Time Is Running Out! Apply These Tips To Improve your Blogging Productivity

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Adithya Shetty
Adithya Shetty is a passionate Blogger from India. He is the Owner and Editor of PassiveBlogTips.com. Where he writes about Content Creation Strategies, Blogging and Internet Marketing.
Adithya Shetty
Adithya Shetty
Adithya Shetty
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blogging productivity

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No matter how hard we try, sometimes we will end up wasting time. As bloggers, we had to be productive to achieve our desired goals. But at times we tend to procrastinate; we unnecessarily forward our tasks, sometimes we waste time staring at a blank computer screen thinking what to write, sometimes we waste time thinking whether to work or not, sometimes we hesitate to take proper actions on a daily basis.

Basically, we unintentionally waste time without noticing. As a blogger, I hate wasting time; recently I’ve read some productivity books and managed to increase my blogging productivity. So, in this article I’ll share some methods that’ll help you to increase your blogging productivity.

Set rules and Follow it Strictly

I have found this method very useful and it works quite well. As bloggers, we are free souls; we don’t have someone like Boss or an authoritative person to set rules or deadlines, this is indeed good being a freelancer, but sometimes we tend to misuse this luxury by – Procrastinating.

Sometimes, we forward our tasks, we skip doing unattractive tasks and we simply procrastinate. This type of procrastination will decrease your blogging growth and productivity.

So setup rules and follow it strictly with discipline like a soldier; Set deadlines yourself; I have decided to write at least 5-6 publishable article every week, by doing this I can store lots of articles in my draft for future. Its been some days I’m following this rule which I’ve set and I’ll continue to do so.

So if you want to get more productive things done, then set deadlines yourself and follow it strictly.

Stop making excuses for procrastinating

You started to work on your projects; suddenly something distracted you, your internet is very slow, what you do? You make an excuse to yourself and postpone your work. I used to do this often, but not anymore because I realized that we make these excuses just to skip doing uncomfortable works; we give unnecessary reasons to ourselves to procrastinate.

We do this on a daily basis because we want comfort, but remember; success always lies out of your comfort zone. You have to get out of your comfort zone to achieve your desired blogging goals.

Work like there is No Tomorrow

We often stay quiet and don’t do any productive tasks because we believe in tomorrow. We think tomorrow will be easier, we think things will settle itself, but if you don’t work today, tomorrow will get much worse. I’ve seen people talking about New

Year Resolutions since a month. Why wait for this year to end? If you really want to change something, do it today, don’t wait for tomorrow.

If you don’t write blog posts/guest posts today, your competitor will go ahead. And you can’t catch him tomorrow. This is simple logic we tend to don’t understand because of our laziness and negative mindset. Do as much productive tasks as possible today, and you’ll be happier tomorrow.

I never took a day off in my twenties. Not one. And I’m still fanatical, but now I’m a little less fanatical. – Bill Gates

Set Goals and follow them with ‘No-holds barred’

If you’ve watched WWE wrestling on TV then I’m sure you probably know about the ‘no-holds barred’ matches; here you can smash your opponent with anything you want – no rules, no restraints, no limits. In blogging, you need follow this method – Set goals and chase them without any restraints; this will help you to stay focused and productive. Instead of going for comfort, think about the end goal, think about the rewards you get later.

How to set goals and follow them? Make your big goals into small parts, and follow a 7-day rule. For example; for the next 7 days follow these strict rules – no television, no entertainment, no social networks, etc. Eliminate everything that is unproductive and distracts you. Follow this day-to-day, in these days write as many blog posts, guest articles as you can. If you follow this rule just for the seven days you can change a lot of things.

Work in Small Chunks

Working 10 hours/day continues doesn’t mean you can do productive tasks. As a blogger or writer, working long hours won’t be good and it’s less productive. Blogging needs creativity; I don’t think you’ll stay creative for long hours.

Your writing will always reflect your mood. So try to work in small chunks, take a 5 minute break each hour. Taking breaks refreshes your mind and you’ll get a lot of enthusiasm to work and stay productive.

Follow ‘The 21-day Challenge’

According to some researches, it will only take 21 days of consistent actions to build a new habit. So if you want to improve at something, for example, if you hate writing, you can make writing as your habit if you follow this rule consistently for 21 days. But you need to set a positive frame of mind to take constant actions.

For bloggers, writing is the most important task and there is no way to skip it, you can’t be a good blogger if you hate writing, so try to apply this 21-day challenge to get more things done.


Blogging is all about doing productive tasks; we had to work productively to get things going. So try to follow the above points to stay productive at blogging. Also, share your opinion and thoughts about how you stay productive in the comment section.