What to do if commentluv is not showing the latest post

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There are the things you should check if you’re not getting your latest blog post returned when you comment on CommentLuv enabled sites, it has all the major things that cause people to scream at their PC (and sometimes me!).

I’ll republish this any time something new is discovered so eventually it will have all the things that can cause people problems and will hopefully become the ultimate resource for anyone having a problem with CommentLuv (which in most cases, turns out not to be a problem with CommentLuv itself but, a problem with the user data or feed).

Please go through each of these before you submit a support ticket. It will save me (and you) a lot of time if you spend just 5 minutes trying each of these things…

Check that the post is visible on your feed.

The easiest and quickest thing to check is to view your feed in your browser. If you use firefox browser, it will show a feed icon in your address bar when you visit your site. Click that and choose the first option that shows for subscribe. (CommentLuv uses the first feed found to parse your latest posts)

If you can see your latest post there then you’ve eliminated one possible cause.

Visit your feed in your browser!

In case you missed it above… if your latest posts are not showing when you comment, try to view your feed in your browser. Commentluv can only bring back what your feed sends it, if your feed is not showing your latest post then CommentLuv wont be able to send it back when you’re making a comment.

This is the number one reason why people say, “Commentluv is not working!”, it actually is working, it’s just that their feed isn’t available or is broken!!

Make sure you’re feedburner feed is up to date in your header

Feedburner have changed their URL format to http://feeds2.feedburner.com/youaccount .Many people still have the old autodiscovery feed address in their header. If you do, update it! If you use the feedsmith plugin then make sure you have updated that url too. Click the image above to see an old feedburner link as the autodiscovery feed

Looks like feedburner have gone back to the original URL method and you no longer need to use feeds2.feedburner as the start of the URL. I put in a script to change the feeds2 to feeds but if your feed url still has a 2 in it, go to the member page and change it back to the original feeds.feedburner.com/youraccount

Update your own profile

If you’re commenting whilst logged on then you need to make sure that your URL is stored in your profile of your own site. Visit your dashboard and go to Users/Your Profile and enter your URL in the field marked ‘website’.

Always Use http://

Always always ALWAYS!! use http:// in front of your url when you comment. It’s the http:// bit that tells commentluv that the text you put in that box is a web address and not just some random piece of text.

This is the number one reason for frustrated users who can’t figure out what’s wrong!

Check for a typo

If you’ve noticed that some sites get your last blog post but others don’t, this could be the reason. Some sites automatically fill in the fields of the comment form if you’ve commented there before. If you made a typo or for some reason, the cookie got corrupted then it might not be the EXACT same url that you’re used to using

You would be surprised at how many tickets and emails come in because of this! If you aren’t getting the last blog post shown, go back and manually type in your url again just to be sure. (if you’re Irish, to be sure to be sure) :-)