Why you should forgive others and not hold on to grudges

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Take a moment and think about the last time someone hurt you so deeply, that all you could think about was figuring out a way to get back at that person.

It can be a friend who did you wrong, or a spouse who cheated on you. Do you feel that anger coming out that you can’t quite control?

That is the feeling of resentment and bitterness. Many people does not have the ability to control their anger that is absolutely necessary to keep them and their love ones happy and in the end, does more harm than anything. I want to tell you what you can do to overcome your anger.

Don’t avoid the problem

Human instinct says that when someone did you wrong, you begin to isolate yourself from that person by not talking to him/her at all. You think that it’s the right solution by completely avoiding that person,  what you’re really doing is avoiding your own problems. You’re still holding on to that grudge and the only solution to that problem is facing it and then let it go.

Another reason why this is a bad idea is that if you’re harboring a grudge against someone who did you wrong, you’re putting all the blame on that person for your anger and too proud to say that it’s your fault in some way or another. What happens if something like this happens in the future? You won’t be able to cope and grow.

Open your heart

It’s hard to be happy when you have that feeling of bitterness and anger inside you weighing you down. Admit it, nobody wants to live like that, do you? Holding on to a grudge is like holding on to a burning piece of coal, in the end, you’re really just burning yourself but nobody else.

Actual studies have showed that holding grudges can do damage to your health.  It creates higher blood pressure, heart rates, and  more stress than your body can take. I understand it hurts when someone does you wrong, but don’t torture yourself more by holding on to that hurt. Open your heart and find happiness, don’t hold grudges, who knows you might get back your best friend back.