3 top ways to increase traffic without Search Engines or Social Media!

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Enstine Muki

Enstine Muki

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Enstine Muki
Enstine Muki
Enstine Muki
Enstine Muki
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trafficSearch engines and social media are great ways to pull traffic to websites. Before this era of Social media, Search engines used to be the main talk around whenever web traffic was mentioned.

Today, there are many more ways you can get real targeted traffic to your blog even without the almighty search engines – guest posting, blog commenting, etc.

There is no way we can under-estimate the power of social media. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc are playing a key role when it comes to driving traffic from social media. It’s almost impossible for everyone to be doing business online without a social media presence.  Social media is free so what stops you?

But how do you get the so much needed targeted traffic without these crucial 2 elements? That’s what I want us to discuss in this post today. Watch out for the bonus tip below ;)

3 Ways to increase traffic without SEO or SM

There are 3 ways I have identified you can use to pull traffic to your blogs or websites.  Some of these will start generating instant results while others may take time to build. Let’s starts with the fastest;

1 – Join the BroadedNet platform

BroadedNet is a platform for blog promotion. It’s NOT a Private blog network. It’s simply a tool that links member blogs together through its widget.  Here is what happens;

  • You signup to the platform, follow instructions and install the widget on your blog.
  • Once the widget is installed on your blog, you can now go ahead to publish your own articles on the platform. What you will need is just the article Title and Url

With the widget on your blog, articles from other blogs (that were posted in the system) will start showing on your blog. There are 2 ways to get other articles to show on your blog;

  1. They can be randomly selected based on your chosen category.
  2. You can select which articles should be shown on the widget on your blog. This allows you full control over what you display on your blog.

As others articles show on your blog, yours too are being picked and displayed on other blogs. The more articles you have on the platform, the more referral traffic you get from other blogs.

BroadedNet is safe. It’s a simple advertising platform. It’s not a link building tool. No blog on it gets a backlink. No blog on it links to another. All the links on the widget are pointing back to the platform on a nofollow tag. There is therefore no SEO risk!

Go to BroadedNet and sign up for free.

2 – Join Blog Community sites


are sites where you meet other bloggers, connect with them and invite them to your blog. There are many of such sites out there today that generate real traffic.

You have to be active on these sites in order to see these results. By being active, I mean voting entries, commenting and sharing. That’s how you attract attention to yourself from other members.

Some of these community sites are;

Having traffic from these bookmarking sites can be immediate. You actually meet more bloggers on them anytime of the day you choose to connect.

3 – Build a list

Your email list is the most effective and never-failing source of traffic. If you are online and not building a list, you are leaving an important part of your success strategies out.  Your list is your only source of traffic you have full control over.

Those guys of Social Media can change their policies or even suspend your accounts. You may have no one to turn to. Google is changing every now and then making it so difficult to be relied on.

Your list is at your disposal 24/7. All you have to do is pay your autoresponder fees. Each time you mail your list, be sure for traffic. However, you have to mind the following points;

  • Build a targeted list
  • Use a reliable autoresponder
  • Don’t send thrash to your list
  • Work hard to grow your list
  • Etc

Bonus point – Feature other bloggers on your blog

Let me share with you this bonus point. I have been doing this and it’s so powerful. You simply should write about other influential bloggers on your blog. This is not the traditional interview type of blog posts. Take it from a different approach.  Look at the way I have featured these bloggers on my blog. Click here to see it

Here is the point…

These featured bloggers have been promoting their featured articles on my blog like crazy. They link to them, mention them, speak about them, etc. This goes a long way to pull back more traffic from their communities to your blog.

You may want to check out this post for more ways to increase traffic to your blog

That’s it!

So if you have been so worried about traffic to your blog, start applying some of these strategies today for better results

Let me hear what you think about them. Let’s share in the comment box below