Has Blogging Ruined Your Social Life?

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Nosa Ero Nosa
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It is the desire of every blogger to succeed in whatever niche he finds himself. This is a conscious thought that keep the feet of bloggers firm in an attempt to ensure that success is guaranteed and maintained.

Time and enormous resources are sacrificed to make sure our blog hits levels of previously unseen heights. This isn’t bad as all successes are accompanied by various degrees of sacrifices. But when our social life is sacrificed a lot of things can go wrong.

What Is This Social Life?

Remember when you were in high school and went to the beach having lot of fun with incredible friends? At that time you probably didn’t know about blogging or you weren’t interested. Fast-forward to this moment and all that has changed. You have given your soul to blogging and you can’t get up from that chair staring at your PC even when you have no comment to reply and have equally lost idea on what to write about.

Blogging is great and so much has been said about it, but there are only a few articles talking about how you can manage your blog and your social life. A blogger who spends too much time on the PC is likely to be faced with depression and lose more real friends. Your entire world can be turned around if you fail to manage blogging and social life effectively.

As a blogger, you know you are loosing or have altogether lost your social life if;

  • You feel compelled to go online at inappropriate times
  • You don’t remember to pick up phone to call your girlfriend, that’s if you have one :)
  • You can’t start a conversation outside of blogging with family members
  • You are nervous going somewhere without a Wi-Fi
  • You burst into laughter in the midst of friends, and then you sarcastically say; “Sorry, that comment was hilarious.”
  • You stare at your PC every other time doing nothing
  • You check your phone update every 5-mins
  • The last time you watched CNN was 12-months ago
  • You no longer do exercises and your eyes have almost fallen off from lack of sleep.

How To Manage Your Social Life.

Managing your social life means creating a system. A S.Y.S.T.E.M is basically anything that Saves You Stress, Time, Energy and Money. It will let you blog like a pro and not impede on your social life. I have lost count of how many real friends have become total strangers to me because of my desire to make blogging work. I could also recount how embarrassed I was when female folks keep complaining that I am not romantic :). All I think about is blogging and anyone against this thought was an automatic enemy. I was almost consumed with depression after several failed attempt in six years to make blogging work. I had ruined my social life and it was more demanding to regain it. I have achieved considerable success and I am will to let you know how.

1. Hang Out

The first thing I will need you to do is to pick up your phone and call a few friends, inform them of your desire to schedule a visit. Set a date each for each of your friends and make sure you fulfill all of it. Do not take a Notebook along with you because you are not going to discuss blogging, you are strictly and simply going to hang out and probably visit one or two places to engage your sights.

I know you can argue that fun is fun. You are wrong, I love you but you are wrong. The real Fun is not screaming over a hilarious comment on your blog, fun is when your physical body reacts with your physical environment.

Credit: Wikipedia

Credit: Wikipedia

3. Find A Soul Mate

A lot of bloggers seriously aspiring for success and pro-bloggers in the likes are single and the only reason this is so is because they have made blogging a soul mate. But in truth, your blog can’t quench your emotions, you need someone to be there who would share in your pains and help you solve your hearts burning desire. I have seen a few female bloggers who are successful but continue to live in depression despite the money that constantly enters the bank account. A soul mate can really do a lot. I don’t have one yet but I am seriously searching. :D

2. Gaming

This is one of my favorite; you know it can be frustrating spending an entire week researching an article and once published, you put your faith into thinking that everyone would love it. Unfortunately, the reverse is the case, your readers don’t seem to care and the interaction is lower than usual.

I know that feeling I have been there severally, it can be really frustrating, and can cause depression as well.

How do you overcome this? Shut down your PC, turn on your gaming console and TV, engage your self in game mode.  Put on some rock music too. That should help.


4. Go To A Gym

If you spend a considerate amount of time on the internet, you can’t ignore these exercises. These exercises go a long way in improving your health status. Blogging, if not properly managed can do more harm than good, it is best practice to know a prevention than searching for solutions to problems.

Making new friends in a gym is important. You need to care more about humanity, make new friends and show sincere effort into knowing what their life aspiration is. In few months, I have had a couple of new “real” friends. One of the guys talk so much of cars and driving; at first it was boring listening but a conscious effort not to make him look bad propelled me into incredible knowledge of cars. I have equally shared some of my experiences on the blogosphere with him. It’s fun. Seriously.

Your Turn

After re-evaluating my life, I realized I had started receiving less calls from friends because I never remembered to call them. Friends will stop calling once you don’t reciprocate the gesture. A lot of things were going wrong, feeling depressed when I see a dip in traffic and all that. I spent almost my entire life every day on my blog(s). And then, something happened. I wanted to go for a party and I realized I didn’t have anyone to call. I was just like, WDF!.

Immediately, I started to find ways to balance my social life and my blog, I started working with time management and thus far the progress has been tremendous without negative effects on my blog.

Now, I really love to read your experiences and how do you see the social aspect of your life in an attempt to be a successful blogger. :)