6 evergreen ways to boost affiliate commissions as a blogger

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Enstine Muki

Enstine Muki

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Enstine Muki
Enstine Muki
Enstine Muki
Enstine Muki
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boost affiliate commissionsOne of the most exciting moments in our Internet Marketing lives is when we log into our affiliate accounts and see those most wanted commissions dropping in from different products we promote. Affiliate Marketing is actually one of the most interesting ways to earn income online. While you can actually make money in affiliate marketing without having a blog, bloggers have more advantages and can make real money with their blogs.

In this post, let’s see how we can boost affiliate commissions and make more money as bloggers and affiliate marketers.

1 – Promote products you use

One of the unfailing ways to make more sales is to promote products you have used and have real proof of their effectiveness. As a blogger, must of your readers trust you and take you for your words. If the success of your blogging lies behind a certain affiliate product, talk to your readers about it and show them how it helps you succeed. They will surely buy it for you to earn the commissions.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t promote other products though but more sales come in when you tell them ‘I use this products with satisfaction’ Note that some of the buyers that buy based on your endorsement will always turn to you for some level of support. Before you start yelling and and directing them to authors support page, try to offer some basic support as this goes far to increase trust and keep them reading your blog.

2 – Promote huge commissions products

It is almost a waste of time to promote products that pay cents except you are sure of mass sales. Personally, if a product does not pay $30+ in commission per sale, something else will have to push me into promoting it. If your audience are interested in mega products that pay 1000s of dollars in commission per sale, I encourage going for it. In such products, a few sales can keep you smiling for days.

– Review products on your blog

Another way to boost commissions is to publish product reviews on your blog. This links back to point 1 above. Review products you have used pointing out exactly how you benefit from them. Again, you can also review products you have not used but you’ll have to bring out strong arguments and proofs of usefulness. Be sure to link to product sales page through your cloaked affiliate links else you may not get the commissions.

4 – Offer bonuses

This is an important point that really boost sales and puts more money into your pocket. Buyers love bonuses and to an extent, some buyers buy some products just to gain access to the bonuses offered. Isn’t that a boost?

If you are a product creator, you may go ahead and offer copies of your own product as bonus. I have practically put this to use and seen positive result. I offer CashDonator and ViralBird as bonuses to anyone who buys products online using my affiliate link. This is an evergreen strategy that has proven to be very effective.

See details how I use this strategy in this post on my blog and clone my method.

5 – Feature an affiliate product

Though I have not done this on my blog, I personally think it can be effective. The reason is that featured materials gain more exposure and attract more attention. A good idea maybe is to create a section on your blog where you regularly feature some recommended products. Try this out and watch results.

6 – Increase traffic to your blog

The more targeted traffic you get to your blog, the more you are able to make sales and earn more commissions. While search engine traffic generally converts more, you should not neglect referral traffic. Get positively involved in growing your social media reach. That’s one source of free referral traffic.

Now get involved in these things I have shared and see how your sales and affiliate commissions increase with time.

Thanks for reading this post today. Leave a comment and let me hear your thoughts. Do you have any more tips to boost affiliate commissions ?