Why not to quit Blogging even if you don’t get good results

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Adithya Shetty
Adithya Shetty is a passionate Blogger from India. He is the Owner and Editor of PassiveBlogTips.com. Where he writes about Content Creation Strategies, Blogging and Internet Marketing.
Adithya Shetty
Adithya Shetty
Adithya Shetty
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Every now and then we come across a newbie blogger who says these words — “I’m going to quit blogging, Blogging is waste of time, I can’t survive in this blogosphere, there is huge competition”.

Obvious thing we see here is self-doubt. Like pros say – “worst thing you can do to yourself is self-doubt your ability”

Blogosphere is not a casino center, not a gambling field either. Blogging needs passion; Passion to learn new things, passion to read, passion to write.

Why not to quit blogging even if you don’t get good results

1.  Passion is money, not the other way around:

We often hear the suggestion; run behind passion, not behind money. Somehow we often ignore this phrase, that’s where we fail. We only do what the society guides, even though we don’t like it. The trick is to build passion for blogging, if you don’t consider it as a passion you are likely to fail.

2.  Remember, no one was born expert:

I hear a lot of people saying – “I am not an expert”. Well, we forgot the fact that no one was born expert. Experts believe in their ability and hard work. They don’t doubt their ability, they don’t skip information. Remember, everyone has the ability to become expert.

3.  It might take little more time, but success is guaranteed:

Blogging does take a little time to perfect it. I’m not a pro, but I keep learning every day. One thing you should do is keep your faith alive, and keep trying. Don’t put deadlines; deadlines will eventually kill

your creativity. Be patient.

4.  Critics should not be the reason to quit blogging:

What? Critics forced you to quit blogging? That’s too bad. But hey, why are you bothered about your neighbor’s dog’s remark? sorry, that’s harsh. What i’m trying to say is critics should be the last reason to you to quit blogging. Critics should encourage you to do more, not discourage.

5.  You’re not trying enough:

Blogging is all about hard work. The more you work the more good results you get. There is always room for improvement. Without hard work, you’ll obliviously don’t get good results.

6.  Lack of motivation should not force you to quit blogging:

Not getting enough motivation? Well, that should not be the case when you’re online. Read some motivation quotes from entrepreneurs. Read some blogs like SmartPassiveIncome and WritersInCharge.

“Screw it, Let’s do it!” – Richard Branson

7.  Lack of knowledge won’t force you to quit blogging, lack of interest might :

Many people often say that they don’t understand anything about blogging, this happens only when you’re not interested in it. You need to show interest in it.

8. If blogging is impossible to you, then everything else in life is:

If Blogging is impossible, in my opinion, everything else in life is impossible. Don’t think that blogging is only for writers or authors, anyone can write like professional.

9.  You fear a lot, Conquer it:

You’re feared to express your inner voice. You’re feared to write your opinion in words. Overcome this fear, conquer it. Then see the difference. Blogging is all about sharing your words and opinion.

10.  You’re not writing from heart:

This is what many people do, they don’t write from heart. They just write to fill the pages. This attitude might force you to quit blogging, so always try to write from heart.


Blogging takes immense effort and dedication. As I mentioned above, initially you won’t get good results, it is natural. Never give up, try to increase your strength and continue your efforts.