Benefits For Members When You Register At The CommentLuv Website

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Mitz Pantic
My name is Milica Pantic (aka Mitz) and I am a serial full-time blogger. I started out with one website many years ago and it went so well, I sold my businesses and began living the internet dream. Since then I have been perfecting the system of blogging and building Wordpress websites to earn money online. This is an ever changing business and I love the challenge. Please feel free to download my favorite FREE REPORTS if you are interested in improving your blogging business or starting one from scratch.
Mitz Pantic
Mitz Pantic
You can get your own content published on this site as long as you have CommentLuv installed on your site.

Doing so means you get exposure to thousands and thousands of other CommentLuv users and your posts get sent out to the massive subscriber list.

Google loves this site and indexes it multiple times per day and posts always get lots of comments so you can be sure of some excellent exposure.

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Register at the commentluv website

Written by a true fan of  the Commentluv website:

I know this seems a bit weird, me writing a post about a plug-in, and submitting it as a guest posting on the developers website. But I just can’t help it! I have fallen in love with the CommentLuv plug-in because it has become one of my most important tools for my WordPress blogging business.

Webmasters usually just download a free plug-in, install it on to their website, and you never see or hear from them again. But the CommentLuv plug-in is different. This plug-in is more than just a simple piece of software, it catches your attention by drawing you into CommentLuv communities.

When you start using the CommentLuv plug-in and start leaving comments around on people’s websites, you start to get to know the regulars. Then you get curious and wonder what kind of website they have and click on their CommentLuv link to investigate. This is just one of the great things about using the CommentLuv plug-in.

However when you register at the CommentLuv website there are so many other benefits available for members.

Benefits For Webmasters Even Without The Plugin

Even if you do not have this plug-in installed on your website, it can still benefit you in some way. For example if you go to a blog with this plug-in installed and you leave a comment, you get the option to leave a link to your latest post. Therefore even if you have no idea what a Comment Luv plug-in is, sometimes it appears right in front of you on other people’s blogs. I suggest to you that this is the perfect time for you to see how fantastic this plug-in really use.

In the screen shot below you can see that a commentLuv enabled website will have an icon at the bottom of the comment section. Tick the box next to the commentLuv website icon and you to can benefit from this plug-in.

Using the commentluv plugin

What are the benefits of installing the Comment Luv plug-in into your website?

1.       This plug-in encourages people to comment on your website posts.

2.       It helps you build a community of your own.

3.       It shows your visitors that you appreciate them for commenting and it shows that you want to give them some link juice.

4.       It gives your visitors an opportunity to share your traffic.

Of course there are many more benefits and one of them being that this is a wonderful plug-in is absolutely free to use.

When you register at the CommentLuv website what are the benefits?

The first benefit that you get from registering CommentLvuv website is that instead of only being able to choose one latest

post, you get to choose from a list of 10. This is fantastic for targeting what link you should leave on a particular post.

The screen shot below shows that if you member there are are 10 posts to choose from when leaving a link. All you have to do is tick the box next to the commentLuv icon, start writing your post, and your list will show up for you to choose from.

commentluv plugin register to see 10 posts

Hmm?? Which post do I want to leave a link to?

If you register at the Commentluv website there are other benefits:

  • You get to create your own profile so people can see who you are.
  • You get your own affiliate link to refer new members and gain points which can be used to make purchases on the website.
  • When you leave a link on other peoples websites, they can hover over the tiny heart, and see more details about you and your recent posts.

See the screen shot below. It shows what happens when you hover over the tiny little heart next to your link. The details that it shows are amazing. If you are in the world of making websites, this is exactly what you want, exposure.

commentluv website - register for free

What can you do with your points is that you earn at the website?

  • Purchase a page rank six back link to your website.
  • Add other websites into your membership so you can leave more links to other places.
  • You can donate your points to other members.

Watch this video tutorial below to see the benefits to registering at the commentLuv website:


Obsessed with the CommentLuv plug-in?

If you are a comment Luv plug-in freak like me you will be interested to see my latest post WordPress commentluv plug-in – Use it to your advantage.

I share some more amazing things that you might not even think about when using this plug-in. This is not just a free plug-in that you install and forget about. As you can see you can get involved and become part of the community which will only enhance your experience of blogging and add to your success. Friendships form on this blog as we all have two main things in common. We all have a blog or want to have a blog, and we are all using the comment Luv plug-in in some way.

Please comment below and let me know what the CommentLuv website has done for your business?