Time Is Running Out! Apply These Tips To Improve your Blogging Productivity

Adithya Shetty
Adithya Shetty is a passionate Blogger from India. He is the Owner and Editor of PassiveBlogTips.com. Where he writes about Content Creation Strategies, Blogging and Internet Marketing.
Adithya Shetty
Adithya Shetty
Adithya Shetty
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blogging productivity

[Image Credit: assbach ]

No matter how hard we try, sometimes we will end up wasting time. As bloggers, we had to be productive to achieve our desired goals. But at times we tend to procrastinate; we unnecessarily forward our tasks, sometimes we waste time staring at a blank computer screen thinking what to write, sometimes we waste time thinking whether to work or not, sometimes we hesitate to take proper actions on a daily basis.

Basically, we unintentionally waste time without noticing. As a blogger, I hate wasting time; recently I’ve read some productivity books and managed to increase my blogging productivity. So, in this article I’ll share some methods that’ll help you to increase your blogging productivity.

Set rules and Follow it Strictly

I have found this method very useful and it works quite well. As bloggers, we are free souls; we don’t have someone like Boss or an authoritative person to set rules or deadlines, this is indeed good being a freelancer, but sometimes we tend to misuse this luxury by – Procrastinating.

Sometimes, we forward our tasks, we skip doing unattractive tasks and we simply procrastinate. This type of procrastination will decrease your blogging growth and productivity.

So setup rules and follow it strictly with discipline like a soldier; Set deadlines yourself; I have decided to write at least 5-6 publishable article every week, by doing this I can store lots of articles in my draft for future. Its been some days I’m following this rule which I’ve set and I’ll continue to do so.

So if you want to get more productive things done, then set deadlines yourself and follow it strictly.

Stop making excuses for procrastinating

You started to work on your projects; suddenly something distracted you, your internet is very slow, what you do? You make an excuse to yourself and postpone your work. I used to do this often, but not anymore because I realized that we make these excuses just to skip doing uncomfortable works; we give unnecessary reasons to ourselves to procrastinate.

We do this on a daily basis because we want comfort, but remember; success always lies out of your comfort zone. You have to get out of your comfort zone to achieve your desired blogging goals.

Work like there is No Tomorrow

We often stay quiet and don’t do any productive tasks because we believe in tomorrow. We think tomorrow will be easier, we think things will settle itself, but if you don’t work today, tomorrow will get much worse. I’ve seen people talking

about New Year Resolutions since a month. Why wait for this year to end? If you really want to change something, do it today, don’t wait for tomorrow.

If you don’t write blog posts/guest posts today, your competitor will go ahead. And you can’t catch him tomorrow. This is simple logic we tend to don’t understand because of our laziness and negative mindset. Do as much productive tasks as possible today, and you’ll be happier tomorrow.

I never took a day off in my twenties. Not one. And I’m still fanatical, but now I’m a little less fanatical. – Bill Gates

Set Goals and follow them with ‘No-holds barred’

If you’ve watched WWE wrestling on TV then I’m sure you probably know about the ‘no-holds barred’ matches; here you can smash your opponent with anything you want – no rules, no restraints, no limits. In blogging, you need follow this method – Set goals and chase them without any restraints; this will help you to stay focused and productive. Instead of going for comfort, think about the end goal, think about the rewards you get later.

How to set goals and follow them? Make your big goals into small parts, and follow a 7-day rule. For example; for the next 7 days follow these strict rules – no television, no entertainment, no social networks, etc. Eliminate everything that is unproductive and distracts you. Follow this day-to-day, in these days write as many blog posts, guest articles as you can. If you follow this rule just for the seven days you can change a lot of things.

Work in Small Chunks

Working 10 hours/day continues doesn’t mean you can do productive tasks. As a blogger or writer, working long hours won’t be good and it’s less productive. Blogging needs creativity; I don’t think you’ll stay creative for long hours.

Your writing will always reflect your mood. So try to work in small chunks, take a 5 minute break each hour. Taking breaks refreshes your mind and you’ll get a lot of enthusiasm to work and stay productive.

Follow ‘The 21-day Challenge’

According to some researches, it will only take 21 days of consistent actions to build a new habit. So if you want to improve at something, for example, if you hate writing, you can make writing as your habit if you follow this rule consistently for 21 days. But you need to set a positive frame of mind to take constant actions.

For bloggers, writing is the most important task and there is no way to skip it, you can’t be a good blogger if you hate writing, so try to apply this 21-day challenge to get more things done.


Blogging is all about doing productive tasks; we had to work productively to get things going. So try to follow the above points to stay productive at blogging. Also, share your opinion and thoughts about how you stay productive in the comment section.


  1. Twitter:
    Hi Adithya,

    Everything you said is true. It is like a blueprint or guide on productivity. However, this is just an ideal to aim to. Unfortunately, not realistic for most people.

    Set rules and follow it strictly

    This works only with some type of people that were raised and educated in a competitive environment. Even for them is tough.

    For most people setting rules is a general thing. You must have a plan, a blueprint but you must be realistic. There will be times when you won’t be able to follow your own rules. You will need to change the plan and the rules accordingly.

    If you set your rules too strictly, you will break them and forget about them very soon.

    An suggestive example

    Somewhere in the 90s, the Germans made an agreement to build power plants in one country from the Middle East. German engineers were sent and local force labour was hired to build factories and plants in the desert.

    The Germans were very punctual. However, the local labor force was never punctual. All of them came to work but all of them delayed with 30-40 minutes, sometimes an hour or even two.

    German engineers who were very correct didn’t enjoyed this behavior so they started to fire them. Soon the situation become critical. Then the local engineers intervened. They talk to their German colleagues and explained the special conditions of their country.

    People simply had a very different way to perceive time. Inside their universe time was never important and was barely perceived. So those workers who managed to came to work with a 10-15 minutes delay were simply heroes and they should be promoted not fired. If the punctuality policy continues (they warned) very soon there will be nobody to work on those power plants and there will be no power plants. The German engineers understood and they gave up those strict rules of punctuality. The power plants were built !

    The cultural element

    So plans, ideals, goals, to do lists etc, must be built according to the respective person’s mindset. Also, very important, the country, the local culture, the habits, even the climate must be taken into account.

    If you ask somebody who lives in the desert, tropical jungle or North Pole to work the same way as Americans, Germans or Japanese, you have created all the conditions for failure.

    Competition and no-tomorrow mindset

    “If you don’t write blog posts/guest posts today, your competitor will go ahead” So what? There will always be a tomorrow. You cannot win all the time for the rest of your life. Internet is huge and it is increasing every year. Each day new domains and new opportunities appear on the market. Millions of people will start online in 2014.

    Real success, lasting success is always step by step. You cannot burn 1-2 or more steps and jump to a very high level in a few months. We must not be fooled by those people who seem to enjoy success in 2-3 months. This is a shallow success and usually it lasts for short while.

    A more realistic mindset

    I think this point of view must be corrected with a more reasonable one. You must have a plan and you must stick to it but you must not think the end has come, if you wasn’t able to do all the tasks from your daily to-do list.

    Just think harder, create your goals in a smarter way, take into account your local environment and your own person (habits etc.) and make a schedule that will fit all these.

    Then you must be patient. If you really want success fast than, yes, you must do all the above.

    However, a realistic view says: only a minority will achieve success fast. For the rest it will take years of work and dedication.

    Focus on smart thinking and quality not on speed and quantity. You will waste tons of opportunities, indeed. So what? Other tons of opportunities await for you when you are ready.

    The important think is to become “ready”: to prepare yourself, to transform yourself, to learn, acquire the knowledge and create the skills. When all the skills will be in place and all the knowledge in your head, you will be able to take advantage of any opportunity.


    Work smart not hard. Find your niche (this is the most important step). Then focus on skills, knowledge and experience and not on speed and opportunities. Get rid of the thought of becoming an authority or influencer. You won’t be. Focus on the task of becoming a real expert in something. This will be enough for you to do well. And most of all: be patient.

    Have a wonderful day
    silviu recently posted..When A Wonderful Woman Tells Her Story: Graphic Designer Angela MccallMy Profile

    • Twitter:
      Hi Silviu,
      Firstly, thanks for adding valuable opinion here. . .
      Talking about settings rules following it; I also hate working under someone with strict rules and regulations. . And I know it won’t be productive, What I meant here is self-discipline! I don’t think only educated one has to be self-disciplined! btw, thanks for sharing the German engineers Power-plant story!

      Second, the competition and work; agree, we can not win all the time! Of course there is always tomorrow if we fail today! But we can work today to make a better tomorrow! And yes, success is a step by step process and can’t be defined in short-term or money.

      Talking about adopting habit or mindset; yes we need prepare before learning a New skill, habit or knowledge! As you mentioned, patience is the key!
      Thanks for reading! Have a wonderful week, mate! :)
      Adithya Shetty recently posted..6 Free Hello Bar Alternative WordPress PluginsMy Profile

    • Twitter:
      Hello Silviu,

      The elucidation you have thrown on this point is very important. While the requisite habits for success are one and universal, they must be looked at in a practical and objective manner that is geared towards productivity and not perfectionism.

      The German example you have is so apt! I must appreciate you for adding a ton of value to this entry.

      Akaahan Terungwa recently posted..SEO TIPS FOR 2014: 8 GREAT IDEASMy Profile

  2. Twitter:
    As a blogger , Working for longer periods makes us feel exhausted . I liked the line , in which you said , Why to wait for new year if we want to change something . That is completely correct .
    nikhil recently posted..Amazing And Interesting Facts About AnimalsMy Profile

  3. Twitter:
    Amazing I am a huge procrastinator….this is is the list I have been needing. I usually know most of the points but I keep forgetting and then putting things off. Great way to get stuff done. thank you.
    sagar nandwani recently posted..Hello world!My Profile

  4. Twitter:
    such a great article indeed!
    Merry Christmas and Happy new year in Advance
    Riya khurana recently posted..2013 Christmas Wishes for LoversMy Profile

  5. Twitter:
    Hi Adithya,

    Staying productive and highly focused is usually a great challenge especially for freelancers. The fact that they have no boss to control them is in itself a great motivation to slack!

    However, if you’re going to amount to anything, you’ll have to stay true to set plans and avoid wasting time! Usually, an hour wasted soon turns to a day that may change character fast to a month!

    Thanks for the tips. Do have a great and restful holiday ahead!

    Akaahan Terungwa recently posted..MERRY CHRISTMAS AND GREAT LESSONS FOR US ALL!My Profile

  6. Hammad Mehdi says:

    Well blogging is not as easy thing as we think. We need to make sure about the quality and availability of our own selves to dedicate our blogging because if have no time, planning and quality assurance about your blogging then you are missing some radical aspects of blogging. And yeah as you have mentioned about Goal setting in blogging, it is very important and essential to have.

  7. Twitter:
    Another interesting post. Heard first time about “The 21-day Challenge”. Thanks for the share.

    Merry Christmas.
    Lakhyajyoti recently posted..Why Everyone is Going For Blogging as a Full Fledged ProfessionMy Profile

  8. That’s the essence of blogging,it’s all about creativity and original ideas, your ideas for increasing output are really practical, quite genuine!
    Rahul Karki recently posted..Top 10 Graphics CardsMy Profile

  9. Twitter:
    Time is very important for bloggers, but however it is very hard to post more than one article even though we maintain time
    Dilip Win recently posted..iphone 5 vs iphone 6My Profile

  10. Twitter:
    You know, am going to be writing a post on my blog (www.moneyhomeblog.com) on what i will be doing next year and i will definitely link back to this post has you have said everything about blogging productivity.
    Thank you.
    Frank Joseph recently posted..Top 10 Unique Ways To Make Your First $100 OnlineMy Profile

  11. You are totally right, There is no tomorrow is coming. If you blogger and wants to get a more success want to brand your blog then you must work regular. Finish your today’s work as well as some tomorrow’s Work. Time is running fast… Don’t waste your time..
    Anna Smith recently posted..Nokia Lumia 920 Features VideoMy Profile

  12. Twitter:
    Goal setting in blogging is very important and essential . if you’re going to amount anything, you’ll have to stay true to set plans and avoid wasting time! Usually, an hour wasted soon turns to a day that may change character fast to a month! Get rid of the thought of becoming an authority or influence. You won’t be. Focus on the task of becoming a real expert in something. This will be enough for you to do well. And most of all: be patient.
    Zeeshan Shaukat recently posted..Why to Create Inbound Links On Blog?My Profile

  13. Sunita Sharma says:

    chasing small goals in earlier is better i think than the Longer & harder goals.. thanks for sharing other Blogging productivity ideas
    will try these soon.. :)

  14. Twitter:
    It’s always important for bloggers to keep productive. This post is a must read for bloggers. Thanks for this post
    Okto recently posted..How to Use Marketing Automation to Promote Your BlogMy Profile

  15. Twitter:
    Blogging productivity matters a lot if you are aiming to be successful in blogging, You should plan and work out the plans correct in order to become more productive in blogging, if you are not doing that then chances of being successful is just under 0%. I myself took almost 1 1/2 years to bring something out from my blog, but when you starts earning something then you will get it continuously till you are things correctly :) Thanks for sharing this information with us, I was really a great article and i enjoyed reading your tips.
    Nithin Upendran recently posted..Floating Social Media Share Widget For BloggerMy Profile

  16. Allie Darwish says:

    The key for me is to consistently reassess my priorities. Generally I’m more productive if I’m enjoying my work and it flows. If it stops flowing or becomes tedious, I just stop and take a breather and think about what I can do that takes the smallest effort for the greatest reward, or the biggest pay off for the smallest amount of time, and change course. After I read about the concept in Four-Hour-Work week that 80% off your payoff comes from 20% of your effort, that’s been my tack. It’s good to keep evaluating your payoff and your enjoyment.

  17. Having a set of rules is easy, while follow it can be difficult. Also, the targets must be achievable. Most of the time it is just not about one’s own blogging schedule, it can be affected by a variety of surrounding factors. And as you mentioned, we need to have our priorities set properly.
    Chang Arun recently posted..How To Buy Litecoin With PaypalMy Profile

  18. hi!
    It is very important to set your goals and start blogging with productivity. The number of posts may be less but don’t compromise on quality/productivity. Although this is time taken effort to produce quality work but it get more rewards. Thanks for sharing your ideas.
    Shahbaz Jam recently posted..Duke Welker Salary InformationMy Profile

  19. Direct advertisers are very good but i think it is very difficult to find because with less traffic no one will be willing to advertise.
    You said if we dont find one we should go for buysellads etc but it also require good traffic.so i think the key to find advertisers is traffic.
    Going to follow your advice and then check.
    Hamza recently posted..How to start a blogMy Profile

  20. Twitter:
    Hi, thanks for great inspirational speech. This is not only for blogging but also for every task in our life. I hate writing completely, but i will try to follow your techniques to overcome that nature.
    saimohanreddy recently posted..How To Solve Blood Relation questions With Simple Aptitude TricksMy Profile

  21. Twitter:
    When I’m going to start something new , there is always a plan like you mentioned on your article and after 2-3 days the idea dies for Tomorrows :(.
    I have tried lots of methods to get rid of this factor but its really tough to be regular. I think we need more flexible but effective planning to be more productive.
    Arup Ghosh recently posted..How to Know What WordPress Theme a Blog/Website is UsingMy Profile

  22. Good post! Setting deadlines for yourself and writing with discipline was only a few of your good points in this post!

  23. Excellent article Shetty! It’s very important to stay focus, work hard but also to reward ourselves. That’s something most of the times we don’t do. We are required to work long hours non stop. That’s a pity. It’s a truly excellent list. Thank you again! :)

  24. Twitter:
    hi Adithya,

    Great post and it is more like a personality development notes than a post for bloggers to become good blogger. I am agree with you in all matters like stop making excuses or set Goals and stick to that. Good But work like there is no tomorrow ? why ? then how can we plan for whole week i mean if you want to do this set goals for whole week and devide in 7 days and then stick to that i think this is ok.
    diwaker recently posted..Hyosung superbike GT250R – future BikeMy Profile

  25. Twitter:
    Inspired totally. Thanks for sharing this great tip. I am really a lazy man, not writing my post periodically, I would like to make this habit in 21 days and a new revolution in new year 2014. Heartily thankful for the post Adhitya.
    Jacksmith recently posted..Apply online for HSSC Recruitment 2013-14 on http://www.hssc.gov.inMy Profile

  26. Twitter:
    Great post but I think It’s Year end and everyone needs some rest and Then start again after charged up.BTW great points are listed here.
    Gautam recently posted..Windows 8 Transformation Pack To Transform Windows 7 To Windows 8My Profile

  27. Twitter:
    very nice tips to improve blogging productivity.we think these are very simple points but we forget it often. so thank you for sharing.
    sameer recently posted..Use Google Bump App to Share Files,Photos,Videos,Everything with Your Computer and PhoneMy Profile

  28. Twitter:
    Thanks for such valuable tips on blogging productivity! I agree all of us at some point waste time, which is not good. I also find myself too much on social media. As far as writing is concerned, it’s tough – I mean writing good content consistently is tough. So it’s important to get into the practice of doing it. I usually follow this rule to write when I feel truly inspired and rest of the time, I post photo essays. I don’t believe in writing when I don’t have anything to say. But yes, I need to be more into writing.
    Renuka recently posted..Looking Back At 2013My Profile

  29. We all have to work smarter, not harder. And for this, productivity is key!

  30. I am a blogger since the last 3 years. I have been reading multiple articles about Blogging, how to improve it.. tips.. etc. i just went through your article, and it is quiet a good one . I have my skills of learing something or anything from anyone. so i am thankful to you for putting up this article here. and made me your reader. GoodJob

  31. Twitter:
    I just loved this post, I follow the rule of working in chunks cause constantly staring a PC’s screen for a long time just doesn’t seem to work for me..
    Prateek recently posted..Galaxy Grand Lite : Another Grand TreatMy Profile

  32. I waste my time in last year(2013) but after reading this post I will set 30 day target and never waste time in watching movies, fb, etc.

    Happy new year ;)

  33. Twitter:
    These are all good tips and I especially like the 21 day challenge one. I joined a blogging service for real estate agents and last month they had a challenge to blog every single day (including Thanksgiving). I did it and did not find it hard. It got me in to the habit of blogging every day since.
    Robert Fowler recently posted..Baby Boomer BlogsMy Profile

  34. Twitter:
    I am surely gong to apply these techniques this year :)
    I nearly gave up and did no blogging for 3 months but now i think it’s time to bounce back and make most of my time.Thanks buddy :D
    Abhishek recently posted..Top 5 Smartphones Of 2013My Profile

  35. Twitter:
    Setting up goals is must ! Goals not only keeps us motivated but also helps us to achieve our tasks on time
    nikhil recently posted..5 Methods To Increase Likes Of Your Facebook FanpageMy Profile

  36. Thanks for the great article. I have never heard about things becoming a habit after 21 days before. Sometimes it can be difficult to write every day but if I could just make it into a habit then it would help out a lot.

  37. Twitter:
    Nice tips to improve blogging productivity. More Productivity gives more earnings, And 21 days is really superb and also i love feel there is no tomorrow. Mostly i postpone my work tomorrow. This article show how important it is. Thanx for this article
    Dilip Win recently posted..iphone 5 vs iphone 6My Profile

  38. Twitter:
    Very Informative post buddy. Procrastination is one of the biggest problems why bloggers fail to get success.
    Anirudh Anand recently posted..Indian Govt. following footsteps of NSA ?My Profile

  39. Twitter:
    Work like there is no tomorrow.
    Very well said, Aditya.
    I am also a very lazy person. Like you said, i tend to spend my time watching blank screen and thinking what should i do. It is really stupid because there are dozens of way we can work on improving our sites or any skill. But what we do is just think and spend time aimlessly. Why? because it is easy to do.
    Well, there were some good tips in your article.
    1). Set deadlines
    2). Work like there is no tomorrow Great. thumbs up. Hopefully i’m gonna follow that.
    Arslan Shoukat recently posted..How to Integrate IDM into Chrome (issues fixed)My Profile

  40. hello adhitya
    thnx for these nice tips will follow up these points to incresae my blog productivity thnx for sharing these tips nice share
    monika recently posted..Samsung galaxy s5|release of samsung galaxy s5My Profile

  41. Twitter:
    working online is my main income source so that in-itself is my main motivational factor – if i don’t work I cant eat or pay the bills ..lol

    i find that if i do a brainstorm first thing in the morning whilst sipping on my coffee of the task and goals i must complete that day i find that 99% of the time they get done – I have a notice board in my office with the daily list and work my way though that list

    it seems to work well for me, if i don’t have it written down i find my mind wondering forgetting what needs to be done and hanging around on Facebook far to much!
    Mark recently posted..Best Chef Knife Bags – My Top PicksMy Profile

  42. Twitter:
    Create challenges for myself and fulfill!
    I like the point “Work in Small Chunks”
    Thank You for sharing some productive points :)
    Shoukot recently posted..How To Choose Right Domain Name Considering SEO FactorsMy Profile

  43. Twitter:
    Blogging is fun but sometimes can get overwhelming no idea what to write about, other things that are distraction. The best piece of advice is work in small chinks and this worked for me. There are days when i write only a single paragraph from blog post and continue next day when the blog post is well formed in my head. I i don’t feel like posting at the moment i don’t. I rather postpone posting than post something from the top of my head.
    George recently posted..Adsense Mistakes Every Publisher Should AvoidMy Profile

  44. Twitter:
    Follow ‘The 21-day Challenge’ – perfect suggestion for new bloggers. As I have suffered a lot for my writings, I know that it would make a new blogger frustrated and so many turn back from this. In this case making the habit of writing is the only solution. You’ve mentioned some effective points here Adithya. Thank for sharing.
    Andrew recently posted..Android newbie: what does unlock the bootloader?My Profile

  45. “Work like there is No Tomorrow” – I like it. You are never young to start enjoy like. You should tell that special someone how you relly feel. You should start that project you’re always throught about. You should live and work today as if it’s your last day. One day it will be and all of those things you’re been putting off will remain undone.

  46. Twitter:
    Hey Adithya Shetty,
    Yeah we should make rules for blogging and i also made some rules which i am following and it have good effect on my educational and blogging carrier,
    Best Regards and Happy Blogging
    Zaib Abbasi
    Zaib Abbasi recently posted..Meta Tag Generator for Bloggers BlogMy Profile

  47. Twitter:
    hi Adithya,

    Great post and i think it is very valuable for every blogger. Yes i agree with you that as blogger you have to create certain rules and follow them strickly and no more excuses. These are steps for any blogger to become successful blogger.
    diwaker recently posted..Xolo QC800 – Best voice calling tab under Rs 10000My Profile

  48. Twitter:
    I have to admit, procrastination is a terrible demon to battle. However, I like your comments about setting strict goals and deadlines. 5-6 publishable blog posts seems like a pretty decent goal, and I do believe I will set that same goal for myself. Thank you for posting this, it’s nice to know that I’m not the only one who struggles to stay motivated when writing content. Cheers!
    Frank Azar recently posted..We’ve Signed up for TechnoratiMy Profile

  49. Thanks Adithya,
    I like two points one is “There is no Tomorrow” and “21 Days Challenge”. Because When I am part time blogger at that time working potential is too high than this days of full time blogging.
    Now I got to improve my productivity using this two laws. I will follow this strictly.

  50. I definitely need to create a checklist to stay on track, it is very easy to get distracted and off track as a blogger. Sometimes you benefit from getting off track though!
    Greg Urbano recently posted..2014 Auto Moto Car ShowMy Profile

  51. Twitter:
    I think the most important thing is to make a checklist. Like writing your daily goals on a paper, or downloading an app like Evernote will do it for anyone, because people get off track very often. Great Article Adithya.
    Hristiqn Nikolov recently posted..How to Move On and 7 Reasons You Should Do ItMy Profile

  52. Twitter:
    I try not to get too overwhelmed by only focusing on one thing at a time. I’m always thinking of new ideas so I’ll just write them down somewhere and then come back to them when I’m finished my current project.
    Mike Howg recently posted..5 Simple Ways to Get Tons of Blog Traffic and Keep ItMy Profile

  53. Twitter:
    Evernote is awesome and with the help of this app I am able to manage out my whole work.
    Mohit recently posted..Valentines Day Poems for Her 2014My Profile

  54. Twitter:
    Setting rules and Follow it Strictly My biggest problem :( i always set my self list what to do in next days, but usually i tend to go forward and backward and i will leave all boring task for some other days, i hated this but i can not changed for long time. Now i finish first boring stupid work and i reward my self with another or two creative interesting relaxing jobs, for now this crazy reward thing works.

  55. Twitter:
    A Really great article shared with all valuable points. I am greatly inspired by the line “Work like there is no Tomorrow” . No doubt saying that blogging will take time but when the website perform it gives much more than our expectation.
    Thanx for sharing this article !!
    Priyanka Verma recently posted..Happy Kiss Day SMS | Greetings | WishesMy Profile

  56. Twitter:
    agree. We should follow our strict rule and keep focus with our target.

    I hope i can improve my blogging works better than before.
    titan recently posted..Seminar Hartanah Abang Ensem.My Profile

  57. Twitter:
    I find blogging one of the hardest things to do, there’s always something else to do first. I agree with Priyanka the line “Work like there is no tomorrow” is very useful, I used to blog with the inspiration “why do today what you can do tomorrow” not the best way to continually create good content.
    Mark Buckley recently posted..Questions to Ask Your Wedding PhotographerMy Profile

  58. Mickel happy says:

    yeh i agree too, the line work like there is no tomorrow is very essentiel in blogging.
    otherwise, we will loose the habbit and stop blogging.

  59. Leon Bailey says:

    #1 reason if you was to ask me is excuses. People always have an excuse on why they don’t blog. Blogging is easy if you want to promote and make something out of what you are doing. Enjoyed this read!

  60. Chuka Udeze says:

    I like what you said about the 21 days rule, I think it’s something I won’t just apply to this area but in other of life, the goal aspect is also very important, it’s something I would recommend to anyone

  61. Twitter:
    I do not like to write, actually I never tried to write even a small article. I keep reading articles on different blogs in a hope that I will write articles for my blog some day. Most f the time I am distracted by small things. Facbook is my biggest Distraction

  62. Twitter:
    I found that for me works pretty good when I have scheduled tasks stick to my PC, because I see them all the time I also see that on the top of must do list says “If you don’t do this you fail making thousands of dollars online” :D
    I. C. Daniel recently posted..Domains and Web Hosting Promo Codes / Coupons for 2014My Profile

  63. I find blogging one of the hardest things to do, there’s always something else to do first. I agree with Priyanka the line “Work like there is no tomorrow” is very useful, I used to blog with the inspiration “why do today what you can do tomorrow” not the best way to continually create good content.Thanks.. Nikhil recently posted….
    Nikhil Sharma recently posted..Happy Flirting Day 2014 SMS, Wishes, Quotes, Messages,ShayariMy Profile

  64. I am greatly inspired by the line “Work like there is no Tomorrow” . No doubt saying that blogging will take time but when the website perform it gives much more than our expectation.
    Thanks a Ton for sharing the article.
    I am greatly inspired by the line “Work like there is no Tomorrow” . No doubt saying that blogging will take time but when the website perform it gives much more than our expectation.
    Thanks a Ton for sharing the article.
    Nikhil Sharma recently posted..Happy Flirting Day 2014 SMS, Wishes, Quotes, Messages,ShayariMy Profile

  65. Hi Adithya,
    I think this is very useful post for all blogers. As a bloger if we delaying our work, then we lose the precious chances. And just thinking is not enough , we have to implement our thoughts to get something. there is not any tomorrow for work
    Chetna recently posted..Lenovo Vibe ZMy Profile

  66. I like the setting goals and the small chunks. I find that works with me very well. These are all great points that you listed.

  67. Twitter:
    This things should be followed by all to achieve their life long ambition.Not every rules or you can say tips should not need to be followed as different people have different issues.I also have an issue and that is I give no care and let my works for tomorrow and it creates great pressure.Sometimes for this the workload gets so much that I can’t get the job done in time.So the best rule which I should try to follow is to work like as there is no tomorrow.If I had done it I would’ve achieved more where i’m standing now in this moment of my life.
    Adithya thanks for creating awareness to all the bloggers to improve the work.
    James Frost recently posted..Klinker Apps presents its portal applications and updatesMy Profile

  68. Twitter:
    Hey Adithya,
    Nice post and Thanks for sharing these tips with us. Yes, getting success in blogging is very tough task which requires lots of hardwork, consistency and patience. We have to first set goals and then try to achieve it. Setting rules and then following it is very important part. Third point is very important. Thanks for sharing this post.
    Sudipto recently posted..Best Android Phone Under 20000My Profile

  69. Twitter:
    I believe in the fact that quality matter rather than quantity. That’s what the author pointed out. You cant be creative for more times, but make full use of it when you are.
    Noor Basheer recently posted..Dreamhost ReviewMy Profile

  70. Twitter:
    Whenever I don’t blog for quite some time, I find it hard to come back and dedicate quality time writing something. This is especially true when I don’t have many readers. I agree with the 21 day challenge. Consistent actions do help in building a new habit. With time, one would being productive all over again. Getting results for the work one is doing can help keep the blogger motivated.
    Arun Chandran recently posted..KikMy Profile

  71. Thanks Adithya,
    I like two points one is “There is no Tomorrow” and “21 Days Challenge”. Because When I am part time blogger at that time working potential is too high than this days of full time blogging.
    Now I got to improve my productivity using this two laws. I will follow this strictly. Thanks
    Nikhil recently posted..Happy Ramadan 2014 Calendar Timings with Sehr o Iftar TimetableMy Profile

  72. It was the interesting title of the post that forced me to read your post. good work, i enjoyed reading it.
    Jessie B recently posted..Top 10 Best Animated Movies Of All Time 2014My Profile

  73. Twitter:
    You are absolutely right… This is one of the major problem of many when it comes to blogging. At the start the energy level is high so is the productivity but with days everything automatically starts coming down. You will need to set a proper standard and should work as if it is an official duty. I would say punctuality is must when it comes to blogging.
    Thanks for the share
    Michael John recently posted..Detailed Udemy Review With 65% OFF Udemy Coupon CodeMy Profile

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