Want To Know How To Rank On Google Page 1? Here’s How I Did It In 3 Short Months

How To Rank On Google Page 1

Anyone can learn how to rank on Google page 1. I am no SEO expert and I don’t have a massive advertising budget. In fact my advertising budget is slim to non existent. So then how did I rank on Google’s page 1 for several of my keywords including the one shown in the example […]

Backlinks From Porn Sites Can’t Hurt Your Rankings – How To Improve Your Search Engine Rankings

How To Improve Your Search Engine Rankings

Yes you read it right. Building backlinks from slum sites such as porn, gambling and pharmacy can’t hurt your ranking results. In fact you can use such sleaze ball tactics to boost your results on Google. Well, at least that’s what I read from my inbox today. Yet another email from yet another company promising to […]

How To Lose Belly Fat – Celebrity Tips For Blasting Belly Fat

How To Lose Belly Fat

Belly fat, yeah it sucks. Let’s face it, a spare tire is good in the trunk of our car. Around our middle? Not so good. These days everyone wants to know how to lose belly fat, unless of course you are amongst the fortunate few. As so often we tend to do we are turning to celebrities […]

How To Build A Website Of Your Dreams

How To Build A Website

How To Build A Website Of Your Dreams If you build it they will come or at least that is what every webmaster hopes for. Before getting visitors through the front door you need to determine what it is you expect from your website. A website can do just about anything these days from delivering pizza to […]

5 Sure Fire Tips on How to Meet Mr Wrong Right Now

how to find mr wrong

How to Meet Mr Wrong or How NOT to Meet Mr. Right Would you like to know how to meet Mr Wrong? Finding Mr. Wrong isn’t as easy as one might think. In fact finding Mr. Wrong is probably a lot easier than you would imagine! Some of you may already be able to attest […]

Living With the Nightmare of Keloid Scars

Surgery blog

Beauty and the Beast. The story of my unfortunate keloid scars Let me tell you my experience with keloid scars. I had previously never had a permanent scar. But it figures I would have start off with a bang. 6 years ago I was yet another unfortunate victim of a drunk driver. A head on […]

Keloid Scar Removal Which Method Is Best For You?


  What are keloid scars and what are the options for successful keloid scar removal? The short answer a keloid is a scar that doesn’t know when to quit healing. This will result in large, grossly unattractive scars that often take on a bulbous appearance. To call it a scar is actually kind because they […]