Have you seen the new bluetooth toothbrush?

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At the CES in Las Vegas this year the latest high tech gadgets were on sh0w. The annual event gives companies and people a chance to showcase the latest in consumer electronics that they expect to be hitting the shelves in the coming year. This year one of the items that generated significant interest was a Bluetooth toothbrush.


The new device could work wonders for peoples dental hygiene and can be connected to your phone or tablet through wifi. It is the first Bluetooth enabled toothbrush to be produced and could be very helpful when caring for your oral health. The developers are also working on a clever API which will give user friendly access to the data collected by the brush.

The brush is obviously electric and will be fitted with sensors which will track to a map of your mouth. The sensors will show you how you actually brush your teeth and if there are any areas of your mouth or gums that you are neglecting. This should help you avoid nasty visits to the dentist including fillings, extractions or even expensive dental implants.

One very interesting benefit for the brush would be for parents. Most parents have a long running battle with their children to make sure they brush their teeth correctly or at all as the case may be. Now they can be TeethWise and find out if their kids have brushed their teeth from the living room chair. They can also make sure that they have done a thorough job starting them on a path to good oral health for life.

The brush has been developed by a French company called Kolibree. It was developed by a former google developer but is still only at prototype stage. He will be looking to raise funding this year to fund the development of the product and hopes to be bringing it to market later this year.

If you think you would like to be one of the first people to buy one, they are expected to retail form $100- 200 depending on the type of API package you opt for. It is quite expensive for a toothbrush but no doubt some dental and tech enthusiasts will want to be the first people to buy them.

Some people doubt the concept and do not think people will want to bring their expensive iphone in to the bathroom with them when they are brushing their teeth.

Maybe, only time will tell.