Direct Advertising, Affiliate Banners or Adsense! Which is best?

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Enstine Muki
Enstine Muki
Enstine Muki
Enstine Muki
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Direct AdvertisingIf you are into generating¬† income from your blog, at one moment, I’m sure you have had to think to decide which of these three models can generate the highest earnings – Direct Advertising, Affiliate Banners and Adsense

Why these 3 is because they are competing for the same ad spots; A 300X250 sidebar ad spot can be sold for direct profit (Direct advertising) or used to promote an affiliate product that pays high or recurring commission or Adsense ads.

I know this works differently, from blog to blog and niche to niche. However, there is always this confusion and a common question; how do I monetize this or that portion of my blog?

Now if your blog is struggling with traffic (like most of ours), this becomes even a bigger concern. I have seen bloggers switch between these models within days. This of course doesn’t allow them enough time to gather required amount of data to guide their decision.

Which one generates the highest earnings?

Let’s examine these models one after the other. I’ll will be excited to have you say your opinion in the comment box below

Direct Advertising: Here, advertisers pay you a once off amount for a certain period of time, generally 30 days. The amount paid here is a strict factor of your traffic (considering we have already dealt with the relevancy factor). The more the traffic, the more you can charge for the portion in question. Traffic is generally measured by the impressions or exposure that portion gets within 30 days.

The problem here is direct advertising doesn’t pay anything substantial. I have seen some struggling blogs sell 300X250 sidebar spot for $10/month. That in itself frightens away advertisers who may not be so sure of the value of your service.

That not withstanding, some very busy blogs charge over $1000 per ad space with hundreds of thousands of impressions. You understand with me that this is big money for banner ad but what if an Adsense banner was optimized for that same spot?

Affiliate Banners: Affiliate marketing is one of the most profitable ways to make money online. There are different ways to promote affiliate products and earn commissions. Displaying

those banners on your blog is just one of these ways.

Why will you choose to display an affiliate banner instead of selling that portion of your blog or optimize it for Adsense ads? There are some reasons that justify affiliate banners:

  • You can promote products that pay big commission – that means you have a chance to make $97 per month instead of some negligible $10 from an advertiser.
  • You can promote a membership affiliate product that pays recurring commission. This is gold!

But there is a big problem  РYou may never make a sale for the next few months! Yes. There is absolutely no guarantee that going by this option will generate the sales. So what do you do?

NB: I have written about an excellent free affiliate marketing training program you need to check. Here is the post.

Still want more on Affiliate Marketing? Here are some 6 evergreen ways to boost affiliate commissions as a blogger

Adsense Ads: This can turn to be the most frustrating model. Most of us think it’s all about copying and pasting those Adsense code – there is more to that. Without considerable targeted traffic and proper optimization, you may end up monthly with cents in your affiliate account. How discouraging that is!

I don’t recommend Adsense for new blog. What I hate most with this model is the fact that it completely drives traffic away from your blog. You have no option to control the click target (open in new window or not).

So what do I do?

My candid recommendation is not to be obsessed about making money with your blog. Concentrate on building a popular blog (Check this post how to build a very popular blog) . Keep posting great SEO/Human content, grow your community, network with other bloggers, start building a list, etc.

Secondly, when you think your blog is ripe enough to practice some money making activities, test and test and test (But give yourself enough time while testing)

In conclusion…

To make money blogging is not a short term activity. It requires time, smartness and hard work

What do you think? Can you say something in the comment box?