Resilience: Your Bullet-Proof Vest in a War Called Modern Life

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Courage to come back

According to a paper entitled Attachment and Emotional Resilience published by the University of Essex, “resilience is not just a matter of constitutional strength or a robust temperament, it is also a product of how people perceive, appraise, approach and tackle stresses and challenges.” Resilience is also defined in a PBS article as “the capacity […]

Freelance Writing – The Mistakes I Did!

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Freelance Writing - The Mistakes I Did!

I started with writing articles for people at digital point forum then swapped over to a graphic designer. I have analyzed the many mistakes I have made in my past career, which I can now tell you and so, should help you to avoid making them yourself. If you have an ability to write content for […]

Why you suck. And what you can do about it.

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Security, stability and safety don’t exist.  You think they do but they do not.  It’s something made up in your mind or it was a story, a fairytale, someone told you.  Probably someone you trust implicitly.  And you chose to believe them because it felt good. Well wait a second.  Maybe you didn’t “choose” to […]

Awesome Videos of the Week – Installment 7

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Man Feeds Crocodile

The Best YouTube Videos are uploaded daily at Eyern , we would love if you stopped by. The 7 videos below are a sample of some of the Awesome videos uploaded daily on the site. We truly hope you enjoy these videos: Man Feeds Crocodile A tourist guide feeds a crocodile by dangling some meat […]

Awesome Videos of the Week – Installment 6

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Drunk Singer on the Street

The Best YouTube Videos from around the internet can be found at Eyern , come visit our site. The 7 videos below are a sample of some of the Awesome videos uploaded daily on the site. We truly hope you enjoy these videos: Drunk Singer on the Street Logan Afyouni sings a song with a […]

Why you should forgive others and not hold on to grudges

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Take a moment and think about the last time someone hurt you so deeply, that all you could think about was figuring out a way to get back at that person. It can be a friend who did you wrong, or a spouse who cheated on you. Do you feel that anger coming out that […]

6 Important Steps to Starting a Successful Small Business

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Bellevue Chiropractic Business Success

Since opening my Bellevue Chiropractic clinic I’ve learned a lot about business, and most of that I learned the hard way.  I opened a healthcare practice in 1998, and let me tell you it’s rare to find any business training on the curriculum when you’re going to school to be a healthcare provider.  And although I can’t […]

How Plugins Make Bloggers Stupid

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Robot Automation

It’s kind of funny that I had the idea to write this article, because I just came across a recent guest post here on ComLuv about autoblogging. One of the various plugins that make bloggers stupid is one that automates the process of importing other blog content. Such a plugin is not meant for a […]

2 Reasons Why *autoblogging* Is A Disastrous Online Strategy

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Autoblog software disaster

One advantage I have as an 12 year online marketer is I’ve seen it all. In the midst of all the student and client success there have been many who veered off the path by chasing the latest *shortcut*. On a regular basis I’d get email from students asking, “have you heard about this? — […]