William Shakespeare’s Top 4 Tips of Becoming a Writer

Sam Adeyinka
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Sam Adeyinka
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Be in your writing groove.

I get asked often, “Sam, What’s the first step of becoming a writer?” Some so called gurus would say ‘write’. I beg to disagree, it’s not. From the little knowledge I have garnered over the years about writing and from what I have learned from other great writers such as William Shakespeare, Albert Camus, Ernest Hemmingway and so on, I have come to realize that the biggest obstacles for new writers is that they don’t think themselves to be a writer. You’ve got to develop a belief and an enormous conviction in the inside of you, one that will constantly remind you that you are a writer.

If you by chance fall into the same categories as those asking this question, you need not worry again as I would in this article teach you some tips of becoming a writer.

What Happens When You Write?

I’m guessing you have something to say that’s why you want to become a writer, isn’t it? The problem is always how to say it. I still remember when I was starting up as a writer some 3years ago; I had a turf time choosing my form of writing, this makes it really hard to pen anything down.

My advice to would-be writers is always, “Whatsoever you write, just make sure your heart is in it.” It doesn’t have to be neat or perfect but it should be expressive. That’s it. Your writing has to elicit expression. What would people say or perhaps how would they react when they read your work? Would the cry or laugh? Would they get angry? If you have been able to achieve this then it means your writing is worth something. Keep it up!

Try this: WARNING! Don’t publish your next blog post until you read this!

Cultivate Silence

You may be having some tough time thinking about what it is you want to write, spending some time each day in silence might just help. I like to call it “the place

of solitudity.” In cases like this some writers like to pray while some like me just go ahead and meditate. The idea is simple; it helps clear your brain space and tune you in to your inner voice. Doing this could also help in being aware of those little scraps of possibility floating in your head that can later grow into big ideas.

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It’s not a bad thing that you don’t know what you want to write about. But when you devote time to experimenting, you would soon find out that writing would become very easy. To help my experimentation; I have decided on keeping a journal to jot down some of the ideas I get along the way and it has indeed proven to be a goldmine in my aspirations of becoming a better writer.

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Remind yourself constantly that you are a writer

Kudos! You’ve grown to have strong belief in the writer in you.  That’s fine. But you must also learn to set up reminders that will shove you back to that sense of writability. You would agree with me that it’s always very easy to be distracted doing or thinking about other things when you ought to be in your writing groove. Your reminder could be anything so far it gets you back into the act of scribbling/typing your ideas out. My phone does that perfectly well for me.


These indeed are inventive ways to getting started as a writer and I’m sure if you harnessed it well it would yield you endless success. Remember this truth, what you write and where you go from here is entirely up to you.

Over to you

Are you just starting as a writer or perhaps you already an expert? What is your take about this subject? If you’re new to writing, I hope the ideas highlighted will help you take those first steps, and if you are an expert. Would you please share your opinions on how best to getting started as a writer? Thanks! 


  1. Hi Sam,

    Great to see your post published here bro! And I must admit that this post deserves it! This article will help awaken the ‘writer’ in a person.

    The simple suggestion- that of thinking yourself to be a writer will work wonders. Putting your heart into what you write is what makes a piece of writing truly memorable. Otherwise it is just a collection of words. What say?

    The ‘place of solitude’ thing you said is again a brilliant tip for aspiring writers. I’ve developed an own version of it and practice it everyday. It goes like this- each day, before I go to sleep, I lay on my bed, in silence, with a pen and note beside my side. Amazingly enough, small ‘ideas’ flow into my mind, which I jot down, religiously.

    This is how I find topics to write about. And this method works like a charm, I’ve experienced it myself!

    Keep inspiring us, my friend.

    Arun :)
    Arun Kallarackal recently posted…WP Super Cache’s Optimal SettingsMy Profile

    • Hey Arun, so glad to see you here and for being the first to comment. Do you know you literally made my morning? :D

      You are right boss, putting yourself like you rightly stated simply means putting your heart in that which you scribble down as it would always turn out to be a goldmine.

      Wow! I so love being alone and this has literally made some call me an hermit. Well, I don’t mind as doing that makes me highly productive and from what I can deduce about your experience with it. It also working like magic for you too, right?

      I’m glad you have experienced most of my stated points and more glad it’s working for you. Thanks also for your kind words dear brother. I’m honored! :)



  2. Hi,

    I have always been interested in blogging, but not ever dared to step out and try it.

    But your writing and your inspiring posts made me drop in love with composing afresh and actually
    provided me the bravery I required to start a blog and just do what I actually love.
    Sagar Rai recently posted…10 Effective Ways How To Improve WordPress Blog Security?My Profile

    • Hey Sagar, so good to meet you. :)

      Thanks for your comment and I’m glad you took the bold step of starting your own blow. So how has it been so far? BTW, you got a good blog at your end and I so much love your article “10 Effective…….” Keep it up okay. :D


  3. Hello Sam,
    Willam Shakespeares is one of the top most writer and he is devoted for writing. If you are writer then you always remember yourself you are writer not only a reader. When you are thinking to write on some topics at that time you need to note down your point quickly because we forgot quickly.
    Nikhil Bille recently posted…MPSC 2014 Schedule Time Table Exam DateMy Profile

    • Hey Nikhil, it’s good to see you here. :)

      You are so damn right, Nikhil! The best part ever is always to jot your ideas down. It since have been noticed that “The shortest pencil is greater than the largest memory.”

      Thanks for sharing your thought with me, Nikhil. So tell me, how’s you? Trust you’re doing good.


  4. Sam, I am Good.. I love writing since my school days. After I got ideas about blogging and working online since I am sharing my thoughts through my blogs. Now I am going start one blog in my local language to share my though in more explaining ways.
    Nikhil Bille recently posted…Join Indian NavyMy Profile

  5. Shakespeare usually is considered one of the best writer in the world due to many memorable thoughts when I heard them for the first time, I always feel like an inspirational and motivational.
    Chetan Mahore recently posted…The Era – Epitome of Luxury from Ravi Group…My Profile

  6. Well, I have considered myself a writer ever since I started writing. I mean, the first time I was made to think that I could be a writer was in the 10th standard by my English teacher, who read my essay to the whole class. That gave me a kick and I knew what I wanted to be. :)
    Renuka recently posted…The Story Behind Sydney Opera HouseMy Profile

  7. Hello Sam,
    Good to see you here sharing your tips on how to be a better writer.
    Ah… Shakespeare is indeed a great writer that we all most learn from his steps :).
    Writing in silence, The only time i write well is when i am in a silent atmosphere. That’s why i love writing mostly at midnight :).
    Experience can indeed make you know what to write and how to write it. When you have experience in what you do, writing about it will indeed come fluently and naturally.

    This post is indeed a nice and lovely one. Do keep it up and have a blessed weekend start…
    Babanature recently posted…Top 3 Smart Ways to Monetize Your BlogMy Profile

  8. Hi Sam – an interesting article. I particularly agree with your points about cultivating silence and writing in a way that elicits an emotional response from your readers. However, I was a bit disappointed that you didn’t altogether deliver on the promise you made in the title – I don’t think you really make the connection with Shakespeare, apart from the brief reference to him in the first paragraph.

    Nevertheless, I like the way you encourage your readers to develop confidence in themselves as writers and to practise and develop their craft.
    Susan Neal recently posted…How To Write Tutorial Blog Posts That Go ViralMy Profile

  9. Moryom begum says:

    Hi Sam Adeyinka

    I know it’s the first of your guest post on comluv dot com. Well. It was very Good post. When i was a newbie in blogging world i did not know how to write great quality and understandable contents. After reading some books and article about “how to become a better writer” i learnt something and some tips worked better for me. It’s so important when you write you should keep in whole mind in the subject. Read more and more, it will help to become a better writer. Learnt more and more, and write everyday. Never stop it up for long time, it will kill you for becoming better writer. And my last point is grab in your mind huge amount of words, it will be worked better.


    • Hey Moryom,

      Reading equals learning and learning equals greater achievements. This is what I have learned about being an achiever. to be a true achiever you need to be a good participant in the areas of reading and learning. Literally these are the two most important factor of being an effective writer.

      Thanks so much, Moryom, for adding extra value to this post with your awesome comments. It’s much appreciated. :)

      Sam Adeyinka recently posted…A Chat With Jeet Banerjee The 20yr Old Serial EntrepreneurMy Profile

  10. Hello Sam,

    I was expecting a long article but I am impressed how you summed the basic tips of becoming a great writer in few words. I have seen bloggers who publish any article it crosses 1000 words. For me, that’s being too rigid, most times it reduces the quality and makes for one long day.

    Your for tips are incredible and easy to implement once a sincere level of seriousness is cultivated. There are times when an article temporary enters my brain, but I loose them quickly and like you said, you jot them down. I developed that life saver a few months ago. I have lot of under-developed articles in my drive, and once a while I look at them; the ones that are difficult to develop today, suddenly becomes easy a few weeks after.

    Writing is great and no one became a great writer without starting the first paragraph. At first, it would always be ridiculous but persistence and reading other books makes the whole process more interesting. And then, you look at your previous articles of probably 8-months and you being to wonder’ did I write that trash?

    It happens, :) . . Check the older works of pro-bloggers and you would be amazed how ridiculous it was, but they never gave up and earned their reward.
    Nosa E Nosa recently posted…5 Things You Need To Know About Samsung’s Tizen OSMy Profile

  11. Suresh Khanal says:

    Hi Sam,

    Writing, I believe, is a kind of gifted skill for some people and a stronger hold on language eases you to express your subtle judgement.

    Some can really spice up every incident and messages to entertain readers and make their piece a really loveable. Hope you’ve read Emmanuel Cudjoe’s posts. I don’t say he is a great writer, but whatever he writes, he can make it an entertaining piece. Really love the skill.

    Thanks for sharing the tips to become a better writer and I like ‘cultivate silence’. I asked Ryan Biddulph how he manages to write so many posts everyday? And he says “Meditate”. It really should power up your brain before you write.

    • Hey Mr. Suresh,

      I love what you have to say about writing yourself as I so much agree with you.

      Who doesn’t know Cudjoe? I love the guy and I love every of his piece as they are sure entertaining and carries massive messages, ones strong enough to alter ones life positively. And there’s no time I read Cudjoe’s work that I don’t have goose pimples. I too love the skill! :)

      Silence is of course the key and Ryan is obviously in the same league as myself as I too love to meditate and it’s what makes me the writer I am now.

      Thanks for coming and for adding extra value to this post with your lovely comment, Mr. Suresh. I’m so glad you think it worthy of leaving your two cent. :D

      Sam Adeyinka recently posted…7 Easy Steps to Break or Make a HabitMy Profile

  12. Hi Sam.
    Shakespeares was writing in this unique style. Before you become a writer you need to read more books and novels to get understanding more How they are implementing their ideas and How we will create our different style of writing. You wrote a beautiful article with taking willam Shakespeares points.
    Anna Smith recently posted…Gmail Account SignupMy Profile

  13. Hi Sam,
    As a writer, doubting our ability is the biggest mistake. . our writing my not be perfect initially, but the fact is that we can always improve. . . i do a lot of experiment with my writing, it helps to find out my own style of writing. . .
    Awesome post, thanks for sharing! :)
    Adithya Shetty recently posted…4 Effective Ways To Produce Enchanting Content Without EffortMy Profile

  14. Boo! ghosts… I write and edit and proofread and proofread and edit again from dawn to dusk, I love it, yet… as you mentioned, for some reason and in spite of being very opinionated I do not see myself as a writer? Being away from the public eye has a clear benefit, but also one big fat drawback, but then again spotlights are not for everyone, but cutting to the chase, recently ventured up with my own unapologetic material and the words just fall in line. Thanks for the uplifting words.
    Florence Art Jones recently posted…Jeans are like the word cool, no one really knows how and when they both became a fad and so cool!My Profile

  15. I will always regret that why didn’t I started writing during my college days and wasted whole lot of time doing nothing…
    Ansh Gupta recently posted…30+ Best Pinterest Style WordPress Themes 2013My Profile

  16. Hello Sam,

    The hardest part of writing is actually surmoning the courage to actually write. I have been a freelance for many years now. Yet, anytime I pick up a pen to draft something, I doubt myself!

    In that wise, I disagree with you. No matter what, write. That is the only way of becoming a good writer.

    Nice points though.

    – Terungwa
    Akaahan Terungwa recently posted…WHY GENIUS IS RARE TODAY – BECOME THE NEXT ONE!My Profile

  17. Could you imagine Shakespeare as a blogger, now that would be wonderful :lol: Anyway I digress, one of the many things that a lot of people don’t realise is how time consuming being a writer can be, the time spent working on a piece can take over the majority of each day, but, time well spent can always lead to something that could well be a best-seller, so it’s all worth it in the end.
    Karen Woodham recently posted…Little Venice Rhyl a Mystery or Myth Underneath Rhyl Queens Market?My Profile

  18. Hi Sam,… Thanks for the tips but i dnt know why i am such a bad writer…LoL
    SAJID recently posted…Gmail Login – http://www.Gmail.com – Gmail Sign InMy Profile

  19. Hi Sam, its great to see you published on Comluv. You have shared with us a good piece that will motivate wanna be writers. Becoming a writer needs a lot of confidence, you need to build that writing confidence that will keep you going. Believing in yourself and your ability is the key to becoming a great writer. Have a nice day!

  20. Hi Sam, its great to see you published on Comluv. You have shared with us a good piece that will motivate wanna be writers. Becoming a writer needs a lot of confidence, you need to build that writing confidence that will keep you going. Believing in yourself and your ability is the key to becoming a great writer. Have a nice day! ..

  21. Kushal Jain says:

    Goods tips pointed out. To add to the list, I would say write until you complete the post. Planning is a must and if writing for a blog, keywords research is necessary. My conclusion after systematic study reveals that if you offer value to your readers or customers, you will automatically build a following.

  22. Hey! Sam its great to see you published on ComLuv and i must say this is a great piece of article. What makes a writer is not just about churning out contents day in day out, but that ability to always come up with quality every time you write. That could only happen when you have realized your forte and capitalize on it. Especially when you are writing on a niche you know much about.
    You have shared some great tips on becoming a writer and i must say you nailed it.
    Nwosu Desmond recently posted…What Makes Cell Phone Tracking Apps A “Big Hit”?My Profile

  23. I can’t imagine shakespeare as a blogger! lol. but you have nice tips here for anyone looking to become a successful writer. And yes, you must cultivate silence as well as see yourself as a writer.
    Frank Joseph recently posted…Bluehost Cyber Monday Sale 2013- 1 Year Hosting for Just $11.88!My Profile

  24. Dev pandey says:

    Hi Sam,

    Nice to see your blog at comluv. com and its really impressing as well.
    All the 4 tips which you have mentioned are kind of base for becoming a good writer. Another important point with i would like to add is, we must also learn to learn thing. Once you become a good learner, you can write much better.
    Thanks for this wonderful post!!!!

    • Hey Dev,

      I’m glad to see your comment and more glad to read your kind words to me and affirmations of points shared by me. It’s much appreciated brother.

      Aha! You are so right bout learning. Learning of course is the principal thing and it is what makes us tick as humans and in fact, it is what has brought me thus far to where I am today. Abraham Lincoln said it best, “The day we stop learning is the day we start dying.” He’s right!

      Thanks for stopping by brother and for sharing your two cent with this great community. :)

      Sam Adeyinka recently posted…Interview with Gilbert Samuel – The Viral Writer.My Profile

  25. hello sam. thanks for sharing the basics that writers should know. this must be then followed by what skills that the writer has. is the writer good in copywriting? is the writer good in grant writing, writing fictions or press releases that sells. i believe that once we are convinced that we are indeed writers, then we should determine what skills that we have. in my case, my skills are on academic writing and blogging but i am not aware of other writing skills that i have. i am still trying to explore on my skills as a writer.
    and by the way, i like shakespeare as a writer
    marilyn cada recently posted…Phishing Emails from your “So-Called” Hosting Company: BEWAREMy Profile

    • Hey Marilyn,

      Having a strong belief in the writer in you and in fact the 4 tips are the first step to becoming a writer. When that has been put in proper place you then need to follow it up with knowing what you are good at, whether it is fiction or non-fiction and what have you. Like you I had difficulties knowing what am good at but I have no issue with that anymore though.

      Thanks so much for taking the time out to read and publish your valuable comment on my post on this great blog.

      Like seriously! You like Shakespeare? ME too.

      Sam Adeyinka recently posted…Interview with Gilbert Samuel – The Viral Writer.My Profile

  26. AAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaah… Great Post…
    Thanks dear… I actually like Shakespeare drama but have never read any of his novels
    SAJID recently posted…Gmail Login – http://www.Gmail.com – Gmail Sign InMy Profile

  27. Even after reminding yourself continuously, it is very difficult to become someone like shakespear.. Thanks for this post..
    Ansh Gupta recently posted…24+ Best WordPress Wedding Themes 2013My Profile

  28. “Whatsoever you write, just make sure your heart is in it.” That’s a great advice. This ahould be applied in every piece of writing.

    In my case as a realtor in Charleston SC real estate, I share not only property showings in my website but also write about events/activities in the said areas as well as answering my visitors queries about real estate related topics.

    I also encourage my visitors to share their own experiences about a particular subject discussed in my blog post. Effective writing fuels fruitful conversation and fosters engagement. This makes me understand my target audience better and address their needs.
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  29. Thanks a lot for this timely post. I must agree that instead of just start writing we must create an ambience for writing and must remind ourselves with conviction that we are writers. This in my opinion is the minimum basics.
    William recently posted…How to record your calls in Android ?My Profile

  30. Good post. However, your second point about experimenting still goes to the argument that in order to become a great writer, one must write, write, write. Even with thinking about being a good writer, one will not improve unless he/she writes and receives feedback. It is that same as playing the piano. I may think that I am a musician, but I will not become a great musician unless I practice, practice, practice. Finding the quiet time to do so definitely helps.
    Dr Sarita Jackson recently posted…Is There Hope for a WTO Trade Deal in Bali?My Profile

  31. This post is awesome! The first part is one that some people miss out. Nobody is quite these days. And it’s not just about being a writer, if people could spend a little time in solitude every day the world could be a much better place! :P
    Chetan Bhasin recently posted…10 Performance Oriented Development Techniques For Faster WebMy Profile

  32. Hey Sam,
    Nice post and thanks for sharing these important tips with us. Good writing is an important factor in blogging and these tips you mentioned above really help us to become a good writer. This post really gonna help all the newbies.
    Sudipto recently posted…Best Android Phone Under 7000My Profile

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