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Enstine Muki
Enstine Muki
Enstine Muki
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publish blog postOne of the most exciting moments of blogging is when your well written article is ready and you are about to hit the ‘publish’ command button. But often, our articles are only ready in our brains. A lot of things are still left undone and some of these untidy things go a long way to thumb down the post. Before you publish your next post, I recommend you check these few points out to avoid embarrassment and falling out with search engines. You may also have to look at these 5 ways to promote new posts  as soon as you publish it. Here therefore are the 9 crucial points I recommend;

1 – Proof-reading

One of the things you must do before going live is to read through your copy several times. Leave your PC and come back to reread. You’re certainly going to find some silly errors.

Sometimes, what you read is not what’s written. It happens often. You are looking at something and reading another thing in your brain. That’s while it’s recommended to read aloud to yourself. This practice actually corrects any wrongly recorded text in your brain and helps you correct errors. If you have someone around to check the article for errors, that will be better.

2 – Take care of some SEO components

SEO is not dead really! There are a couple of onpage SEO factors that you must pay attention to before making your article public. Following the recent Google updates, some SEO brains may argue some of these points but I think we still need to consider them. Let’s start with the permalink.

The Permalink: This is actually the url structure of your article. It’s just below your post title. Before now, SEO experts used to advice having your main keyword in the URL of your article. Whatever Google is cooking, it is still worth using your keyword in the permalink and making it clean and readable.

Post Title, Description, keywords and tags:  These 4 components certainly have some SEO importance so there is definitely need not to rush over them. Some times, we forget the keywords, description and tags. This has happened to me and I looked dumb. Before you publish your next article, be sure these factors are all well in place.

Categories: Categories are meant to help organize posts in different relevant groups. This helps the readers quickly locate the information they are looking for. Poorly categorized blog may mislead the readers and send them away. This plays negatively on bounce rate and time on site. It’s important you pay attention to which category your post should tie to.

3 – Media Components

Images and videos and some of the components that add value and beauty to your article. However, these also have downsides if you miss the point. While well tagged images can improve visibility on search engines, poorly treated and large image files will add more weight to your page and make it SEO unfriendly. Be sure to optimize your images for SEO and fast loading speed.

4 – Internet Speed

Now those of us from areas

where Internet is still a luxury, speed is often an issue to deal with. Fast speed Internet connection in such areas always weighs heavily on the pockets of users. This explains while more of us still have dial-up technology. Now avoid hitting the submit button when your connection is too slow. You stand a high chance to lose part of your article. This happened to me and I almost lost a huge part of my post. If you think your connection is not good enough to publish, just wait until all is set.

5 – Install commentLuv Premium

If you want real engagement on your next blog post, CommentLuv Premium is the most recommended engagement plugin. I saw a huge improvement on my blog when I upgraded from the free to the premium version. Now, a lot has been added to the piece to make it even more exiting.  It’s a perfect mix of referral and SEO traffic, Twitter and community building plugin. All these in one can completely change your blog positively.

NB: Here is how I finally got CommentLuv Premium absolute free

6 – Linking to other articles

We know that creating both external and internal links on your next article will have some SEO benefits. Linking to external resources adds more value to your article and gives visitors more information.  Linking to another article on your blog increases time on site and reduces bounce rate. These are all SEO ranking factors you must neglect. So I encourage you go back to your article and be sure you have some links to related contents.

7 – Social Sharing tools

Are your social sharing buttons in place? I know most blogs now have the tweet, like, Google+, Facebook share buttons in place but you need to double check yours are well in place too.  This will help your readers share your next article on social media bringing in more traffic. The good news is that most of these social sharing plugins are free. Check on JetPack (by WordPress)  if you are not sure which package to get.

8 – Encourage Engagement

Most of us wonder why we don’t get engagement on our articles. One of the reasons is that we don’t ask for it. There is nothing bad in asking questions in your article, aimed at pushing your readers to react in the comment box.  Don’t just write like you are preaching in church. Make sure your next article encourages conversation. Make it a discussion board by asking question and encouraging your readers to leave a comment and share the post.

9 – The ‘Update’ command button can hurt your blog

Each time you hit ‘publish’, WordPress sends a ping signal to Google and other search engines to let them know you have a new article on your blog. That doesn’t end there. Hitting ‘Update’ also pings the search engines telling them your article has an update. Now the more you update, the more signals you get sent to Search engines. This may turn down on you if you repeatedly update within a close range as these search engines may misunderstand your action and take it for search engine spamming. Be really sure you get your post well set before publishing

I hope these points will help you get your next article quite ready before publication. Let me hear your thoughts in the comment box below.

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  1. Hi Enstine,

    Great tips from thriving bloggers. I do acquiesce your point,

    Practicing a good habit of thinking that “Is my content is suitable sufficient to arrive at the front results of search engine” before clicking on release button.

    Sagar Rai recently posted…How To Make A Blog- The PromotionsMy Profile

  2. Hey Enstine , in what way html permalink helps for better seo. I’m using it but not getting better results
    Naveen recently posted…Nokia Lumia 2520: First Tablet From Nokia that Supports 4GMy Profile

  3. Hey Enstine,

    Great write up buddy. I can’t agree more with the SEO part. It is not dead but never over think about it. At times, simplicity is the best remedy :)

    Thanks for sharing!
    Reginald recently posted…Organic SEO Strategies And SEO Tools For Hummingbird and Penguin 2.1My Profile

  4. Piyush Mathur says:

    Hi Enstine,

    Excellent tips for budding writers! Readers will only take a blogger seriously if they make sure that their work is crisp to the last dot. We can never be too careful!


  5. Great update there. I actually stopped by because of your title and after reading the post is filled with facts. What I really didn’t know is the last point where you say updating may cause the search engine to wonder what you are doing and take your post as a spam. If I have to count some of the mistakes I do while posting this would be one of them though not often. Thanks Enstine for the update. ~ Anetta
    anetta.b recently posted…Nimbuzz for PC Free DownloadMy Profile

  6. I never thought about last point ‘Update’ command button can hurt our blogs. This is awesome.
    Thanks for this post.

  7. Hi Enstine,

    Wonderful to see yet another post from you here – once again :)

    Yes indeed, if you aren’t careful about these points, you are surely going to land yourself in trouble later. Sleeping over an article you’ve written is the one I love, and I usually do myself. I think the next morning edits are the best one as you see your content with a new set of eyes.

    I agree about the SEO part too, though I really wonder what really works now and what doesn’t! SO many times I have posts ranking well when I use no SEO, while at other times, even the best methods just don’t show up anywhere. I DO wish Google would lessen it’s updates so that we know one sure way to follow ;)

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead :)
    Harleena Singh recently posted…15 Breast Cancer Prevention Tips For Men and WomenMy Profile

  8. Very good points Enstine. I realized that I am missing some very crucial points. Every post of my blog usually have 3-4 revisions. Its very important to use proof reading plugins. Optimizing your images is also very important as it reduces blog load time which is very crucial for search engine rankings and good user experience. Smush.it is a great plugin for optimizing your images. Taking care of SEO awill also help your blog a lot. Whatever be the change in Google Algorithm, some basic SEO tips always work.
    Ankur Upadhyay recently posted…5 Awesome Web Analytics and Traffic Statistics plugins for WordPressMy Profile

    • Hi Ankur,
      You mentioned an important plugin I just just on my blog. It’s actually the most recommended plugin for ‘lossless’ image optimization. It can actually cut down image size by 2 without a negative impact on quality.

      Thanks for commenting and mentioning it

  9. Hey Enstine,

    Great to see you here at Andy’s home and what a great topic. Man, there are so many things to take into consideration before we publish a post. I actually get a little upset when some of these mentors will tell new bloggers to just start writing content to start filling up space on their blogs.

    There are so many little things to remember and I definitely just do the basics with the SEO. So with the latest Google update do you think that just putting in the phrase of what you want people to search for should now be in our permalinks? We use to take out the little words you know but now I think we need to leave them in. What are your thoughts about that?

    Anyone who doesn’t have CommentLuv Premium is SO missing the boat here. I know people love those other commenting systems but I bet they don’t get as much interaction at their place as we do. That’s because we love to share the love don’t we. ;-)

    Great share today and good to see you here. Hope both of you are having a good week and take care.

    Adrienne recently posted…Why Effective Consistency in Blogging Is CrucialMy Profile

    • Hey Adrienne,
      I’m so excited you could make time to read and drop a contribution today. It’s been long i visited your blog and left a comment. The last 2 times I read your blog, I couldn’t leave a comment due to poor network connectivity that did not even allow the sharing buttons to load.

      However, network is better today and I’m trying to handle lots of comment both here, on my blog and elsewhere.

      Yes, it’s a great thing to be here at comluv. Andy has an interesting community of guest authors and I’m glad to be part of it ;)

      Now, I think permalink is no longer a big deal in ranking content after hummingbird update. There is a general shift from keyword optimization to content usability. However, I think it’s still a good practice to have a handy and descriptive url which may somehow give a clue to what’s in the body.

      Yes, I’m having a great week and I think Andy too is ;)

  10. Enstine

    Some great stuff here. I’ve been trying to improve my site speed, with only limited success it seems, but I’ll keep digging away.

    I’d never thought about the “Update Button” issue before. I suppose it makes sense really. I’m really guilty of this. I’ll do a post then after publishing think, “Oh there should be a link there” so I go back in. Oops! Will have to plan better in future.

    Richard Farnhill recently posted…One oar won’t get you anywhereMy Profile

  11. Thanks, Enstine. I didn’t know that updating causes search engine confusion. Occasionally, I have had to go back to a post and correct something or add something. I’ll be more careful in the future!
    Allison recently posted…My Two Favorite After Shower Spray Oils: Nature Island Botanicals and Agrumi & Cannella Dry OilsMy Profile

  12. Hi Enstine
    I just know that by hitting the update button will make us mark as spam, I think that is not fair for us. The update button is one of the tools from wordpress to fix our article. But hank you for this warning
    ithauphy recently posted…Benefits of Paid Surveys as Income SourceMy Profile

  13. Good reminder post! I do most of these things .. but have gotten lazy with key words .. must pick that back up again ;-)

    Monica P recently posted…Pear shaped gals can wear multi color dressesMy Profile

  14. Hi Enstine,
    Thanks for this nice and informative article. The importance of point No. 9 cannot be denied. It is so important to know that multiple updates of the same article in quick succession will lead to negative message to Search Engine. That’s why I always make sure to read and re-read the article from all respect before hitting the publish button. Thanks for summing up these 9 essential points on blogging so well.
    William recently posted…3 Biggest Search Rival Work so closelyMy Profile

  15. Great tips, Enstine – I’m so glad you’ve mentioned proofreading. Something else people often forget, which comes before proofreading, is editing – people often get them mixed up and think they’re the same thing, but they’re not at all. Editing’s about making sure your draft is as good as it can be and often involves re-phrasing things, removing unnecessary words, or rearranging the content so it makes more sense – that kind of thing – whereas proofreading’s just about checking for errors.

    I’m also pleased you’ve cited the importance of asking questions to encourage engagement – if you want your readers to comment, I think that’s crucial.
    Susan Neal recently posted…15 Beliefs To Supercharge Your Writing CareerMy Profile

  16. Good read. As far as #9 I believe you can limit the pings. I read it somewhere once before. But regardless, that is interesting.
    Leon Bailey recently posted…Styled Wedding Shoot On Lake Virginia Sneak Peek VideoMy Profile

  17. Enstine, it’s good to see your content published here on Comluv. It’s a great piece indeed.
    Yes a lot of people make these mistakes with their blogs. I am guilty in the area of update. Occasionally, I have updated my posts without even knowing I was sending the wrong signals to the search engines. I will be a little more careful next time to avoid some form of penalty.

    One big problem I have discovered with some blogs is that they try to use article spinners to rewrite articles stolen from other websites. Unfortunately, this destroys the little reputation left for the blog. Recently I got an invitation from a blogger to submit a guest post to his audience. On instinct, I decided to first pay a visit to the site to see how it looked like. Surprisingly, the first article I saw there was the article I wrote and submitted to another site; it had been rewritten with an article spinner. But this time, it was badly battered beyond recognition. Every sentence was almost incomprehensible. I declined the offer and advised the young man to take down all his posts and rewrite them. if he would ever get any human to read his blog. We must learn to write original content meant for human consumption.

    Now back to your post Enstine; I made the mistake of not optimizing my post images in the past. But since I realised how much impact it had on loading speed, I never make any post now without optimizing the images to make them lighter and consume less space.

    Proof reading your content before publishing is very important because it is embarrassing to finally discover you have made some grammatical blunders in your post, or all together you have used sentences that shouldn’t have been used at all. This is easier to correct if it happened on your own blog. What if you submitted it as a guest post on a new community? That automatically tells negatively on you and you may not have another opportunity to appease the community.

    Like you rightly said, engagement should be encourage by the way you write. Leave a space for your readers to add their own opinions or ask questions where necessary. Don’t run your blog as you are the owner and the only person that has the right to express himself. When you make your readers feel like orphans, you will never get any comments or interactivity on your blog.

    Thanks once again Enstine for this wonderful write up. Do have a great and lovely weekend ahead.
    Efoghor Joseph Ezie recently posted…Social Media Suicide: 7 Ways You Are Driving Your Followers AwayMy Profile

  18. Great article Enstine. Every time I read an article published by you either on your blog or as a guest post, I always smile at the end cause I always learn something new. I never knew that updating your posts frequently and can cause Search Engines to regard it as spam. I have been doing this and never knew the effect it has on my blog. Thanks so much for this post cause it has really made me understand the effects of always hitting the update button.
    Ngah Benoit recently posted…The ultimate guide to a healthy and successful relationshipMy Profile

  19. Judy Miller says:

    I am aware that one should be really careful on updating posts too often and too quickly. I use a plug in that does not re-ping automatically so that the problem does not arise. Such plugins are available from within your wordpress dashboard if you search for them in plugins.

  20. Hi Enstine

    What a great post. I must confess I seldom sleep on a post unless I write late at night and then I do. What I do though is get my husband to proof it for me.

    I do the basics in SEO and like Reginald said I do not over think it.

    I of course use Comment Luv Premium. Although I was having a few problems with the update.

    Engagement is of course everything and that takes time and work.

    Thanks for another awesome post.


  21. Hi Enstine,
    What a great suggestions you have shared above. Honestly I often do proof read after I publish my post. I don’t know why but I just can’t wait to publish once I finished it. May be I should change this habit for better result :)

    Thanks for this post my friend. Have a great week my friend
    Okto recently posted…How Do I Create Video Content for Free?My Profile

  22. Hi brother !
    Glad to read your guest post .You have added every important point in this post . As a newbie i didn’t know all these points ..and i had committed many mistakes in the initial months . I would say this is a very important post for a newbie as well as a experienced bloggers who are unaware of all these points.

    Pramod recently posted…Wechat download for PC/Computer/Android :The How to GuideMy Profile

  23. Hello Enstine,
    Thank for these best pratices. I’m interested to know how many hours did you spend to write this article:) About SEO factors, One thing that we forgot often it to describe all tags we use. YES, it’s really important to do that and also chose 4 or 5 tags.
    Before using an image or video, we must alter that if needed . It’s really a great tips to encourage your readers and for that, there are several ways to do that. I think about: comment luv integration (widget for top uers), integration of a contest to win a price, etc.
    Thank for this share Enstine.
    marc.donovan recently posted…How to Save the Whatsapp Profile Pic of Your FriendsMy Profile

  24. Hi Enstine,
    I didn’t know before that my posts are pinged each time I update them!
    This can cause serious problems indeed!
    I usually write and optimize my post on a word document, but even though, I still update it few times in the same day I publish it. I should be more careful in the future!
    Regarding tags, does it still have an importance on SEO? I thought well defined categories can fill the gap, do I still have to add tags?

    Thank you for sharing these important tips.
    Have a nice day !
    Dima Al Mahsiri recently posted…Beautiful Skin, the Natural WayMy Profile

  25. This is awesome advice! I write my articles in Word to make proofreading easier and then paste it into the posts page. I always run through a checklist before publishing a post; I make sure I take care of SEO Items using the WordPress SEO Plugin, select the author for the post, add meta descriptions to all my images, select the featured image, select the category and tags, etc. Then I preview the post to make sure that the post looks and functions correctly before publishing it.
    Bill recently posted…Oxford Maryland WeddingMy Profile

  26. I use a plugin to limit the amount of times I “ping” my posts, so when I update an article, it doesn’t ping on multiple updates, which does help from being banned if you are consistently updating articles and hitting the publish button.
    Karen Woodham recently posted…What Are UK iPhone Users Doing With Their Phones! [InfoGraphic]My Profile

  27. Helpful post! I didn’t know about the ‘update’ part that it may hurt my post. Going to be more careful while posting. Also the SEO thing – that content is more important.
    Renuka recently posted…Jaisalmer Fort – In Pictures (Part I)My Profile

  28. Some amazing points mentioned by you here and I agree with point of proof reading as I have seen many big bloggers publishing their post without proof reading and that contains a lot of grammatical mistakes and errors.
    Abhishek recently posted…Greeting Cards with qoutes for Diwali 2013My Profile

  29. Hello; Thanks for this post. It would have been so helpful to have found it a year or so ago and not having had to read endless posts to gather the same information that you put in one well framed article. I am a blind computer user, so I have been making it a habit to listen to my computer read my posts before publishing for a while now. I do have comment love thanks to adrienne smith telling me about its benefits. My sharing buttons are good, but people need to make sure they are set for their own blogs. I recently found out the plug in i use for the sharing buttons was using the author’s twitter account instead of mine. It wasn’t hard to change, but I had done a lot of tweets that someone else got credit for. I hear this is a common practice among plug in creators that we need to be aware of. I look forward to your next post. Thanks again and take care, Max
    Maxwell Ivey recently posted…How I came to be called Mr. MidwayMy Profile

  30. Drew Tracy says:

    Proof-Reading is hugely overlooked. I admit to getting lazy every once in a while. Great post, Thanks!

  31. I once completely ignored the onsite SEO aspects. Now I have too many articles only blog and I need to re-work on the keyword inserting and stuffs again which will turn into a completely tedious task. So people who are starting new blogs please consider on-site SEO from the beginning. Or you will have to do hell lot of work lately.
    Vicky recently posted…6 Peculiar Dating Websites You Might Have Not Come AcrossMy Profile

  32. Proof reading is my achiles heel. When I read over something I wrote, my mind seems to always miss the same mistake.

    My advice is, once you write an article, let it lay there for 2-3 days then read it over. You’ll catch much more mistake after what you wrote have had time to leave your mind.
    Dash_E recently posted…Do Heating Pads After A Workout Help Reduce Muscle Soreness?My Profile

  33. Hello Enstine,
    These are indeed great tips every bloggers should do before and after publishing your blog post. Regarding your last point there is a plugin that can help a blogger send out ping once on a particular post. No matter how many times you click the publish button, it will only send signal once.
    Thanks for this lovely post and do have a lovely week ahead…
    Babanature recently posted…Google Suddenly Stop Sending Visitors To Your Blog? Try This StepsMy Profile

  34. Hello Enstine,
    Excellent writeup. I will specially go with 1,2,6 & 8. That doesn’t mean i dont comply other tactics. But i will as well add, we should make use of CTA buttons to drive more traffic & conversion on our landing page.
    Arjunsinh recently posted…The Social Talk – Why Talking is more Popular than Sharing on Social Platforms?My Profile

  35. hi buddy,
    I would like to really thank you to tell us the disadvantages of updating our posts quite often.
    I will surely take care of this from now.
    yogesh recently posted…Why should we have a cyber-security system?My Profile

  36. Hello; Thanks for the warm reply. Yes, adrienne is a star for sure. And I am glad to hear you don’t include your own info as the default when developing new plug ins. I had thought I had updated the share plug in but somehow missed the one for twitter. It was only because of another good friend sue neil trying to tweet one of my pages that I found out this was the case. And I visited your blog, but I couldn’t find a email subscription or rss subscribe button. as a blind computer user its easier for me to visit sites when I get email alerts that there are new posts to read. would love to be on your list if you have one. Keep up the great work, max
    Maxwell Ivey recently posted…How I came to be called Mr. MidwayMy Profile

  37. hi thanks for this article i do all things that are to be done mostly before publishing any article but thanks for this advise
    rajat recently posted…black and white pics free downloadMy Profile

  38. Really you have given some very interesting points that we must consider before posting the post and the main thing and very important is proof reading .
    Jones recently posted…15 Wedding Nail Design Ideas For Wedding DayMy Profile

  39. Anis Rehman says:

    thanx Enstine Muki posts shows that you have a great experience in it. Thanx for the advices for newbies. But still i will look farward for your help on the following topics in which i need help about. I want to know
    1) – how to make fast and easy backlinks daily ?
    2) – how to optimize blogs which does not contain much writing content like photos or dramas embeded blogs.

  40. awesome words.i folloow all of these steps in my next post. really these are great suggetions for any authors. im saying my heartful thanks to enstine muki.
    ajaykumar recently posted…my space detailsMy Profile

  41. Hi Enstine,
    Those are are excellent points to remember before hitting the publish button. I proof read my posts twice.
    Though this thing about slow internet speed was a bit new to me. I understand that low connection speed might get you in trouble. Luckily never happened with me.
    Thanks for sharing this with us.
    Vineet Saxena recently posted…5 Reasons Why You Must Use Child Themes For WordPressMy Profile

  42. Some very useful tips here. i use Yoast for my SEO on the site, and find it works very well. I hadn’t really thought about the “pinging” of the search engines that occurs every time I change an article. Sometimes, I might change an article 6 or 7 times, so perhaps I need to re-evaluate this.
    Dave Briggs recently posted…TBEX in Dublin 2013 – My ThoughtsMy Profile

  43. Great read Enstine :) I never knew about slow internet connections which might cause so much problems while publishing. Next time,I’ll take care of that too . Thank you so much for sharing with us :)
    Jessica Parker recently posted…Implications of the Retail Clinic Model for Conventional HealthcareMy Profile

  44. hi thanks for this article this post was new to me but very interesting also so a nice one
    rajat recently posted…paparazzi life routines and photosMy Profile

  45. I had no idea the update button pinged the search engines again! All the more reason to proofread more thoroughly before hitting publish.

  46. Great post Enstine. All the point you mention in the blog post are great. it is helpul for many newbie blogger like me coz i always updtes my post and publish without proofreading thank you for sharing this its helpful
    Nikhil recently posted…All you want to know about new apple iPad AirMy Profile

  47. update button thing was quite new for me. I never thought it can have some adverse effect on our blog. I am really gonna take care of this in future.
    alan recently posted…BBM for PC Download, BlackBerry Messenger for Windows7/8/Vista ComputerMy Profile

  48. The thing I notified while publishing posts is that there are lot’s of grammatical mistakes because while speed writing we don’t care much about them.So before publishing you must check your grammatical mistakes and spelling errors.I have lot’s of spelling mistakes while speed writing.
    Tayyab Nasir recently posted…HOW TO STAY SAFE ONLINE AND PROTECT YOUR ASSETS ?My Profile

    • Hi Tayyab,
      It’s always a good thing to check and correct errors before publishing. I know often, we skip over them not knowing but moving away and back to the post can help you discover more of the errors.
      Thanks for your comment bro

  49. Just be honest while you post, misspelled words are defiantly a sign of ignorance. Agree. It is essential to craft sharing as easy as likely for users and developers. Most CMS platforms have plugins that include numerous sharing buttons into a single grouping, like the ShareBar on WordPress.
    Chetan recently posted…Choosing Real Estate Builders & Developers in MumbaiMy Profile

  50. Hey Chetan,
    Good to see you here and thanks for your comment. Hope to see you again here and why not on my blog for more engagement!
    Enstine Muki recently posted…Introducing the best Internet Marketing Training Platform!My Profile

  51. Great tips,
    I was making one mistake as I had to update my old post seo on my website, I was spamming Update like probably 3-4 times for 1 post in 20-30 minutes ratio.. Thanks to you I know I won’t do that anymore!
    Hristiqn Nikolov recently posted…Win the battle against yourself!My Profile

  52. Oh thats sad… I had a bad practise of updating my blog posts once i publish… :(
    I think this is the reason i am unable to get top rankings….:(
    I would not do this again ever,
    SAJID recently posted…Google Zero GravityMy Profile

  53. seriously this are great tips although I have been using quite a number ofthem before but i have discovered others which will be useful for me in my future post. Thank you.
    oladayo ojekunle recently posted…How to start A Daycare Business with small capitalMy Profile

  54. Bob Deroy says:

    Very insightful checkpoints. I know and practice all of them except for the very last one. I knew that updating my blog signals the search bots to eturn to my site… i just failed to really take it into consideration. I guess we bloggers can also spam google search engines right? Is their anybody besides family who wouldn’t regard our hard work as spam? poor bloggers!
    Thanks for a wonderful post.

  55. Hiii Enstine
    I follow all the points which you have mentioned in this article except the first one i.e i dont reread my written article again and again.But whenever i re read the article i find some minor mistakes which creates bad images in eyes of reader.I am greatly inspired by your first points and now hopefully my article are well written without any mistakes and i found slight decrease in my bounce rate after this.
    Thanxx for sharing this information !!
    priyanka verma recently posted…Latest Merry Christmas 2013 Wishes Messages for FamilyMy Profile

  56. Arpita♥ says:

    I think I have to add a few social media sharing buttons to my website :/ Thanks for the tips ^_^

  57. Hi Enstine,

    Yes, interesting phenomenon. You look at a piece of text but, in your mind, you think you read something else. It happened to me, too. Of course, the remedy is to read it again and better, read it aloud.
    SEO dead? I agree with you. It is not dead. However, we are living at the dawn of a new era where the paradigm changes. We won’t use search results so much. New methods to identify people’s needs and want will be developed.
    I have just switched from All In One SEO to WordPress SEO by Yoast. Now I am more familiar with the SEO components that must be evaluated and set up properly. There is just one think I would like to mention.
    In my opinion, it is not a good idea to optimize a post perfectly. An SEO plugin offers you 10-15 or more SEO elements to tweak but, if you set them all each and every time in an attempt to create the perfect optimized post, you risk to get into trouble with what is called over-optimization.
    I always leave 1-2 SEO components not set so my posts are never optimized perfectly.

    Have a wonderful day
    silviu recently posted…How to Make a Podcast and Attract ListenersMy Profile

  58. I was shocked when you warned, what a great style to attract attention. Well I do all these before I publish my posts, no problem at all..!!
    Jafar Dhada recently posted…Micromax Canvas HD Price in IndiaMy Profile

  59. omet meto says:

    I didn’t know that updating causes search engine confusion. Thanks Enstine,

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