Fitness 101: What Exercise Equipment Should I Use at the Gym?

You walk into the gym, pumped for a workout. To one side, the strength training machines sit. You know you’ll get a muscle burn from them — but will you burn calories if you don’t work up a sweat? To the other side, all manner of cardio machines sit. You know you’ll burn calories, but […]

Preparing for the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act’s Scheduled Changes, 2010-2020


  The Basics of The Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act President Barack Obama signed into law the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act on March 23, 2010. This bill represented nothing less than the most significant change in our medical care system since Medicare went into effect in the 1930s and Medicaid became a […]

Internships and Networking: Gaining Experiences and Connections to Further Your Career


For any college student looking to get a leg up in the professional world, a little work experience can go a long way. While it doesn’t supersede the value of a good education, real work experience will increase your industry connections, your skill sets and even your familiarity with your trade-all of which can increase […]

Great hair: How to achieve that Hollywood look without spending a fortune


Have you always dreamed of having a long, lush hair, a la Kim Kardashian or Jennifer Lopez? It’s not as easy as it looks – especially if your hair is short or fine. But celebrities aren’t just born with fabulous hair; many of them rely on hair extensions to create those looks you see at […]

How to start your own website for your job search


Although the economy is purportedly getting better, many people are still feeling the recession hangover. Whether you’re unemployed or just underemployed and looking for something better, it’s important to do everything you can to give yourself a leg up in your job search. One technique is to build a website about yourself in a professional […]

5 tips for safe winter driving


That winter wonderland that you sing about can be a nightmare on the road. The combination of colder weather, slick roads and the salt and chemicals used to keep the roads safe for traffic can wreak havoc on your car. While there are many driving myths floating around the Internet, the following is some advice you can […]

Top apps for safety on the go


Maybe Angry Birds is a wise use of your smartphone’s precious space. But if you use your smartphone only to play games or check the weather, you may be missing out on some of the most practical uses of mobile technology. There’s an app for almost everything nowadays, including apps that will help you stay […]

Carpe Diem: Getting the most from the end of summer

summer into fall

As the end of summer has occurred  most people seem to have this little voice whisper in their ear, “Autumn is here and the end of summer has passed.” This seems to give us more chills than a winter storm looming on the horizon. The beautiful warm weather will soon disappear. How can this be? It […]

Four Common Remodeling Mistakes to Avoid


Every homeowner who puts sweat equity into his home believes he’s making the house more desirable and more valuable. But not all renovations are actually worth the money they cost. A lack of experience or overestimating his own skills can cause a well-meaning DIYer to end up spending cash he’ll probably never recoup. Everyone should […]

How to Find an Apartment in a New City


You aced the interview for that dream job, and you’re looking forward to starting your new career. But if your new job is 1,000 miles away, the anxiety of finding a place to live may overshadow your new-job excitement. Fortunately, today’s long-distance apartment-hunters have a world of resources at their fingertips to help them find […]