5 Basic Tips Which Will Enpower You As A Better Blogger

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Sandeep Singh
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Sandeep Singh
Sandeep Singh
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When can you call yourself as a good blogger? Well, that is a very tough question to answer for many. For me the term a “˜Good Blogger’ is met when you are able to satisfy your readers by what you provide them in terms of content and also the writing in addition with the presentation.  I cant see any reason why this should not be enough to term you a good blogger! Anyways there may be certain other things which might be making you feel a little less good about yourself If you are not able to meet your own standards and keep up with it.

Better Blogger

Content Has Always Been the King:

Have you ever seen a successful blog without quality content? I am sure that you wont. Because content is the thing based on which any SEO or other stuffs can be performed to optimize your blog. Quality content has always been awarded and you need to make sure that you do that. Even with little SEO you could do wonders with good content.

Always Be What You Are:

Blogging is a vast area and covering it is not that easy but still people get bobbed down when they see nothing to post. What they do next? They feel an urge to copy contents and paste it in their blogs.  This is the worst thing that a blogger can do, it is actually like a Suicide to your Blogger image. Yeah, true people hate bloggers who just copy and paste contents. I am sure that many people have relevant titles but always they add and modify contents according to their own Abilities and strengths. So always have a source but try to write on your own although it might not be good enough. Keep in mind ” Injury is better than Death”.

Use Social Networks Wisely:

Social Networks are growing at the rate of knots and no one is away from it. As a blogger you should use it wisely. Three things to keep in mind while using Social Networking sites

  • Never Spam your
    blog links on it.
  • Gently start building a network.
  • Never use Harsh Wordings while Communicating.

Use Social Network icons on your log to enable readers to connect with you. With the introduction of Facebook Subscribe now you can even build followers for yourself just like Twitter. You may want to learn how to get facebook subscribe button on your blog.

 Be the Readers Man:

Readers are the key to any blog and every blogger must keep that in mind. Always try to write content from a reader’s point of view by keeping yourself on their end. Ask for their feedbacks on how well the blog is being updated and what changes they would love to see on your blog. Try to make the most of the resources you have got and try to fulfil their needs. This will only give you a better chance of Succeeding in blogging than having negative side effects.

Be Passionate:

Passion is one quality which I feel brings out the very best of you and it always gets you better results. When you are passion about something, you never get bored doing it! Eventually you end up mastering that. Blogging is no different if you always have a “never die” attitude, you will end up succeeding. If you give up, then it just a waste of all the time you had spent on it. But firing the passion is very difficult, if you don’t have it then it is very difficult to grow it.

Have A Break Regularly:

Blogging may seem very easy from outside but I know how difficult it can be mentally. Concentrating all the time and being in front of the monitors is always going to get you exhausted and have little trauma. It is always recommended that you have a day off blogging and spend it on other purposeful things. Spending time with your Family, Girl Friends, Boy Friends, Friends is always for the good. This will enable you to work that much better the next day and you will always come up with innovative and bright ideas.