrating good human day?

    I went to the motherless babies on St Valentine’s day and really enjoyed it. My own birthday is on the 18th September there, i will always dedicate that day as GOOD HUMAN DAY.

    Thanks for sharing such an eye opening article man.
    Theodore Nwangene recently posted..A Great Idea For Starting a Blog is No Longer EnoughMy Profile

  7. Twitter:
    This is really an awesome post. I completely agree with the concept of Human Day. It will give a reason to the world to respect humanity, and to care and pray for others.

  8. Twitter:
    Hey Chatung,
    Nice post and I am with you in celebrating human day as I really like the concept and also the list you mentioned above. Thanks for sharing this post.
    Sudipto recently posted..Best Love Stories Of All TimeMy Profile

  9. Twitter:
    It’s a good idea to forget about SEO and serp and write for our satisfaction on the occasion of human day. Nice post, Thanks for sharing it.
    Prakash recently posted..Download Subway Surfers for PC, Android FreeMy Profile

  10. Twitter:
    Some really good ways to celebrate the day . :D
    myles recently posted..Google Keep: App for Note Taking on AndroidMy Profile

  11. I was so impressed by your article. How did you know? I do want to be like the great ones of the world. I have read Gandhi’s work. I will celebrate “Good Human” Day and think of you. I have planted vegetables and plan to give some away to others. Thanks.
    Linda recently posted..Within Me Is The Power…..Yes!My Profile

  12. Abhishek says:

    Awesome is the word and this is the first time when some one has not talked about SEO, wp or blogging and remained on a topics which is the need of time. Thanks for this post bro

  13. Twitter:
    Chatung what a mind blowing post. your article to celebrate good human day touched to my heart. Keep posting like this.
    himanshu recently posted..How to reduce weight by eating proper diet .My Profile

  14. Twitter:
    Hi Chatung, I think this is a lovely idea. With more ideas like this perhaps the world would be a better place for everyone.
    Michelle Morris recently posted..Britain is the online retail capital of the worldMy Profile

  15. Twitter:
    Commendable post..thank you for this..In between all the hints and tips,technology posts,its post such as these make a difference to the real world and not the virtual world which is a good thing
    Suraj recently posted..Battlefield 4 Multiplayer feature most anticipatedMy Profile

  16. Wow, This is really an awesome post. I completely agree with the concept of Human Day. It will give a reason to the world to respect humanity, and to care and pray for others.

  17. We should celebrate this day every day in our life.

  18. Thanks Chatung for a great post. I like you take on being good. My favourite entrepreneur now is Elon Musk, he has been taking doing good to a new level. (He is the founder of Tesla and SpaceX)
    Dave recently posted..How to Be More Self ConfidentMy Profile

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