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Ashish Kumar
I am an Engineer and a part time blogger. I like to keep my self updated to technology and social media related news. Beside that I write for Aimzo which is a technology blog. I write articles about social media, how to, technology , gadgets , mobiles , WordPress, blogging and SEO.
Ashish Kumar
Ashish Kumar

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Ashish Kumar
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Its been a long since I have written any guest post. Well today I am taking an imitative to become a responsible blogger and this post is all about blogging with responsibility. Information and technology is developing day by day and everybody is affected by that. Blogging term is now familiar to everybody who use computer. There are millions of blog around the world and few of them are actually famous.


This is the era of competition. You will find your rival everywhere. If you are a blogger you must understand the term competition. So how can you stand out of the crowd and actually make a good impression on your readers. Well responsibility is all you need. Blogging with responsibility is essentially very important if you are a blogger.

Blogging is definitely one of the best products of the advancement in IT and Computer Technology. This innovative social media platform seems to be part of every citizen.  It is very influential especially if the one who blogs is a public figure. You can interact with new people everyday using internet, you are sharing your thought, ideas and points of views. You can build a community. I saw it many times when people start a blog with lost of expectations.

They are working really fine in the beginning and doing their work responsibly. Later you start to loose your blog, you are leaving it behind. You got frustrated and left it. I am not saying that blogging is easy but you most know one thing that blogging is not too hard. Everything requires hardwork and dedication. No one get success over night , you have to push and try everyday.

Blogger are making blog and making new links everyday without even thinking of the impact of that particular article on readers. Knowing the power of social media nowadays, it can be beneficial or detrimental to other people.  you can follow some steps to become a potential and responsible blogger.

Blogging With Responsibility 

Your Content 

Content is the king. As we all know and I always say that. You content should be unique , genuine and most important verified. If you are giving information about something make sure your information is correct. You don’t want to misguide your readers.

/> Niche of your blog must be relevant. Act smart and drop the irrelevant content from your blog.  Always give credit to others, if you found something on other site. You can give them credit.

You can optimize your content visibility with the help of SEO. If Content is the king then SEO is the queen for any blog. It is good to write unique and original content. But it does not make any sense if no one is reading it.

Listen To Your Readers 

Readers are the backbone of any blog. It is readers who is responsible for your success of your blog. You cannot simply leave them :) Create a good environment around your blog. Answer them and resolve their queries. I have seen many bloggers who has 10-20 comments on their blog post and they didn’t reply to one. If you have pretty much big blog you can not reply to each person. But if someone is genuinely asking something you must respond to him.

Many people suggests that it is good to make backlinks for your blog. It will help you gain good PR, good Alexa ranking and eventually drive more referral traffic on your blog.  So it is great to allow other to create backlinks and help them. Answering their question will create a relation and it is a good thing.

Important Elements

Do create a disclaimer and privacy policy for your blog. There are many online Privacy policy generator which can help you. Or you can write one by your self. Keep your blog transparent with sponsored posts and affiliate links for you to gain their trust. If you are going to republish something on your blog. Make sure about their copy right policies. Do not avoid them and keep your blog safe from these.

Having transparent blog will help you in getting Adsense approval. Now a days it is hard to get Adsense approval. Keep yourself updated with the latest news, events, trends so that you will not be left behind. Keep on learning and improving to keep abreast with the stiff competition.

Up To You 

Now it is up to you. How you take this advantage and actually turn to a responsible blogger. It will help your blog grow big and perhaps you could make some extra money. If you only know how to play the game, you will win more friends, learn more new things, and on top it all, you will earn a lot. If you want to take your blogging skills to next level.vJust be fair enough and be responsible a blogger.