2 Reasons Why *autoblogging* Is A Disastrous Online Strategy

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James Martell
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James Martell
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One advantage I have as an 12 year online marketer is I’ve seen it all.

In the midst of all the student and client success there have been many who veered off the path by chasing the latest *shortcut*.

On a regular basis I’d get email from students asking, “have you heard about this? — have you heard about that?

Usually what they were *pitching* was a new way to get oodles of revenue on “autopilot” — forget working, that’s for pussies — we’ve discovered a way to earn $101,203.45 in a month! (all on autopilot)

The term *autoblogging* didn’t exist when I first heard of software that would automatically build web pages from content scraped off the net back in 2005.

But that’s what autoblogging is.

#1 Reason Why Autoblogging Is Doomed To Fail

Google doesn’t like it. (and other search engines follow the leader)

Below is an excerpt from an article published January 11, 2011 by Cecelia Choi from Google’s AdSense Policy Team that clearly takes aim at autoblogging.

“Sometimes we come across sites that are using software to generate automated content. These sites might look like normal news sites, but the information is completely *plagiarized*. Scraping content and passing it off as one’s own is not only wrong, but it also happens to be a serious violation of our policies….” read full article here.

#2 Reason — Google May Ban You For Life For Repeated Violations

Google will go to great lengths to protect the integrity of their search results.

Black Hat strategies do NOT last long because of this.

I had a former student who built a seriously great income using the strategies I taught

him. Regrettably though, he ultimately tossed out my ideas in favour of *gaming* the system.

He was ruthless in his pursuit of a *quick buck* and resorted to numerous black hat strategies he learned from some of the slick operators we’ve all come across in this business. Ultimately Google had enough.

They not only banned his sites — but he cannot EVER have another Google account.

They consider him a *serial violator*.

He cannot open a Gmail account, YouTube account, Analytics account — nothing Google offers now — or in the future — is available to him.

Question — Would You Risk It All?

Don’t get me wrong.

I love the *residual* income aspect of building online businesses. In fact, I’ve never published this before — but I once had a $60,000 month.

Sure looked like *autopilot* — (but it wasn’t.)

First off — that was not a typical month.

Secondly, it came about because for several years earlier I had been furiously building “content” across numerous affiliate sites.

I had thousands of pages online.

So when Google introduced it’s AdSense program in 2004 it appeared that I hit the *jackpot*.

Of course I got lucky — but without the many years of hard work I would not have been in a position to receive that windfall.

More than ever I insist on teaching my clients and students the absolute necessity of taking the long term view. That’s means adding value to the net and NOT resorting to short term gimmicks.

Two ladies who got going online with some of my trainings have published an awesome ebook about how they earn over $15,000 a month publishing reviews of popular Amazon products.

It’s a great read. And I’m quite proud that they are *doing it right*. You can get see the link to get it on my website by clicking the link in my author box at the top of this article.