Freelance Writing – The Mistakes I Did!

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Irfan Siddiqui
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Freelance Writing - The Mistakes I Did!I started with writing articles for people at digital point forum then swapped over to a graphic designer. I have analyzed the many mistakes I have made in my past career, which I can now tell you and so, should help you to avoid making them yourself.

If you have an ability to write content for websites or blogs then you can start your freelance writing career today. But, keep this in mind, you’ll not make money if you don’t stop yourself from making the mistakes I made in my past career.

Today, when it comes to writing, many new freelance writers, even the professional writers often make mistakes. They won’t think writing a long paragraph might put off the reader away from its content. The article should be written in a point to point way. Let me describe these common mistakes.

1) Do Not to Use Old Sources

– If you write about something which has already been written by someone else, it will definitely be of no use as people on internet are searching for latest information. For instance, if you write an article for a tech blog, the article should have new tech information as nobody will appreciate the old stuff unless you bring a new perspective to it.

2) Stay Away From Writing Big Paragraphs

– This could make your readers run away from your articles. I have seen many articles containing 10 to 12 lines and it is the common mistake I was making for the first few months. If the paragraph has 4 to 5 lines in it, people enjoy reading the content but if it becomes a long never ending novel, it becomes

too much to read and normally readers go away.

3) Keyword Placing

– Another big mistake most of the writers make. Let me explain by my own experience, since the day I got to know keywords are the key to be found through search engines, I started placing them in all my articles without even thinking where to place and how many to place.

People search with keywords on search engines to get the things they want to read but this could create many troubles for you if you dont have the proper knowledge of keyword placing. I prefer to let it be natural.

4) Use Natural Words

– This could affect your audience the most, I have learned from few of my past articles not to be over smart. Use simple words and make your articles readable. Readers won’t be happy if your articles required a dictionary for them to understand, use words that are in daily use.

5) Do not add Extra Stuff

– I know many times I tried to make my small topic into a bigger one by adding few extra paragraphs. You have seen a few blogs content, they talk on and on until they complete few extra paragraphs, then the required stuff comes out. Now I realized readers do not want the extra stuff, they are reading my articles to get the things they really want to read – not the extra stuff!

Things Changed, After I Realized My Mistakes

I’m not the most successful writer but just a little drop in an ocean full of professional writers. Being a freelance writer is very tough and to survive it requires lot of time and hard work. After fixing my mistakes I have one motto, give your best effort and you will get the reward in the end.

I hope my mistakes can become a lesson for others to learn and will not follow, so the future becomes bright.