Your blog is dead? 5 magical ways to resurrect it

Gilbert Samuel
Gilbert Samuel is a young blogger and a student. He's the Author and CEO of viralwriter, a blog that is specialized on how to Make your blog go viral. You can also find tips to Root rom Android Kitkat on his tech blog
Gilbert Samuel
Gilbert Samuel

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Gilbert Samuel
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Not only living things die, your blog can go down six feet you know? Don’t be surprised, you might think you’re getting the best out of your blog but the fact is that you’re not. You can’t get more out of the best you’re getting if you don’t put more effort.  Sometimes I do take blogging like fun but you know what? If you take blogging as fun then your blog might be your PS 3 instead of your professional office. I’ve seen quote of people saying “blog for fun and passion will come in”. Duh, that’s old school, if you really want to resurrect your dead blog then you must follow these tips below.

Don’t worry, I’ll list out everything from the header to your footer, digg out your blog and let give it some magical pills. If you really want to build a profitable blog there are four things you must consider;

  • Design
  • Content
  • Traffic
  • Monetization

Check out the detailed post on this and how they can help in resurrection your blog.

Your blog Design

How does your blog look like? Do you know that the design of your blog has a role to play in the number of traffic and how you make money online? It’s simple; a bad design with a difficult navigation is definitely going to have a high bounce rate because visitors will leave your blog if it’s difficult to access. Blogging is not only about writing quality content and promoting it, no! To get rid of this, the first thing you must consider is your design. And there are some things you must consider while choosing a theme, the most important of all is that your design must be responsive. In general, a great design makes you look professional > help you make more money online > more traffic > more subscribers > more returning visitors and many more. Check out the link below for more details on having an awesome design.

Must read: How your blog design can kill your blog – things to consider


He Can never be dethroned or impeached, he’s always going to remain king, who’s that? Content of course!  The way you write determines your blogging journey. When people read your article, are they going to link to you? Are they going to share your article?

Don’t just write quality contents but write great content
Don’t write only for bots alone but write for your readers and build their trust.
Don’t just give points but explain those points
Don’t write to increase the number of blog post, write to inspire and help your readers
Don’t write because your blogger friend wrote, write from your heart with your style, dig it and let it keep flowing.
Splash your writing skills round

those competitive blogospheres and magnet some readers to your blog

In a simple language, write quality and great content.


There are millions of ways to promote your blog and generate some amount of traffic and I’m sure you know them all. Traffic is a very common word but keep reading, what I’m about to share is different. Are you boasting of getting thousands of daily views on your blog? How many sales have you made? You know what! There’s a big difference between targeted and untargeted traffic.  I can have 5000 daily visits with 0 sales and I can also have 500 daily visits to an awesome amount of sale. Which would you go for? 5000 visits or 500 visits? Definitely, I’m sure you’ll go for 500 visits. Traffic is not a new game and if you want to get the best out of it, promote your blog in front of audience interested in you (in your niche). If I’m blogging on fitness, why would I want to promote my blog on SEO forums, get it? Promote your blog the right way and you’ll get those targeted visitors.


Why do we blog? I’ll definitely not agree with you if you tell me that we blog for passion alone. There’s no secret in it because it’s crystal clear, we blog to make money online and how to do we make money online? By giving yourself a plan and a goal and what’s that plan? By monetizing your blog and how do i monetize my blog? Good question!

Rest assured that before you can be able to make money online, you must utilize the steps mentioned above (blog design, quality content and traffic), have you? No? Take your time, I’ll wait…….


Now that you’ve implemented the steps mentioned above, got a good design, wrote quality contents and generated traffic, it’s time to monetize your blog. How do you monetize your blog?

The first step to take in monetizing your blog is to register as an affiliate in your hosting company, Domain Name Company and your theme.

  • Promote premium plugins you use on your blog
  • Use affiliate links in any products you recommend instead of direct links
  • As a starter you can also go for google adsense, it works best on some niches.

How do you get the best out of the products you’re promoting?

  • Write reviews
  • Use banners on your blog
  • Recommend products in your blog post and many more
  • Mention products in your blog posts (with affiliate links)


To really got the best out of your blog, you need to set a goal, ask yourself some striking questions, challenge yourself. If you’re able to utilize these then you’re good to go. Is your blog dead? Get a spade a dig it out now by implementing these tips mentioned above.


  1. Well, of course, these are great tips. But my question is how about those blogs that have poor looking design and yet they receive loads of traffic. I wonder if people look for good design or even great content. Today, the trend is to comment on each and every blog to get readers for your own blog. There are some blogs (only some) who get good traffic because of the content or good design.
    Renuka recently posted…Rajasthan – Its Culture And CloutMy Profile

    • Hi Renuka. I agree with you. Some blogs with poor designs still get good traffic but if we could take a closer look, we may find out that they get little traffic from search engines and more from social media.
      ologundudu abraham recently posted…5 tips to help manage pressure as a bloggerMy Profile

    • Hi Gilbert

      It nice to see you here. You are doing great.
      If the design is amazing, the site is well optimized, but the content is crap, the blog is still dead. This is the chain. Find your Niche > Write good contents > drive traffic to your blog > Monetize.

      thanks for the awesome post.
      ologundudu abraham recently posted…5 tips to help manage pressure as a bloggerMy Profile

    • Hi Renuka, I guess I’m gonna second you on your thought. It’s through those folks get traffics to their blogs, like for instance, there’s this popular lady at my end called Linda Ikeji, you can google her, she get’s tons of traffics to her blog and yet her design looks very crappy and are contents are mostly copied.

      You know what I realize, her traffic majorly comes from a paid traffic and I also realize that those kind of bloggers do not impact people’s lives….They blog because of their own self interest.

      That’s why I’m gonna seriously support my SIFU’s view on having a good blog design and great contents. By good design, you will be painting a picture in the mind of your viewers or readers, one in which will make them always come back to your blog. A lot of bloggers have succeeded in having me come back to their blogs because of this being put in proper place. And speaking about great contents, by that you be positioning yourself as an expert in any of your field, that is niche. My belief has always been that blogging is never about making money it’s about sharing your knowledge with the world with the principal aim of impacting their lives in other that they might achieve purpose, and that is what I preach through my blog promotivator.

      Now Renuka, when you have done all the above points my SIFU genuinely highlighted, then ultimately success would be the end result.

      Well, he is in the better position to answer you though but I hope you got my point? :)

      Stay motivated!

      Sam Adeyinka recently posted…5 tips to help manage pressure as a bloggerMy Profile

  2. Hi Gilbert.

    Well, everything begins with the beginning. In this world, the beginning is a niche. When you know your niche your blog will live a long and prosperous life. All the rest will be much, much easier. You will know your target audience, you will get targeted traffic, you will know what kind of color scheme to use, you will know how to monetize etc. It is incredible how many things depend on this simple fact: choosing a niche that is suitable for you.

    Have a wonderful day
    silviu recently posted…How to Record a Podcast and Pay NothingMy Profile

  3. You are hitting it on the head! A lot of bloggers don’t know they can kill their blogs by writing crappy content.
    Thanks again for your tips.
    frank joseph recently posted…Make money online Teens and College studentsMy Profile

  4. Hi Gilbert, it’s good to see you here again on comluv and I’m glad to know that it’s your fourth here and your 18th. :) That my friend, is indeed a great feat. I hope to achieve that myself soon.

    Speaking of your incredible topic today, this are sure ways of bringing a dead back to life, I mean like Jesus brought back Lazarus to life you too can bring your blog back to life you make use of the points up above.

    I really resonated with the second one which is the content part, plus I love your intro…..hat off there bro! :)

    The issue of content I believe cannot be overemphasized, can it? Obviously not, because for every great blog is a great scribbler. The quality of your blog can only be seen from the quality of your writings and that is why I always take my time before I publish any of my works either as my own, as a guest post or as ghost writing.

    Sir, you have done justice to this and I must confess that this title is actually very catchy as it tickled my fancy and immediately wanted me to read it. Albeit there were hurdles(bad network) along the way but I’d surmounted them anyways. :D

    Thanks for sharing this, Gilbert with this great community.

    Sam Adeyinka recently posted…A Chat With Jeet Banerjee The 20yr Old Serial EntrepreneurMy Profile

  5. Very nice article and the thing is patience is the main thing but there should be target because we can’t wait for years.
    Kunal recently posted…Moto Ghotalo Lyrics Gori Tere Pyaar Mein ft Imran Khan, Kareena KapoorMy Profile

  6. I Think Writing crap posts can harm your most and with that newbie starts adding many Ads on their blogs for monetization at once.This harms too.
    Gautam Kumar recently posted…Top 5 Free Best Antivirus For Windows 8.1My Profile

  7. Nice thought there Gilbert.
    The reason why I usually visit blogs is because I get a lot of knowledge to help me improve my blog. I will ensure the tips are applied since they will also keep it alive. ~ Anetta
    Anetta Bursh recently posted…WeChat for PC Download – Windows, Android, iPhoneMy Profile

  8. I think these days when it comes to a lot of blogs they are about “blogs”, nothing more nothing less, the majority of them about “how to make money” and not much else.

    But when you look at the stats for a lot of blogs, it is the ones that are about the niche of blogging that do well, but they are getting drowned by the large amount of blogs on the same subject.

    It is so much harder to be a blogger on a slightly different subject, but, it can be done and with the perseverance and a love of what you do, you can make it in this blogosphere.

    All blogs slow down at some point or another and keeping them up can be hard, but if you have a love for what you do they can be a success and go for many years and years!
    Karen Woodham recently posted…Twitter Verification, How Do You Get Verified on Twitter?My Profile

  9. Wow, such an educative post Gilbert. I just started blogging and I have come to realize that when you write posts and make it personal by talking directly to the readers, you buy their trust and you will realize that you shall be getting repeated visits. This way, your blog can never die or if it’s already dead, it will take a very short time to resurrect. Great content is always king so we need to focus on it
    Ngah Benoit recently posted…Finding Mr. RightMy Profile

  10. I am that camp of blogger who is actively questioning the vitality of the medium. It seems that the promise of blogging, is somehow, confused with its results. When I first entered blogging, I had two objectives. 1.) Spread my message and 2.) Earn a side income. I could easily do with either or, but blogging seems to be built on ensuring that neither occur. Bigtime blogging may not be dead, but the serious, little guy without resources is certainly looking down at a massive precipice.
    Shikha Jain recently posted…Arrival of Samsung Galaxy Express 2 to Vodafone UKMy Profile

  11. Hello Gilbert,
    The thing is, you just can’t beat quality content. When you write a lovable content and people get to know the site, it will promote its self without you putting much stress to it.
    Nice article and do have a wonderful week ahead…
    Babanature recently posted…Tips And Tricks To Recover Deleted Photos From Android PhoneMy Profile

  12. Hi Gilbert,

    I really appreciate what you had to say on “Traffic”. Targeted traffic is so important to the process when you are monetizing your blog. Getting a lot of visitors to your blog looks great and makes you feel great that all your hard work is starting to pay off. Soon after it will be less appealing when you are not making any sales.

    Good post!
    Steven Wilson recently posted…How To Turn More Email List Subscribers Into CustomersMy Profile

  13. If the blog is dead and we want to make it popular and live it again, then the best weapon available is Social Media promotions with giveaways and freebies, that’s definitely a great way.
    Jafar Dhada recently posted…Samsung Galaxy Y Price in IndiaMy Profile

  14. Cheers Gilbert :) I often find your posts hitting the right point at the right time. And this post too ..
    I believe a shopper always shops what he feels appealing to his eyes…same way round, a reader always reads what he feels appealing to his mind and eyes. This is why a good design is as important as a quality content. Hope your post gives an insight to all .
    Jessica Parker recently posted…Preexisting Condition Exclusions under HIPAA – An OverviewMy Profile

  15. I believe a good content as well as a good design are equally important to get more traffic and to be successful in this kind of business.
    Connor Harley recently posted…Help with Setting up a BusinessMy Profile

  16. Is it always about the blog content? Or is it more about the controversial content which a blog can project? At times, the design really does not matter.
    Aathira recently posted…System Integrators: Cut the Gordian knotMy Profile

  17. Resurrecting your blog can be done also with getting input from others. Use social media to find out what your target audience is interested in and as you mentioned make sure you’re frequenting sites that cater to them. If you sell clothing and jewelry look for fashion sites for example. Thanks for the tips, good post…direct and to the point!
    Sondra recently posted…Make Money From Premium Network Ads On Over 20,000 Member SitesMy Profile

  18. Hi Glibert,

    After Google Algorithm my blog’s traffic is totally ended, that day I am deciding to leave blogging and do another way to earn and live a life. After some days I am taking a rest from Internet and all online stuffs. One day I click that Why you are leaving blogging because of the traffic drops.
    Later on, again I am writing most of stuffs and helping peoples to get their answers of various question. Promoting my blogs through Social Media at the getting direct traffic to my blog.. :)

    You are totally write writing too many post, write few post that will readers. :)
    Nikhil Bille recently posted…MPSC 2014 Schedule Time Table Exam DateMy Profile

  19. I also agree with the points you listed here. But I think generating traffic is the big issue which is going to be harder than ever as Google constantly cracking down on webmasters and Bloggers. So Blogging in 2014 is tougher and will be go on and on..! anyway thanks for your effort.
    somon recently posted…Best antivirus and anti-malware app for android 2014My Profile

  20. Hey Gilbert,
    Nice post and Yes, for getting success in blogging requires lots of hardwork, consistency and patience. Due to lack of patience many bloogers stop blogging when they are frustrated. Blog design and content really plays an important role. Traffic is very important factor and we have to keep patience for it. This post really gonna help all those bloggers who are gonna quieting blogging.
    Sudipto recently posted…Best Android Phone Under 5000My Profile

  21. Hello Gilbert Samuel,
    I would like to tell you that if the design of the blog is change to the creative design so it is also a very big change for the blog as well as visitors. Let me explain you one more thing, people is always hungry of latest information that have never been published before. So, they need a platform that shares the information about the latest trends as well as the information that have never been published before. Anyways, thanks for sharing this post.

  22. Well, I was about to quite blogging but I pointed out why my blog has failed, Writing crap article is the worst choice one can take :3 :D
    Jakaria Hassan recently posted…Make Your Blog Look Like A Professional WebsiteMy Profile

  23. Some great post, keep up the good work
    Gilbert Samuel recently posted…Downlaod Jetpack Joyride for PC (Windows and Mac)My Profile

  24. Gilbert,

    I like the manner in which you intelligently presented your points…this instantly got me interested and I can clearly see that your readers too won’t be disappointed if they visit your site – eventually.

    Enjoy the weekend!

    Akaahan Terungwa recently posted…5 BIG IDEAS FOR BLOGGING WHEN NO IDEAS COME TO YOUR HEADMy Profile

  25. The main goal of any blogger should be to write quality content, without that there is no hope.

    Content is King.
    Paul recently posted…10 Best Exotic CarsMy Profile

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