5 Basic Tips For Bloggers To Have A Good Relationship With Clients

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Sandeep Singh
Who is a technical blogger form India. Blogs on gadgets,technology,blogging and social media at TechfreakBlog
Sandeep Singh
Sandeep Singh
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How good do you want to be as a professional blogger? How important are the readers? How important are the clients? These are all the questions that must be answered in a proper way so that you don’t end up just like another clan of bloggers who wanted to be professional but couldn’t tighten the foot on it. Readers in no way are to be treated less important than clients, because it is only your readers who are getting you some projects and money rather than just your blog. So creating a good reader base is the first thing then you look at other things.


Now, today in this article I will focus on five tips which I think will be really helpful for bloggers to maintain healthy and ever growing relationship with their clients on the services they provide to them. I have been using this tips well enough with my clients through my technology blog.

Tips To Maintain Relationship With Client:

Have a Good Meat before you speak:

Wouldn’t it be odd and shameful thing if you boost yourself as a Football player but in fact you may not even be able to hold the ball by your foot. Situations like this can actually end up a real big time loss for you. You don’t want your client to start mistrusting you in anyway.

Eg: You may go for a Sponsored Review approaching a company and boosting of Traffic of 3000/day from US but in reality is just 300/day . With so many tools and products to analyse your site, may be your client might find it.

Will that situation ever get you a project from the client? No it wouldn’t for sure. So you either have that stats and then approach a client or tell him the truth. This is in the best interest of your future deals

with the client.

Talk Clear On The Deal:

Clients always expect a little bit more than what you give them. You can make it worse by not making clear points on what you will be able to do for them. So the basic thing which you must do with your client is to talk point to point deals. Be commanding in what you converse, if you are not happy with something tell him on the face. This is much better than not delivering at the end.

Communicate As Like Girl/Boy Friends:

Communication channel must be set up between you and the client. It can be Mobile Phone, Gmail, Facebook or any communication channel where you can talk freely and openly. Never hesitate to ask when you are in a situation tough to handle by self, ask the client how you must head on. This will not only help you in getting the best out of yourself , but the client will also feel that he is being prioritized and criteria’s are being fulfilled properly.

Be The Man:

As a blogger, the services which you will be able to provide may not be unique and closed to you alone. In things like these you must use your mind and work your brain to bring innovative ideas. You must be able to instantly solve any problem that is thrown in front of you and that too quick. You may be providing services related to wordpress or any other web related services but the key is to be quick and innovative in order to keep up with your client.

Take The Right Calls:

The worst thing that you can do to lose your client is to not provide what you have given word. Never do things which you are not good at or sure of , this will be better than you taking up the job and ruining it to the core. Be clear and expressive in what you can and what you cant. 10 out of 20 clients will like the attitude of yours and be in touch with you for future projects as well.