Carpe Diem: Getting the most from the end of summer

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Melissa Crossman
Melissa Crossman lives in Indianapolis with her two dogs. She enjoys cooking and volunteering in her community.
Melissa Crossman
Melissa Crossman
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As the end of summer has occurred  most people seem to have this little voice whisper in their ear, “Autumn is here and the end of summer has passed.” This seems to give us more chills than a winter storm looming on the horizon. The beautiful warm weather will soon disappear. How can this be? It seems as though we just went through winter and now the season is upon us once again. Why do the warm summer months fly by so quickly? By the time autumn nears many of us are thinking about how we can embrace these wonderful dog days of summer just a little harder before they are gone completely. What are some of the things we can do before the end of summer is really here?

How about a Vacation?

If you didn’t take a vacation this summer, then think about venturing off to a place you’ve never visited before. If you’ve yet to plan a vacation or make reservations,  you still have time for a get-a-way. If the lack of funds prevents you from planning a week or so away then consider a mini-vacation. Imagine just packing your suitcase and hitting the open road, destination unknown, and going as far as your budget allows. You’ll discover places you never even knew existed. Eat meals at out-of-the way mom and pop restaurants. Visit small towns along the way and browse through quaint little shops. Go antique or resale shopping. Meet new people and develop new friendships. Take your camera and capture your last fun summer trip.

No Money to go Anywhere on Vacation?

  • Prince said it best, “You don’t have to be rich to be my girl.” Courting summer doesn’t have to cost you a stack if you know what you’re doing. Here are some cheap, and easy ways to spend the dog days of summer.
  • Get outside every day as much as possible.
  • Tinker around the yard, prune the garden and plants
  • Think about canning and freezing a good supply of fruits and vegetables for the long winter that is just around the corner. Visit local farm markets to help fill in your winter supply of fresh harvest
  • Laze in the sun, and catch up on sleep, or read a good book
  • Go swimming and build something spectacular in the sand on the beach
  • Have a barbeque for friends and family. Go on picnics as
    much as possible. Have a late summer get-to-gather with family and friends and celebrate the last moments of a wonderful summer
  • Go for walks in the evening or take the kids down a nature trail. Plan a bike ride for the whole day, taking bag lunches. Make the kids spend most days outside and exercise
  • Organize a potluck street party with neighbors, progressive dinner and or scavenger hunt
  • Have a glass of wine with a loved one and catch the sunset

Organize a Late Summer Baseball Game

You’re not truly enjoying the transition to fall if you’re not experiencing the  tastes of homemade apple pie, hot dog roasts, home-made lemonade or baseball games. Get tickets and go spend the day at the football field by yourself or with a group. Have a tailgate lunch before the game and enjoy the day.

The Wise Save Money with End of Summer Shopping

The tail end of summer contains a ton of sales. Be prepared and money wise to take advantage of these enormous specials. These last moments of summer are great for taking advantage of the sales for back to school clothes and supplies. Make a list for next year, and decide if that grill will need to be replaced for next summer-buy these summer items on sale! And the end of summer brings with it household appliance sales, so if you’re in the market for big name appliances, you can probably get them cheaper now than you will all year. Spend a day resale shopping, browse all of the resale shops in your locality and find out what treasures await. Take advantage of garage sales, and resale shops are a great place to buy name brand, hardly worn children’s clothing for pennies.

Personal Time is Important

Save out personal time every day. This time is essential for everyone’s physical, emotional and mental health. Relax in the lawn chair and read a good book. Go for a cup of coffee with friends. Go for an adult evening swim at the local park pool, or if a pool is available make use of it one last time. Spend an evening out on a date night with dinner and a movie. Start an exercise program and get in shape for the holidays, ditch the fast food, and turn to fruits and vegetables already cleaned and prepared for easy quick snacks. Work on that long over-due project, whether it is the restoration of an old car or a piece of furniture. Take a study course that has always been on your mind. The list of personal time activities is endless and of course individual, just make your list and stick with it.

No matter if one has money or not, there are plenty of freebies and sales to take advantage of during the transition months. Live life to the fullest, embracing each and every last gorgeous autumnal day’s breeze.