3 Smart tips to move past your fears and become a guest posting machine!

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Most of you already know that guest posting is the best way to market yourself in the blogging world. Yet still, some of you haven’t been able to get this whole guest blogging thing down. Maybe your pitches have been rejected more often than accepted, and you think your pitches are written badly. Maybe you […]

William Shakespeare’s Top 4 Tips of Becoming a Writer


I get asked often, “Sam, What’s the first step of becoming a writer?” Some so called gurus would say ‘write’. I beg to disagree, it’s not. From the little knowledge I have garnered over the years about writing and from what I have learned from other great writers such as William Shakespeare, Albert Camus, Ernest […]

How to Write Better Guest Posts


Tips for Writing for Other Websites Content marketing is becoming a large part of the overall strategy of many companies these days. One of the biggest ways that people are benefitting are guest posts. This practice has been around since the very early days of the Internet, but it’s more difficult these days with so […]

Overcome Writer’s Block Like a Bonafide Artist

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Bloggers are like artists – they express their thoughts using the best words possible to help trigger discussions and influence opinions about certain topics. However, when they experience writer’s block, they are muted from the world, their means of communication robbed from them. As a blogger, you should take precaution to prevent this from happening! […]

How To Start a Blog That People Will Be Interested To Read

start a blog and make money

There are literally thousands of blogs online nowadays and in order for you to stand out from the masses, you will need to start a blog that people will actually be interested in and want to read. If you want to stand out from the millions of blogs online today, then it is absolutely essential […]

The Only Guide You Need To Create Quality Content


It’s common sense – quality content makes a blog successful. The structure of the content itself can still vary, from articles to reviews to “how to”s, so “quality” in and of itself does not hinge upon the actual type of post as it does the subject matter. If you dare to go against the grain […]

Top 6 Websites To Get Paid For Contributing Articles


Numbers of freelance content writers are increasing everyday, likewise the scope of earning from content writing also. You can definitely earn a handsome amount by writing a book and getting it published; but “writing a book and getting it published” may sound easy but trust me it isn’t. So how most freelancer are sticking to […]

Lets Celebrate The Good Human Day Once in a Year

Celebrate The Good Human Day Once in a Year

Every day, around the globe somewhere someone gets hurt, fight and war keep goes on and such news do might make the moment stagnant and a bit worry for a while. But what make me more worry are not these incidents rather it’s the fight within myself. As a saying goes, “Before you start pointing […]

How not to Get Distracted When you are Writing a Blog Post?


[image source] Distraction – A word that can change your life. How? Distraction would never ever let you do what you must do and would force you to do what you must not do. For ex- You should do link building everyday but whenever you try to do some link building, you leave that and […]

The Magic Formula: How a Pencil in Your Hand Can Put Money in the Bank


Forget the proverbial pencil. All you really need if you have great writing skills is a computer, a word processing program, and internet access. These tools will get you well on your way to starting a blog, which can earn you a decent living if you follow the formula. Clever Content What to write about […]