6 Workable Tips To Supercharge Your Blogging Career

Jackson Nwachukwu
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Jackson Nwachukwu
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blogging tips


Have you noticed the increasing demand for quality and uniqueness in the blogosphere today? I think this is the best time to think through your stand in this journey of blogging.

If you have been blogging for some time now and need to remain on top of your game this post will help you discover 6 ways to supercharge your blogging career right now!

While the blogosphere is getting bigger day by day, there is the need to stand out among the masses of bloggers and writers by sounding a voice that’s big enough to be heard.

Today, I am happy to be associated with bloggers who have defined what they want and pledge to keep sharing what works for them and not just some generic thoughts which goes into a recycle process. I would like you to ride with me as I unveil 6 workable tips which you can start applying right now to supercharge your blogging career:

1. Say No to Robot Oriented Blogging and Get Creative

Sorry to say this, but it’s a fact. Most bloggers are still locked up in their cubicle because they are robot oriented (programmed to act only when asked to). The days of robot blogging (folding your arms and waiting for things to happen) are gone; today it’s creating and pushing what you have created towards the BIGGER PICTURE. If you must break out of that cubicle which has been stopping you from excelling as a blogger, you must say no to robot oriented blogging and start creating. Creativity is productivity! Pause for a moment and ask yourself this question:

What new ways can I add value to my blog? (Hint: Think of one common thing every other successful blogger is doing and find new ways of doing it better using a new technique other than the traditional method)
The new method you employ may sound stupid at first but that’s what I call being creative and with time if you are true to your course it will stand you out.

2. Blogging with pride is the way forward (Be the expert you call yourself)

You’ve chosen blogging as a career and so do it with pride! Let some passion into your blogging activities, that way you will never digress or allow yourself to be pushed to the wall. It doesn’t matter if you started blogging few minutes back. What matters is how prepared and determined you are in terms of becoming a goal getter. Blogging with pride is one way of adding value to yourself and telling the people you write for that you are on top of your game. Above all, blogging with pride will keep you thinking of ways to do new things because you have positioned yourself as an expert and so have to deliver. Sometimes, you need to subject yourself to certain conditions to keep acting as a reminder to your course.

3.Write only resourceful and helpful content

This is what I like to call  “writing for the wants of your audience and not their needs” It might surprise you if I tell you that I no longer believe in this trendy thought of writing quality content or putting it ahead as a redeemer of your blogging success! I stand to tell you that nothing online today is quality especially when it is seen as a standard. What we read today are all generic content (content already written but worked on again to bring out new meanings still pointing to one thing). If you ask me, the only thing I call quality content is a content that is resourceful and helpful, in other words a content which solves the problems of your readers or audience. Life is too simple if you understand what works and what

does not work. People will naturally help you to supercharge your blogging career when you help them proffer solutions to their problems and not following a standard of writing just because you want to write the so called quality content. All you need to excel in your blogging career is writing for the wants of your audience and not their needs…

4. Connect with the like minds (Never walk alone)

The blogosphere is a community of bloggers filled with talented bloggers. Make yourself known by connecting with the like minds in the community. One better way of connecting with like minds is guest blogging. Today I am writing for Comluv which ordinarily makes me a part of the Comluv community or network. If I do what I am doing on Comluv on other bigger blogs in my niche, one thing is for sure, I will be growing a community of readers and at the same time showing off my expertise which at the end of the day positions me for greater achievements.

The ideal thing to do has always been never to walk alone; there are brains who started doing what you are doing today for a very long time. Take a chance of connecting with them by writing or blogging for them, if you get denied the first time, try again and learn from your mistakes. It’s worth walking with the like minds in your niche. Whenever the thoughts of giving up come to your mind, remember the words of Stephen Kings:

“You can, you should, and if you’re brave enough to start, you will”

5. Always dream big

Even though the blogosphere has become a crowded market does not mean you can’t supercharge your career in it. Every now and then, blogs are created and the smart ones with dreams take up the league. When you dream of becoming the best in what you do you make what you do a market where everybody will want to stop by to shop. When I started my blog, I dreamt that in less than 2 months I was going to guest post for the master bloggers Darren Rowse and John Chow and guess what? My dreams paid off! I actually got published in less than 2 months of launching my blog. This is what dreaming BIG can do for you, so give it a shot; it’s a sure way to supercharge your blogging career.

6. Step out of your comfort zone and spy

The first time I talked about spying as a blogger was when I did a guest post on WeBlogBetter.com on 41 Creative Blog Ideas You Can Publish where I shocked the readers with the idea of spying on what works for their competitors. Just like I told them, by spying I mean doing the following:

  • Studying your competitor’s readers to know what they like reading (a better way to do a guest post with solutions to their problems)
  • Picking up ideas from different sources and putting them togther in your own way to solve problems (no man is an island of knowledge)

I like to tell what works for me. The last guest post I did on JohnChow.com landed me an offer of 50 business articles from one single client. Now how will you feel if I tell you that part of the idea that made that post a success was made possible after spying on what works on some big industry blogs? There are countless benefits of stepping out of your comfort zone and spying on what works out there. It’s something you can do right now and start seeing results.

How do you supercharge your blogging career?

This list can never be exhaustive especially in this present time when blogging has gone viral. However, the ones listed here are proven and workable tips that will help you instantly supercharge your blogging career. 


  1. I really love the second and forth point; An adage say; walk alone die alone, blogging is a larger community taking more than 25% of the world population; meaning there are lot of competition in the community and walking alone will get one stranded in branding quality content. I love pride in what I do most of the time, because I don’t love people complaining about what I do and as a result I do put more passion to aliened my so called well doing activities with passion. Thanks for sharing these wonderful tips on how to supercharge our blogging career.
    Adesanmi Adedotun recently posted…Blog keyword vs blog tagMy Profile

  2. nice post on not giving up on blogging and stand out among all bloggers. i like first and fourth points. creativity and connectivity always plays important roles in any field. thanks for the post.
    saimohanreddy recently posted…PUZZLE 37My Profile

  3. Make money newspaper says:

    Integrity and brand name are very important..Nice tips about marketing,business and seo on how to make money online.Patience and action are necessary.

  4. Writing great content is the best thing to charge up your blogging career.
    If you are able to write awesome content that is helpful for a long time, it means that people will come more often and even recommend it to others.
    Great article mate. Keep up the good work!
    Cheers :)
    Arbaz Khan recently posted…Download Bluestacks App Player for Windows and Mac | Android Emulator DownloadMy Profile

  5. I loved your last tip in particular. Getting out of your comfort zone is one of the best things people can do. And I’m talking about more than blogging.
    Matt recently posted…Namecheap Coupon CodesMy Profile

  6. Hi Jackson,

    Lovely post and wonderful write up. I like the part about spying. Sounds so MI6 :)

    Anyway, being creative (in point 1) is a great way for us to become a better blogger. Avoid blogging the usual stuffs. Be bold and be different from the rest. Make spark flies etc!

    Thanks for writing this mate.
    Reginald recently posted…[Contest] Win 1 of 5 Blog Engage Standard AccountsMy Profile

  7. Hi Jackson,
    Great tips for all the new bloggers to improve the way of blogging. iA lot of people say and advise about the ways to imiprove your blog but you have given some real life and the basic ideas to help in improving the blog. I think before writing any article one must do some research about the topic and make the article a bit better and real.
    kuldeep recently posted…NOKIA LUMIA 925 SPECIFICATIONSMy Profile

  8. Great points. We all need to dream big as it will be the starting point to boost our willingness to do something to achieve it.
    Okto recently posted…Should My Blog Linking Out?My Profile

  9. Great Post Jackson, Actually I personally liked 5th point! Career is belong to those who believe in beauty of their dreams.
    Chetan recently posted…A Detailed Overview of Kandivali Property PricesMy Profile

  10. Hi,
    Appreciate you writing such useful tips. New bloggers, like me, need a dose of inspiration from time to time and I think your post has done exactly that. Especially the point that we should always dream big. Dreams always keep you motivated to work hard.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Mayank recently posted…FIFA World Cup Qualifiers Preview: Sep 6 to Sep 10My Profile

  11. Hi,
    ‘Write only resourceful and helpful content’- very true about blogging. should write content for users only not bots. Your article is inspiring one got many tips for me. Thanks for sharing such a useful info

  12. Hi Jackson ,

    Thanks for sharing the tips with us. I think you have shared some of the great point. Many people dont see blogging as a career or profession . But its above my head . I believe that blogging should be taken more seriously by people and bloggers also.

    The point you shared of passion , is really great. One should have passion of doing what you are doing,Another point which i liked is giving really a helpful or resourceful content to readers , which i do as well.

    Great post!!
    Shorya.B recently posted…7 Tips to increase your Google Adsense Revenue massively by increasing CPC of AdsMy Profile

  13. I like regular posting, sharing and commenting. That’s it. This is the basic key of blogging success alongwith building backlinks either via blog commenting or guest posting or submitting to directories. :)
    Ashwani Ahlawat recently posted…How To Choose The Best Computer For Yourself?My Profile

  14. Get noticed is the hardest thing when you are a blogger.

    Is not enough doing socila promotion and commenting like mad.
    Daniel recently posted…How to Start Earn Money with Google AdsenseMy Profile

  15. Hello Jackson, I like your No2 and No3 tip, No3 more that people look on the internet for what they want and not what they need.
    And I’m going to implement this strategy on my blog. Thanks for this

  16. very valid point stated there.
    Many of the bloggers rely on the bot oriented work.
    By doing this, they may find some success in the primitive stages but in the long run, it will not help them much.
    yogesh pant recently posted…Battlefield play for free: Battlefield 3 Handbook/Battlefield 3 Soundboard/Battlefield 4CountdownMy Profile

  17. thanks for sharing such a great tips. As you said content is always the king. Bloggers must make contents for readers not for Google. Creating useful contents will likely get more visitors.
    I like your concept “DREAMING”. Now what many of them doing are ‘Dreaming a lot and doing nothing’ but this will take anyone to nowhere.


  18. I would like to add that writing daily is not necessary but writing quality is much expected now from the people who shows interest in your blog.
    himanshu recently posted…11 Jelly Bean tips and tricks for Android 2013My Profile

  19. Hello Himanshu,
    You’re very much right on this. Writing everyday (which I encourage as a writer) is good, but what is best is writing accessible, helpful and resourceful content for the end users.

    As a content writer, I have a rule that guides me on how to write everyday, because writing everyday helps you become a better writer. Writing everyday does not mean publishing any kind of blog post on daily basis. There are several ways of writing everyday apart from forcing content out of your head just to keep up your blog.

    I write twice, in most cases three times a week on my content marketing blog, but Google sends me reasonable traffic on daily basis simply because i take my time to write for readers and not just Google. Again, it doesn’t matter how many posts you write, what matters is the value you add.

    Thanks for your comment buddy…
    Jackson Nwachukwu recently posted…How I Write a Complete Article from the ScratchMy Profile

  20. I spent the first few years blogging and trying to walk alone…and it didn’t work. I once heard a famous Italian painter say that everyone has one wing, but we need other people to help us fly – and I really believe this to be true.
    Bellaisa recently posted…6 Ways To Get Motivated To Achieve Your GoalsMy Profile

  21. I think now a days , blogging has become tough due to competition . I love all your valuable tips and one tip that i liked the most is , Always dream big and i m totally agree with you that , without dreaming big , we can not achieve our goals :)
    Jones recently posted…WhatsApp Android App For Pc Download : Steps To Download Whats AppMy Profile

  22. Hi Jackson,
    Spying on competitors is the best way to supercharge your blogging career because that’s the best way to get the benefits without much hard work. Isn’t it?
    You have got the well and now you have to take out water and drink it.
    Anurag recently posted…How to Increase Alexa Backlinks?My Profile

  23. Shruti Tarun says:

    Now days bloggers face huge competition of their own team mates and adsense become so risky to maintain

  24. Thanks for this article. it was inspiring. I will keep dreaming big! :)

  25. Hi,

    Nice tips and strategies you have shared. Yes we need to keep ourself more energetic and enthusiastic in our Blogging so that we keep Blooming up with new ideas to share with our readers and visitors. WE should always keep our visitors engaged and never make them feel bored.
    Shathyan recently posted…Top 5 Instant Google Keyword Search ToolsMy Profile

  26. Naveen Mayura says:

    Jackson, Nice tips you have shared here, I appreciate you. your 5 point is very attractive always dream big
    yeah! its good and important in blogging life. thank you

  27. Blogging is definitely a social avenue these days. It’s hard to gain any sort of momentum without belonging to a larger online community and interacting with others, considering the importance of social media shares, likes, comments, +1’s, and things like that. It’s hard to blog in a vacuum these days. Find people within your same niche and connect with them!

  28. Onto point number 3. I totally agree that content should be resourceful and helpful. In fact, the more helpful my blog becomes, the easier it was to continue writing more and more unique content. I found that the more engaged my readers were, the more they provided me with content ideas. So it was a win-win situation. -Pat
    Pat Drummond recently posted…Does closing a credit card affect your credit score?My Profile

  29. I’m with you. I’m against all the automated content being churned out today. Resourceful, helpful content written with pride… couldn’t have said it better myself. Great post Jackson!

  30. siddhartdas says:

    Awesome Article and i am totally agree with your tips. but Ac. to me Writing great content is the best thing to charge up your blogging career. Blogging is totally depend on your content if your content is quality then it will be secure for a long time your blogging career. well thanks dear for giving me great tips..

  31. Anirudh Chauhan says:

    Hi Jackson,
    I read this post and it really inspired me..
    Being a newbie at blogging, I had many questions in my mind..
    But I need to be patient and write that content which the read would love to read and visit my blog once again..
    Thank you for sharing your views !

  32. Wonderful tips for keep going and supercharge the energy of my blogger spirit. I’ve got some ideas on how to write a blog with good ideas and be able to attract more traffic. Now I am in the process of improving my another blog to get high PR.

  33. I think the answer is to be ensconsed in a niche where you can find out what people are looking for (through keyword tools and write accordingly). If you want to get paid then there are so many people looking for content around certain subjects.

  34. Dreaming big is crucial if you want to achieve something exception in every field. Just dreaming is nothing, one should be ignite through their dreams and should do hard work to achieve what he want.
    Thanks jackson that’s wonderful article.
    Muneeb Ahsan recently posted…7 important CMD commandsMy Profile

  35. Hi,

    Thanks for this awesome guide and tips to increase our potential as a blogger. Patience is the key in blogging career.
    Gautham Lurk recently posted…Subway Surfers Unlimited Coins & Keys Hack (Android/iPhone/PC)My Profile

  36. hello
    nice post on not giving up on blogging and stand out among all bloggers. i like first and fourth points. creativity and connectivity always plays important roles in any field. thanks for the post.
    thnx for this nice share

  37. Hi! Jackson,
    Spying on other blogs and having a peek on what”s going around is a good idea, I seriously like it,
    I think i am going to implement it…….
    We can get new ideas this way.
    Rahul recently posted…GPU Overclocking: Is it safe?My Profile

  38. Great post! the most important point is 3rd one “Write only resourceful and helpful content”. If you don’t provide resourceful and helpful content to your readers than how would they come to your site next time?
    johnw recently posted…How to communicate and connect with the key decision makers?My Profile

  39. Thanks for sharing good post in your blog. Nice post on not giving up on blogging and stand out among all bloggers. i like first and fourth points. creativity and connectivity always plays important roles in any field. Thanks a lot.

  40. Thanks buddy for such an amazing and inspiring post. Well it is important to write for your readers not for search engine. If you have unique content people will eventually love it and they live to visit your site mote often.
    WOuld love to read more from you. Keep up the good work and Keep writing awesome content.
    Thanks & Regards :)
    Ashish Kumar recently posted…JARVIS Iron Man’s Voice Assistant Now On Your iPhoneMy Profile

  41. Some take blogging as a permanent career or you can say full time bloggers whereas some take it as a part time sort of job.

    You have listed really effective and nice set of tips mate. Thanks and keep up the good work.
    Ashwani Ahlawat recently posted…Website Performance – Improve Test Reporting FundamentalsMy Profile

  42. Do everything with love and people will come to you…

  43. Write only resourceful and helpful content – thats the key

  44. I’ve got some ideas on how to write a blog with good ideas and be able to attract more traffic. Now I am in the process of improving my another blog to get high PR. Thank you

  45. Those are some excellent tips to supercharge anyone’s blogging career. Blogging in short is hard work and one has to take into many factors. Learning/observing/reading from other website will never stop. A blog’s success can also depend on how many visitors come back and also the length of the duration. If a user is spending more time, it is likely that they are able to get something interesting/useful/unique.
    chang recently posted…Google Voice LoginMy Profile

  46. Connecting with the like minded people is the way to go for newbies as they will get some new ideas and often their problems will be solved very easily with the help of other experienced people in his circle. most of the times newbies fails because they are alone on their journey towards success and at last they think that blogging is a waste of time when they don’t see what they were looking for. thanks for this nice article Jackson Nwachukwu…
    jawad zaib recently posted…Best NHL Hockey Apps for Android and iOSMy Profile

  47. Dream big is the best one in my book. This is the time and place to make it really happen. Extra kudos to giving the robot approach a pass. Thanks for a great post!

  48. We can live happily in this online blogsphere by doing content marketing and doing creative works. We can do one thing to be more focused, stay away from social media.! It can boost online income!
    Jafar Dhada recently posted…Whatsapp for PC, Whatsapp for Windows 7/8/XPMy Profile

  49. Hi Jackson,

    This is a very nice, motivational and inspirational article. I agree. You must do something with your blog, you must be creative and find new ways of producing content and promoting it.

    Blogging with pride. Yes, you need to have pride in what yo do. Not only that but also everything you do must show to your visitors the pride and the trust you have. When you are no longer obsessed with numbers and traffic, this state and mindset of yours will be felt by your visitor. They will like it and return for more.

    Generic content? I hate generic content. Most blogs are full of this kind of advice. 90% of these articles are just an obsessive repetition of the same things. You can find them everywhere and, frankly, nobody needs them anymore.
    You need to be specific, identify problems, needs and mostly wants and then do something to solve them. This is the way to success.

    Have a wonderful day
    Silviu recently posted…WordPress Database Optimization Basics. Drafts and RevisionsMy Profile

    • Hello Silviu,
      I ve always liked the extensive comments you write on most articles I’ve read. I noticed this on both ProBlogger, JohnChow.com and WeBlogBetter where I have been featured as well.

      Your comments are great signs that you are really on top of your blogging game! To crown it all, you made a very inspiring comment which reads:
      “You need to be specific, identify problems, needs and mostly wants and then do something to solve them. This is the way to success.”

      Bro that was really awesome I must say…

      Jackson Nwachukwu recently posted…How I Find Businesses That Need Freelance Writers (The 3C’s That Works for Me)My Profile

  50. Hello Jackson Nwachukwu
    Thanks for this awesome post.
    “Creativity is productivity!” Great words. Your all six points really very helpful for me to supercharge my blogging career. I am new to blogging and everyday I have learnt lots of things.
    Once again thanks for your tips.

  51. Getting creative is the thing we need to do and also say no robot oriented blogging.You will not beleive but my friends are starting those types blogs that you can’t even say blogs.. huh.
    Gautam recently posted…Top 5 Free Best Antivirus For AndroidMy Profile

  52. David Ambrogio says:

    I really appreciate this post! This is especially helpful for blogging newbs like myself just starting out trying to find how/what to write about. You give hope to all of us beginners out there.


  53. I like getting my 007 on (spying). This definitely helps keep the creative juices flowing.
    I have heard this term before and its funny to me how so many get taken back by it.
    I’m sure its just the term “SPY” that throws them of but if you look around it is done everywhere.
    One of the most recognized brands in the world, McDonalds, looked at what others were doing and helped them become what I like to call a Mega Brand.

    Thanks Jackson
    Steven J Wilson recently posted…What To Do After A New Blog PostMy Profile

    • Hello Steven,
      Yea, the word “SPY” sounds so strange and scary to some people. I noticed this in my first guest post at WeBlogBetter when I mentioned it. I saw lots of comment on it…

      The truth is that, spying has a way of making you do better than or close to what your competitors are doing. Most successful bloggers are successful today because they spied on what’s happening or going on in the industry where they dominate.

      I’ve always liked using this method when setting the record straight in blogging.

      Thanks for an awesome comment Steven.
      Jackson Nwachukwu recently posted…How I Got an Offer of 50 Business Articles From One Single Client Without Any HustleMy Profile

  54. A very good post Jackson and you are right about those tips. I am going to try those tips and I am also pretty sure that they will work. Hope to see you in future also with new tips.
    Sahil recently posted…Top SEO Tips: 4 Things You Must KnowMy Profile

  55. Jackson….Keep up the good work…Really researched and well written post…

    I appreciate you have not missed even a single point…. Just need to include social media marketing these days too.
    SAJID recently posted…ChkDsk Alternatives for WindowsMy Profile

  56. Spying is a helpful tip. It sounds a lot worse than it actually is I guess. If you can find out what the readers are looking for it will be easy to target them. Good post Thanks
    dub recently posted…Cheap Camping Tents (Family Sized)My Profile

  57. I understand that the reality is that most people will not be successful at blogging and by success, I mean they will not make enough from blogging to quit their day jobs but that reality has not stopped me from dreaming big. Who is to say that I will not become the next successful, money making blogger? I mean, the last huge lottery winner didn’t think they would become an instant millionaire but that didnt keep them from dreaming. I am very passionate about my blog and although my blogs title is controversial and may scare some people away from joining my fan base, I know that the people who actually take time to see past the blogs title will really see that I have great content to share with the world, especially in today’s economy.

  58. I understand that the reality is that most people will not be successful at blogging and by success, I mean they will not make enough from blogging to quit their day jobs but that reality has not stopped me from dreaming big. Thanks!
    Prakash recently posted…Subway Surfers for PC Download or Subway Surfers for ComputerMy Profile

  59. I have been doing all these tips for some months now and I have been seeing some quality traffic. The only challenge I am facing is persistence which I have been trying to abide with.
    James osborne recently posted…How To Have Perfect Skin: 5 Top Foods Good For SkinMy Profile

  60. Jasa Pembuatan Website says:

    Very nice to read this post. I’ve been doing some of these tips. The point 5 is the most inspiring for me.


  61. Thanks for sharing this tips, but i think that the most hard thing is write a useful content.

  62. Hi,

    Thanks for these awesome tips for supercharging our blogging careers with little or no effort.

  63. Mary Johnson says:

    hello admin – I think for beginners make money with blogging is not easy but if they do it in right way, then it may possible to make a huge amount of money with blogging. The biggest mistake which most blogger made is that, they does’t choose there Interesting topic and start focus on the money, But my sugggestion for everyone is that pick a niche in which you are possionate about and write tone of content on that..
    by following these trick they feel the result in less time

  64. Great post, a list is very helpful and knowledgeable.All the information about changing blogger career. Thank you for written this article.
    Mohit Rajwani recently posted…10 Social Media Mistakes to AvoidMy Profile

  65. Hi Jackson,
    I believe that our true nature and creativity speaks through our blogs and what we owe to do..
    If we are creative our blogs will speak our creativity . As you said there is cent percent generic content in all our blogs,but what that matters is framing the content in the way our audience wants it to be.
    In short Selling what the buyer wants :) Great job Jackson ,keep blogging :)
    Jessica Parker recently posted…What is HEDIS Coding?My Profile

  66. hey
    really nice tips and great post, and gonna use all your tips and hope my blogging carrier will supercharge.
    suryabhan recently posted…PLANTS VS ZOMBIES 2 FOR ANDROID : NOT RELEASED YET!!!My Profile

  67. Hello Jackson
    First ,very nice tips for supercharging once blogging career . Ya you said extremely right that be the king on the topic you are going to start. Blog post with less information and knowledge do negative affect on the blogging success.Before writing anything ,a full research ,is very important. Thanks for nice share.
    Mahendra recently posted…Android KitKat Latest android 4.4 OS new features & imagesMy Profile

  68. Hi Jackson..
    Very useful article for me. Blog with no bot oriented will always motivates me to make some useful articles for people. I never dream before but I will start my dream today.. Thank you for your motivation
    ithauphy recently posted…Lucrative Way to Make Money from BloggingMy Profile

  69. Hello Jackson,
    Thank you for these greats tips. I think that it’s interesting to write on topics that you appreciate and love first. It’s not easy for example to write on technical topics, but with the tips you provide, it can be a good start for any topic.
    marc.donovan recently posted…WeChat for PC Download – Windows, Computer, Android, iPhoneMy Profile

  70. That really have been some great tips Jackson. Though I like all the tips mentioned in this blog post but the best one was “step out of your comfort zone and spy”. This is the present strategy almost all bloggers are trying to adopt to stay in competition, Spying with some positive cause will also yield you positive result. Great writing jackson, thanks for sharing.
    alan recently posted…Whatsapp for PC Download, Whatsapp for Windows 7/8/Vista ComputerMy Profile

  71. Lord knows we all need great tips like these to optimize our blogging to get more done! Thanks for the great post.
    Drew Tracy recently posted…Akona TalonMy Profile

  72. Hello sir,
    I really liked your whole article, but the point which touched my heart is ‘Dream Bigger’. I am a dreamer guy and always think big. I am waiting for my dream come true. thanks for sharing.
    Sandeep Sihmar recently posted…Staff Selection Commission (SSC) Stenographer Examination 2013My Profile

  73. Sir keep posting like this. Your posts inspire the newcomers like us.
    Sandeep Sihmar recently posted…Blackberry Z30 coming to IndiaMy Profile

  74. I have an addiction blog. I cannot cure them. I can, however, make it as easy as possible to for them to help themselves. I will look for other ways to give visitors what they want.
    Mark Noo recently posted…Signs of Alcoholism in MenMy Profile

  75. Hey Jackson,
    Nice post and Yes, resourceful and helpful content is really very important in blogging. Big dreaming helps us to keep focus on our work. Thanks for sharing this post. This post really gonna help many newbies.
    Sudipto recently posted…Which One Is better iPhone Or Android PhoneMy Profile

  76. Walter Pinem says:

    I always love this kind of post.
    You know, I already spent 2 years to build up a better blog, and to live up a passion as blogger. This gives me additional information on building up a better blog. Thanks to you, and I invite you to guest post on my blog :D

  77. Hello Vishvast,
    I am glad you enjoyed reading the post. Cheers!
    Jackson Nwachukwu recently posted…How I Grew My Small Business Website Through Guest BloggingMy Profile

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