Micro Niche blogging with Affiliate marketing– Perfect combination to make good money

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affiliate marketingMaking money online is a dream of a lot of people from around the world. Many people try their luck with a lot of things to earn decent money online but we all know that only few people get success in online business. It is a fact that only 5 to 10 percent of people working online are successful and making  it  a full time source of income.

Blogging is one of a platform that a lot of people choose to make money online.If we go into figures then there are more than 60 million blogs and bloggers online. But only few make it to earn a full time income with it and get success. But why only few get success?

One of the very common reason is that blogging takes a lot of time to make you a good income and many people not able to carry their consistency to that much period or some leave it because it takes a lot of hard work.

When we go into more depth we find that there are many bloggers they actually not able to follow a proper strategy or plan or can say they don’t have the direction.By this article my main motive is to make you aware about a little easy possibility for you to make good money in blogging field.

This possibility is “ Combination of Micro niche blogging and affiliate marketing”.

I hope you all must be knowing both of these terms but I would like to explain a bit for those who still are not clear about these two terms.

Micro niche blogging

We all know what is niche blogging. Niche in simple words means ,a particular topic or category. Niche blogging means blogging on a particular topic or category.

Example – “Gym workout” , it is a niche. There are many things which you can write about under this niche.For example –  Exercises , workout , abs work out , biceps workout , triceps workout etc..

Now , when we only choose a very small topic in a particular topic we find a micro niche .For example , you can see “abs workout” is a micro niche of “Gym workout” niche.

Affiliate Marketing

Promoting product or service of some other company or people for earning commissions is called affiliate marketing.In simple words when you promote a product or service for any company or people , you get commissions to sell the product or referring the product.

For more information you can read – Affiliate marketing Basics.

I hope both of these terms are clear

to you now.

So what I was taking about is combination of micro niche blogging and affiliate marketing.

Why affiliate marketing and niche blogging is a perfect combination?

Micro niche

Let see some of the reasons why it is a perfect combination for you to make good money.Below you will find some of the reasons that will make you think on this whole topic.

Easy to rank –

Micro niche blogs are easy to Rank in search engine.

When you choose a blog with no niche ( general) , you get max difficulties to rank articles or site. When you choose niche for your blog things get little easier than non-niche blog. And when you choose a micro niche blog things get very easy.

This is my personal experience by which I am giving this statement because I have all these three blogs – General category , Niche Category , Micro niche category. And for all these three kinds of blog , the most easiest and fast result I got is with Micro niche blogging.

But a good research prior to choosing a micro niche and making a proper strategy and planning is must.Without this you can’t rank your micro niche blog.

Targeted Search engine traffic –

The great advantage of micro niche blogging is that you get a pure targeted search engine traffic. Because you actually targeted the particular keyword or can say a micro niche.

High conversion rate-

You always read this statement that to get good money from blogging you should have targeted search engine traffic.

The reason behind this is ,when you get targeted traffic from search engine , the conversion rates are very high because people are going to get things what they wanted or searched in search engine (accurate).

For example – Your micro niche is “ best electric guitars in New York”.

People searching for this term in search engine finds your article or site and when they open they get what they want “ best electric guitars in new york”.

Now when  you promote affiliate of product “ electric guitars” that are available in NY then your conversion rates will be very high. This is the power of Micro niche.

More money –

It is simple , when you have targeted traffic and high conversion rates you will automatically make good money. I think for it, no more explanation is required as all things are mentioned above.


Here , I have shared an overview of “micro niche blogging and affiliate marketing”. So if you want to ask anything in more detail you can ask by commenting below.