Have you seen the new bluetooth toothbrush?

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At the CES in Las Vegas this year the latest high tech gadgets were on sh0w. The annual event gives companies and people a chance to showcase the latest in consumer electronics that they expect to be hitting the shelves in the coming year. This year one of the items that generated significant interest was […]

Using Hypnosis for Weight Loss

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Using Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Welcome to the page that can explain to you how to use hypnosis for weight loss, especially if you are looking to gain that extra willpower to motivate yourself to lose the weight for the last time and change your attitude towards food. Most of you likely gain weight on and off, because the diets […]

Movember! Mustached Reminders for Men’s Health & Prostate Cancer

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November + Mustaches = The Movember Movement With November quickly approaching, it’s time for men everywhere to prepare for their part in publicizing prostate cancer, prostate cancer screening, current treatments and an eventual cure. The testosterone version of breast cancer’s pink ribbon, this social movement to fight prostate cancer began in 1999 in Australia — […]

Awesome Videos of the Week – Installment 4

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Keep Calm Carry On

Eyern is a video blog website that posts the Best YouTube Videos online, click the link to check it out. The 7 videos below are a sample of some of the Awesome videos uploaded daily on the site. We truly hope you enjoy these videos: Keep Calm and Carry On Keep Calm and Carry on is […]

Keloid Scar Removal Which Method Is Best For You?

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  What are keloid scars and what are the options for successful keloid scar removal? The short answer a keloid is a scar that doesn’t know when to quit healing. This will result in large, grossly unattractive scars that often take on a bulbous appearance. To call it a scar is actually kind because they […]

6 Warning Signs of Dental Trouble

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White healthy teeth

As a parent, I know I have a responsibility to keep my children healthy – and that also includes good oral hygiene. No words can describe what a parent feels at seeing self-confidence in their child’s smile, but I also want to make sure they are able to chew properly for good nutrition. Watching them […]

Weird Yet Dangerous: The Toilet Phobia

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Toilet phobia Wait. Toilet phobia? You might be wondering if such a fear really exists because you never actually heard about it. While there is no definite scientific term for it, it still exists and yes, there are people really suffering from this disorder. There is no public awareness about this and there is a […]

4 Ergonomic Tips for Better Laptop Control

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Business woman with laptop

You need to make sure that you are using proper fundamentals while working on your laptop. More specifically, you need to be certain that you’re following ergonomic guidelines. Not only is it essential to your health, but it will make you a much more efficient worker and allow you to get more done. With that […]

How Safe is Rota Virus Vaccine?

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Rota vaccine

Rota virus vaccine is routinely used in many developed countries (but in developing countries rota virus vaccine is yet to be used routinely in national immunization programs due to lack of funds) for prevention of rota virus infection, as the infection and diarrhea due to rota virus infection can not be prevented by improved sanitation […]

What Treatment Options are Available for Alopecia

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Girl hands in hair

Treatment/management of alopecia consists of use of medications (such as minoxidil, finesteride, corticosteroids etc), surgical option and use of wigs (when all measures fail or if the individual prefer) or no treatment. The best option is (the opinion of the author) not to use any treatment, as the problem is more of a cosmetic than […]