5 ways to recycle your older blog posts

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Gilbert Samuel
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recycle old blog post

It’s obvious that our latest blog post receives the best of traffic and page views than our older post. One of the main reasons is due to the chronological arrangement of our blog post. As we know, the eyes are always attracted to the first thing in its view before going for broader views. Your older blog post might be lying under your archive page without grabbing attention, most bloggers are not found of visiting this page. Well there are some ways you can bypass the chronological arrangement and make readers read your older posts.

1. Interlinking your blog post

Interlinking is very common but not well implemented on our blog. It’s a great way of trapping your visitors by blocking all exit doors and loop holes, this keeps visitors browsing through your older posts thereby keeping your older posts alive. Interlinking your blog post is also a good strategy of reducing your bounce rate. Remember, the key to make this effective is quality content. Don’t forget to bring the quality out of your contents.

2. Update your older post

Updating your older post is a must; of course you are going to obey the first rule I mention above. Try reading your older post and update it if anything that needs an attention, you can also review it and make sure there’s no errors. Add links of newly written article on your older post also, of course, relevant links. By then you must have written posts on points that needs more elaboration. So remember to update your posts by linking them to your newer posts, I’m sure most of you are not found of doing this, I started doing it of recent too.

3.Tweet them out

Tweeting your older post is a way bringing it back to live. You don’t need to depend

on organic traffic alone. I won’t be surprised if you forgot about your older and concentrate on your newer post, it’s normal. Well, you can automate it using plugins like tweet old post or tweetily. I use tweetily to tweet specific numbers of my older post for a specific range of hours every day. You should try it out too.

4. Use internal traffic plugins

This is common but I noticed that most of us are not making use of this. Internal traffic plugins shows older or newer posts related to your post. It’s located below the blog post, oh great! This is a good example, Look down and you’ll see the plugin in action. To enable this, you can use nrelate post or yet another related post. It’s really a great way of reducing your bounce rate too.

5. Make a round up post

This is commonly used among bloggers and definitely, it’s a great way of recycling your older post. This is where high quality contents unite to become one. A round up post is done either once in a week, month, quarterly or yearly. You can compile a list of your best quality blog post, write a short summary about them and how helpful it’ll be to your readers and don’t forget to link them to the article itself


These tips mentioned are not just ways of recycling your older blog post but they are also playing other roles like reducing your bounce rate, increasing pagerank and many more. Are there other ways you resurrect and recycle your older posts apart from the ones mentioned above? Share them with us; we would love to hear them. Which of the tips mentioned above are you implementing these tips?