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Enstine Muki

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Enstine Muki
Enstine Muki
Enstine Muki
Enstine Muki
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review blog postsYou can never make money blogging until you give your blog the power to generate income. Blogging as an activity does not make the money. There is no way creating and publishing articles on your blog can make you money if you don’t place those money making objects on your blog.

Banners, adsense sponsored posting are all ways to empower your blog with a money making capacity but these are all very limited.  Adsense is even no where to be found except you have some dissent traffic. You may even apply this completely new money making method to make extra money from your blog posts. These methods all work.  However, there is a simple way to give an everlasting money making capacity to your blog.

I want us to look at something you need to do constantly on your blog to gradually transform it into a huge money making tool. I have seen this on income report posts of most big time bloggers and this has really driven me into some serious thinking moments. Here we go.

Constantly create Affiliate Product review blog posts

As simple as that may sound, it is one of the biggest ways to squeeze real income from your blog both in short and long terms. If you are not able to write product review posts, I encourage you get into it right this moment if you want real income from your blog in the next few months.

That’s as a matter of fact, the most effective way to use your blog to promote affiliate products. While banners and text links have their portion, they are very limited in that they don’t pull traffic – I’ll explain in a little while.

There are 5 strong
points to succeed in review posts;

1  – Write SEO friendly review posts:  This is the success point in making the post a long term income earner. Your review post must continue to pull traffic from search engine. You cannot rely on the short lived social media traffic. If you want continual traffic to your review blog post, you must be able to pull natural traffic to it.

As a matter of fact and from practical experience, search engine traffic has a better conversion rate. That’s for the simple reason that such traffic is more targeted.

2 -Review recurring payment products: The best way to make consistent passive income is to promote products that pay over and over again after the initial sale. If you promote membership product that are a necessity in your niche, you make consistent monthly income as members consistently renew their subscription.

3 – Offer additional bonuses: We know generally that bonuses play a strong role in bringing the buyer to a final buying decision. For the most part, some buyers buy simply to access the bonuses. Adding personal bonuses to you the product reviewed will be a strong additional value and sales booster.

4 – Get special discount code: Most product authors will be excited to cut a special discount for your campaigns. Contact the creator of any product you want to promote and request for a special discount code for your readers. Publish the code on the review post. That will in no small way boost sales

5 – Create review posts constantly: The more constantly you create those SEO friendly review posts, the more income power you give your blog. If you are lazy with one review post a month, that means just after 12 months, your blog should be generating some comfortable earnings.

Go ahead now and start creating SEO review blog posts. That will ensure recurring real income from your blog in the near future.

Thanks for reading and do leave your comments