6 Workable Tips To Supercharge Your Blogging Career

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Jackson Nwachukwu
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Jackson Nwachukwu
Jackson Nwachukwu

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Jackson Nwachukwu
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Have you noticed the increasing demand for quality and uniqueness in the blogosphere today? I think this is the best time to think through your stand in this journey of blogging.

If you have been blogging for some time now and need to remain on top of your game this post will help you discover 6 ways to supercharge your blogging career right now!

While the blogosphere is getting bigger day by day, there is the need to stand out among the masses of bloggers and writers by sounding a voice that’s big enough to be heard.

Today, I am happy to be associated with bloggers who have defined what they want and pledge to keep sharing what works for them and not just some generic thoughts which goes into a recycle process. I would like you to ride with me as I unveil 6 workable tips which you can start applying right now to supercharge your blogging career:

1. Say No to Robot Oriented Blogging and Get Creative

Sorry to say this, but it’s a fact. Most bloggers are still locked up in their cubicle because they are robot oriented (programmed to act only when asked to). The days of robot blogging (folding your arms and waiting for things to happen) are gone; today it’s creating and pushing what you have created towards the BIGGER PICTURE. If you must break out of that cubicle which has been stopping you from excelling as a blogger, you must say no to robot oriented blogging and start creating. Creativity is productivity! Pause for a moment and ask yourself this question:

What new ways can I add value to my blog? (Hint: Think of one common thing every other successful blogger is doing and find new ways of doing it better using a new technique other than the traditional method)
The new method you employ may sound stupid at first but that’s what I call being creative and with time if you are true to your course it will stand you out.

2. Blogging with pride is the way forward (Be the expert you call yourself)

You’ve chosen blogging as a career and so do it with pride! Let some passion into your blogging activities, that way you will never digress or allow yourself to be pushed to the wall. It doesn’t matter if you started blogging few minutes back. What matters is how prepared and determined you are in terms of becoming a goal getter. Blogging with pride is one way of adding value to yourself and telling the people you write for that you are on top of your game. Above all, blogging with pride will keep you thinking of ways to do new things because you have positioned yourself as an expert and so have to deliver. Sometimes, you need to subject yourself to certain conditions to keep acting as a reminder to your course.

3.Write only resourceful and helpful content

This is what I like to call  “writing for the wants of your audience and not their needs” It might surprise you if I tell you that I no longer believe in this trendy thought of writing quality content or putting it ahead as a redeemer of your blogging success! I stand to tell you that nothing online today is quality especially when it is seen as a standard. What we read today are all generic content (content already written but worked on again to bring out new meanings still pointing to one thing). If you ask me, the only thing I call quality content is a content that is resourceful and helpful, in other words a content which solves the problems of your readers or audience. Life is too simple if you understand what works and what

does not work. People will naturally help you to supercharge your blogging career when you help them proffer solutions to their problems and not following a standard of writing just because you want to write the so called quality content. All you need to excel in your blogging career is writing for the wants of your audience and not their needs…

4. Connect with the like minds (Never walk alone)

The blogosphere is a community of bloggers filled with talented bloggers. Make yourself known by connecting with the like minds in the community. One better way of connecting with like minds is guest blogging. Today I am writing for Comluv which ordinarily makes me a part of the Comluv community or network. If I do what I am doing on Comluv on other bigger blogs in my niche, one thing is for sure, I will be growing a community of readers and at the same time showing off my expertise which at the end of the day positions me for greater achievements.

The ideal thing to do has always been never to walk alone; there are brains who started doing what you are doing today for a very long time. Take a chance of connecting with them by writing or blogging for them, if you get denied the first time, try again and learn from your mistakes. It’s worth walking with the like minds in your niche. Whenever the thoughts of giving up come to your mind, remember the words of Stephen Kings:

“You can, you should, and if you’re brave enough to start, you will”

5. Always dream big

Even though the blogosphere has become a crowded market does not mean you can’t supercharge your career in it. Every now and then, blogs are created and the smart ones with dreams take up the league. When you dream of becoming the best in what you do you make what you do a market where everybody will want to stop by to shop. When I started my blog, I dreamt that in less than 2 months I was going to guest post for the master bloggers Darren Rowse and John Chow and guess what? My dreams paid off! I actually got published in less than 2 months of launching my blog. This is what dreaming BIG can do for you, so give it a shot; it’s a sure way to supercharge your blogging career.

6. Step out of your comfort zone and spy

The first time I talked about spying as a blogger was when I did a guest post on WeBlogBetter.com on 41 Creative Blog Ideas You Can Publish where I shocked the readers with the idea of spying on what works for their competitors. Just like I told them, by spying I mean doing the following:

  • Studying your competitor’s readers to know what they like reading (a better way to do a guest post with solutions to their problems)
  • Picking up ideas from different sources and putting them togther in your own way to solve problems (no man is an island of knowledge)

I like to tell what works for me. The last guest post I did on JohnChow.com landed me an offer of 50 business articles from one single client. Now how will you feel if I tell you that part of the idea that made that post a success was made possible after spying on what works on some big industry blogs? There are countless benefits of stepping out of your comfort zone and spying on what works out there. It’s something you can do right now and start seeing results.

How do you supercharge your blogging career?

This list can never be exhaustive especially in this present time when blogging has gone viral. However, the ones listed here are proven and workable tips that will help you instantly supercharge your blogging career.