Android 4.3 JellyBean OS : 10 Things You Must Know About

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Kumar Ashutosh

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Kumar Ashutosh
Kumar Ashutosh
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Kumar Ashutosh
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Android 4.3 – The Next JellyBean Version

Android 4.3 released very unexpectedly when almost everyone was waiting for the launch of next major android version Key Lime Pie. Further enhancing the JellyBean version, this upgrade made a successful debut. Talking about the major focus with the release of this version, it mainly enhanced the performance factor of your smartphones making it perform even better and faster. It also comes with a brand new camera User Interface to gain more and better control of the camera functions with ease. Some more languages have also been added up to give you a more no of options to choose.

Android 4.3 Jelly Bean OS Top 10 Features

Android 4.3

Android 4.3

  1. Multi-User Ability / Restricted Profiles
    This feature was also a part of prebious version but now it has been enhanced further in Android 4.3 JellyBean OS. You can create your own profile and your friends. This helps you protect the private datas which you don’t want to share. If you have some friends which are known for using your smartphones for playing games a lot, you can lock those apps hence the next time they use it they won’t be ablt to use them.
  2. Open GL ES v3.0
    If you are a gaming buff, this is certainly going to make you happy. Android 4.3 comes with several enhancements in graphics processing capabilities. Now you will have a better and smoother experience of those big games. It is now capable of delivering a high performance  no matter you are playing witha 2d or a 3d game. Enhancing the graphics quality you will also get a richer quality image and other details in the games you will play.
  3. Hindi Language Support Added in Android 4.3
    This is a great news for Indians who have Hindi as their mother tongue. Adding up to the list of supported languages along with Hindi, there are some other languages as well like Afrikaans, Amharic, Swahili and Zulu. Further introducing the right to left style language, Google also added up Hebrew and Arabic support.
  4. Bluetooth AVRCP
    Taking up the streaming technology to the next step, Android 4.3 comes with a feature which streams the media along with its meta data. These meta data contains information about the singer or the musician or any
    other detail. The devices running 4.3 can now sync with car stereos with bluetooth facility and also offers some additional functinionality as well.
  5. Third Party Response
    This feature is a really good addon which comes with android 4.3 jelly bean OS. This feature will help you send a message to someone whose call you missed via third party application like WhatsApp. This is defintely a great thing which comes with an option to go for any application you are using.
  6. Enhanced Keyboard
    Android 4.3 comes with an enhanced keyboard. This helps you type speedly and has also been enhanced to predict accurately in most cases which word you will betyping. Thus it be just a tap to select your word and you will have your message written in fewer taps.
  7. Wi-Fi Scan Mode Only
    This feature will help you save a considerable amount of battery juice. Google added up a new feature know as Wi-Fi Scan Mode Only. This feature increases the location accuracy of the devices running on android 4.3 by allowing location information via Wi-Fi even if your Wi-Fi is turned off. You will not beable to use any data exchange work when your Wi-Fi will be turned off but you surely don’t need to worry about the location thing.
  8. Dial-Pad Autocomplete
    this is though not a new feature as it has already been introduced in other devices from Samsung and others. Now this feature has also been added up to the stock version of Android 4.3. This features allows the suer running the stock version by suugesting them the contact names or phone numbers based on the input they are making. This is a new feature for the stock version and you will need to enable it via settings.
  9. Bluetooth Smart Ready
    Adding up to support the upcoming wearable technogies, Google introduced this new feature in android 4.3. This features adds up support for low-energy devices like heart rate monitors and other such devices. This features also takes care of the smartphone battery usage.
  10. Brand New Camera UI
    Android 4.3 also introduces a new camera User Interface. It comes with new updated app featuring a new arch styled menu. This definitely makes camera controls and switching between different modes very easy.

Though Android 4.3 came out of nowhere and without much pre-release buzz, still it can keep the users engaged which will give Google ample time to do some finishing tasks for the next version Key Lime Pie OS.