Talking Content Marketing – Sonja Jefferson Interview


To have the opportunity to discuss content and the role it plays with one of the creators from one of this year’s truly insightful books, was always going to be an interesting chat. Sonja Jefferson is co-author of Valuable Content Marketing, a truly valuable book from 2013 that helps others understand the importance of content in […]

4 Things Candy Buffets Can Teach You about Marketing

From Flickr user Natalie Kerschner via Creative Commons

I’d like to kick off this small lecture on small business by talking about candy. Specifically – candy buffets. If you aren’t familiar, candy buffets are those decorative spreads of sugar sticks and bon-bons, often presented in apothecary jars, which have taken wedding receptions and other celebratory gatherings by storm recently. At first, these tooth-racking […]

Tried & Tested Doesn’t Work Anymore – Marketing That Once Was


The once tried and tested media platforms for marketing your product/service just does’t work anymore. The difference between the channels we once used and the channels we now have, is that the old channels were extremely expensive. The Decline Of Press Advertising ABC figures highlight that nearly 50% of the UK’s daily newspapers have declining print sales at a […]

Micro Niche blogging with Affiliate marketing– Perfect combination to make good money

affiliate marketing

Making money online is a dream of a lot of people from around the world. Many people try their luck with a lot of things to earn decent money online but we all know that only few people get success in online business. It is a fact that only 5 to 10 percent of people […]

5 killer ways to get the best out of your guest post

guest blogging

Guest blogging seem to be one of the best but stressful traffic strategies ever. No wonder most of us prefer blog commenting to guest blogging because it takes no time, 5 minutes is enough to read a blog post and drop a comment but guest blogging is on the contrary. Guest blogging is all about […]

Content Marketing to Build a Customer Base for your Business

article marketing in 2011

Content marketing means creating valuable content to attract and convert prospects into customers and customers into repeat buyers. Relevant content that relates to what you sell is essential for content marketing and the content must educate people so that they know, like and trust your business. No business can be completely oblivious to internet marketing, […]

A World Thrust Upon Us – Bad Communication (& Good)


Over the past 10 years we have been presented with lots of new shiny toys to use, but are they being used properly? The shiny toys being all the social media platforms that want us to interact, converse, rate, share and be part of. On top of this, many businesses have been created by being […]

The Opportunity By Thinking Creatively


We now live in a world where ideas can be delivered and shared easily and quickly, but what’s stopping us? Over the past year, here at The ID Group, we have found that building a dialogue with our audiences has become a lot more on building direct relationships. For instance, when introducing ourselves to potential new […]

Be An Affiliate Marketer – A Day In My Life

Be An Affiliate Marketer – A Day In My Life

Do you wonder how the day of to be an affiliate marketer is? Well, I can give you a sneak peek but I have to tell you before hand that, I am not making huge money. I don’t have a Nissan GTR. Yet. I don’t have a big house with a personal gym room and […]

4 Ways to Generate Quality Traffic to Your Blog


Obviously, traffic generation is a ‘Must’ for any online marketer to be successful. Everyone (including me) would want to generate handsome income online. However, such desirable income depends so much on the amount and quality of traffic that flows to your site. So, you need to unravel the most successful ways to keep visitors flocking […]