How to run Android Apps in PC

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If you are interested to use an Android app and cant afford an Android device now, then here is a solution for you. You can run all of the Android apps in your PC. You can play your favorite Android games in to your PC. All this can be possible because of Android emulators. These Android emulators create an environment to run the Android apps in your PC and give a better user functionality. It will run all of your apps, it doesn’t matter whether they are free or paid.


How to run Android Apps in PC:

There are mainly three different ways to run your Android apps in your PC. These are the different type of emulators that can be run in to your PC.

  1. BlueStacks.
  2. YouWave.
  3. Official Android Emulator.

I will explain all of the three one by one. It is very helpful, if you want to try the latest version Android before buying it. These emulator provide the facility to sync between your Android device and PC. It means you can use any app in it that had been purchased previously by you. By installing these emulators you can easily run .apk file in your PC. Lets explain each of them-

1. BlueStacks


BlueStack is just an app player that can run your apps in to your computer. Although it doesn’t replicate the full Android experience but it can play all of your apps in PC. You can download BlueStacks  for your required operating system.


After downloading it, install it in your PC. It will install normally. Provide App Store Access if it ask for. Once the installation will finish then restart your computer and run the BlueStack Application. It will run in a full screen mode but can also run other process (By using Alt+ Tab) in your PC.

Click on My Apps and search for the App You want to install. And enjoy the Application. You will need to sign in with your facebook account to connect with BlueStacks.


How to Sync between an Android device and your PC:

To Sync with your Android device, BlueStacks includes a feature called 1-Click Sync. To use this

  1. First click on 1-Click Sync tile and enter your Google account Detail.
  2. Choose the devices you want to Sync with
  3. Install the app you want.

Pushing Apps to BlueStacks:

BlueStacks also support a functionality of getting your Apps from device to PC. To do this you have to install BlueStacks Cloud Connect application which can be downloaded from Google app store. This also enable you to synchronize between your device and PC.

  1. After installing it in to your device open BlueStacks in your PC, choose Cloud Connect Option.
  2. Follow the instructions and provide your email or phone no, if it ask for.
  3. Note down your PIN and press close.
  4. Now open the BlueStacks Cloud Connect App in to your device and enter the PIN and Log in.
  5. Choose the Apps you want to push into the emulator and press Sync.
  6. Follow the texted-to prompts on your phone if you’d like to set up SMS connectivity.


2. YouWave:

The second one in the list is YouWave. It is also an app player which runs the android

apps. It is not a free software but it comes with a 7-Days free trial, which in enough to get a android feel without buying an android device. It creates an environment with a home screen and App menu.


It doesn’t include many apps on itself but you can get more apps from Google Play store or Amazon’s App store. To get more apps from stores


1. Click on view menu.

2. Select online content to view the available app stores.

3. Select an app store and download the desired.

4. Click their icons to install them.

5. After installing those apps will appear in the App Menu of the YouWave.


3. Official Android Emulator:

The third one in the list is Official Android Emulator.Google’s Android software development kit provide a free android emulator to run the android apps in PC. Although the SDK (Software Development Kit) is targeted to the developers to create and test the android apps. Using this method you can run the latest version of Android in to your system. So using this method you can also test the latest android Jelly Bean 4.2.2 in your system.


1.Download the SDK manager from Google and install it.

2.After installing it launch it.

3.Check the files for latest version of android.


4.Now the SDK manager will automatically download the required files and software from internet.

5.When the Download has finished, Select Manage AVDs.

6. Click the new button and create a virtual device.

7.  Select the Android version you installed as target.

8.  Name your Android Virtual device and Click create AVD.

9.Now you will see a new virtual device in the Virtual device manager window.


10. Select it and click the start button.

11. Click Launch to launch the Android emulator.

12. It can take a few minutes to start, so don’t panic.

Although Google Android emulator for PC doesn’t perform as well as the BlueStacks or YouWave. It doesn’t have the facility of Integrated App Store. But you can download and install the apps inside it. So BlueStacks can be considered as the best

Points to Remember:

As Android is an open source operating system so it provide the facility for developers to create many applications like this. In android there is no limitations for development as compared to iPhone or windows operating system.

Android is basically created for the touch screen environment, it is not designed for mouse. So it can create a little bit uncomfort to you. It creates uncomfort with motion sensor games and apps because there are no motion sensors installed in your computer. It can be work better in the touch screen laptops or surface tablets etc.

These software or emulators are better option if you have an Android device which stuck on the older version of Android and you want to test latest version of android before purchasing it.