How Safe is Rota Virus Vaccine?

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Rota virus vaccine is routinely used in many developed countries (but in developing countries rota virus vaccine is yet to be used routinely in national immunization programs due to lack of funds) for prevention of rota virus infection, as the infection and diarrhea due to rota virus infection can not be prevented by improved sanitation and improved hygiene, which is clear from the fact that the incidence of rota virus diarrhea is same in developed and developing countries (where sanitation and hygiene are not up to good standards).

How safe is rota virus vaccine?

In general rota virus vaccine is very safe vaccine (most infants receiving rota virus vaccine have no problem), although like any other medication, it can lead to serious reactions (allergic reactions) sometimes. Several clinical trials have shown that rota virus vaccine is safe.

Mild problems with rota virus vaccine:

There may be diarrhea and vomiting after getting rota virus vaccine, which is generally mild and temporary. Sometimes the baby may be irritated. Other mild problems associated with rota virus vaccine include stomach pain, weakness, difficulty in breathing, excessive crying etc.

Serious problems with rota virus vaccine:


serious problem that may occur after receiving rota virus vaccine is increased incidence of intussusception (one part of intestine goes inside another part and intestinal obstruction occurs as a result), which is estimated to be 1 incidence of intussusception in 100,000 infants receiving rota virus vaccine (which is higher than infants not receiving rota virus vaccine or receiving a placebo).

In 2007 USFDA presented a report about incidence of intussusception after aggressive monitoring of rota virus vaccine. The incidence of intussusception was not significantly higher than the control group of infants and it was assured by USFDA that there is no increased risk of intussusception with use of rota virus vaccine.

What to do if there is mild to moderate reaction to rota virus vaccine?

It is important for parents not to panic. If there is any problem with your baby after receiving rota virus vaccine, consult your doctor immediately. Ask your vaccine provider to report the incidence of adverse reaction to rota virus vaccine to appropriate Govt. authority using a prescribed form.

Guest post by Jupitor Chakma, who normally writes on health topics in his health blog: and Net Health Site.

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