Blogging Distractions is your worst enemy – Ways to Defeat It

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Adithya Shetty
Adithya Shetty is a passionate Blogger from India. He is the Owner and Editor of Where he writes about Content Creation Strategies, Blogging and Internet Marketing.
Adithya Shetty
Adithya Shetty
Adithya Shetty
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Blogging DistractionsThere is no second thought that distraction stops our blogging growth. If you don’t regain control over certain distractions, your blogging career might end. We bloggers often have to overcome these distractions to achieve our blogging dreams.

When teachers give a certain project to bunch of students to write on it, what students do? They Google it. We Bloggers can’t afford that luxury. We just can’t copy-paste other’s work from Google, because we are the one who contribute to Google and the audience.

People use search engines to find required information, if we bloggers don’t provide them unique and valuable information, there is no value being a blogger.

Those who underestimate bloggers don’t realize the efforts we put in to produce unique and valuable content. Doing same things every day is easy, but creating different things every day isn’t, For example; writing or blogging.

In case you think having a good set of English writing skills are enough to be a blogger, you’re wrong; you need another major quality – creativity.

If you notice majority of bloggers, they all have one common quality; creativity and innovative thinking. This is what differs us from normal people, be proud to be a blogger.

Creativity is essential quality to have to be successful in blogosphere. It is impossible to produce unique content without creative thinking.

However, sometimes we get distracted on certain circumstances. Distraction almost kills our creativity. It is impossible to write with upset mood or in a distractive environment. The cause of distraction varies from people to people.

I’ve listed out some distractions that pull a blogger off track

  • Society
  • Writer’s block
  • Social networks
  • Television


No matter how hard we try to ignore the society, we still get distracted by them. Especially if you’re a blogger work from home; your neighbors might think you’re jobless. They might irritate you with lots of unnecessary questions.

In case you’re a student blogger, your parents and relatives think you’re wasting time on computer. They think their son is going off track.

I read someone’s tweet couple of weeks ago on twitter – “Relatives take our lives viva”. This is what I hate the most; our relatives give unnecessary advice and distract us. It is okay that they have some concerns about our future, but they don’t realize that doing something which is against our passion is not right.

Here we need a hard degree of patience to overcome this kind of distraction. This type of distraction kills the creativity of a blogger. Yesterday I read a wonderful quote someone shared on facebook – “stress is caused by giving a f**k”. How true, isn’t it?

We often bother about what others think about us, this only makes our matters worse and we put ourselves in a stress position.

So it is better to kick these negative distractions, and follow the persons who support you and encourage you. Try to turn these disadvantages into your benefits. For example; see how I wrote this blog post.

Try to find peaceful environment or workplace; this is important because your surroundings

do affect your writings. So try to make your environment as much as peaceful.

Writer’s Block

When you no longer think of new ideas to write on, you’ll get distracted, you’ll stress out. Even if you write something, it feels like it is inferior. According to Wikipedia; writer’s block is a documented problem throughout history, it can make a professional writer feel like his work is unsuitable.

In this situation, best thing to do is – taking a break. And try to read other blogs and books. If you’re struggling with writer’s block, take a long leave and stop thinking about writing, it can only make things worse. Travelling might also help you to overcome this distraction, since you meet new people and change in environment also helps a bit.

And you don’t have to always depend upon books or blogs to find new ideas to write on; ideas can strike from anywhere, while walking, taking shower or while doing nothing. If you over-think, it won’t be benefited. Be blank and ideas will strike.

Social Networks

First thing I do when I get up from the bed is check facebook, often days there’ll be an inspirational status message from Neil Patel. It boosts me a bit, and then I check twitter and my emails. And later I check twice or thrice in a day. That’s it.

I used to waste lot of time on facebook, but since the day I started taking blogging seriously, I stopped it because I was procrastinating unnecessarily. The wasted time is gone forever and it never returns.

When you kill time, remember that it has no resurrection” – A.W.Tozer

Facebook and other social networks are major cause of distraction for bloggers. Of course it is useful to drive traffic to our blogs, I’m not denying it.

When I tried to figure out the possibilities for my slow blogging progress, I found out social networks are the main culprits. I could’ve written more guest posts, I could’ve invested more time on blog commenting etc.

Yes, I agree, we use facebook to chat and have fun.  But if you’re wasting more time, it is better to minimize it.

And no, you can’t ignore social media completely in this Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird algorithm era. What I’m saying is it is better to cut off these social media distractions while writing blog posts.


Television is another worst enemy for bloggers; I used to watch every cricket match and other sports on TV. Now I realized the drawbacks of it; it is just waste of time. However, it is not bad to watch TV on weekends for some relaxing.

Of course watching TV is entertaining, but if you want to achieve something, you have to sacrifice something. It is a simple logic.

In case you have games on your computer, then you’re not yet serious about blogging. Computer games are another distractive time-killing thing for bloggers. Delete them.


I found these are the main distractions that pull a blogger off track, avoiding these distractions is necessary to achieve your blogging dreams. Initially it might be little difficult to change certain things which you’re addicted. However it is not impossible, you can change certain things before it gets out of hand.

What is your main blogging distraction? Did I miss any? Do let me know your opinion in the comment section.

[Image Credit: Flickr Tony Maro]