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I am the creator of CommentLuv Premium
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Doing so means you get exposure to thousands and thousands of other CommentLuv users and your posts get sent out to the massive subscriber list.

Google loves this site and indexes it multiple times per day and posts always get lots of comments so you can be sure of some excellent exposure.

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One thing that really helped me to get my site to start paying for itself was advertising. Choosing someone to handle your ads is a long and arduous process that doesn’t always work out because whoever you choose is going to take a healthy cut leaving you to either take less than you’re worth or have to charge more than you should just so you can get what you deserve.

Read below how I overcame this problem (read it all, there’s a unique limited offer somewhere in the text)

Throw away the middle man!

I suffered from the same problems with choosing someone to handle my ads so I was over the moon when I discovered OIOPublisher because it not only provided a way to take direct control of my ad sales as a wordpress plugin but, it is fully configurable as a standalone system.

Within the first week of installing it (actually within a couple of days) it had paid for itself! All I needed was one or two ad sales to go through and from that point on, 100% of the money I took was mine to keep. awesomes.

Multiple Payment Gateways

As well as the ubiquitous PayPal gateway, you can also set up 2checkout,, google checkout and even offline payment. All systems (except offline) allow you to have a hands free experience. You can set it up so that advertisers are allowed to subscribe so once they pay, they will be rebilled automatically by the system and the ad will be renewed (or expired if payment doesn’t go through).

You can see instructions on how to set up the different gateways at the OIOPublisher site.

Mulitple ad types

Everyone knows 125×125 banner ads and text links but what about sponsored posts or premium downloads? OiOPublisher handles them all beautifully! I’ve been selling text links on ComLuv for quite some time (for a high traffic site you’ll be hard press to find a cheaper PR6 dofollow text link) and they’ve done me proud!

I’ve also been able to sell sponsored

posts without any issue and because OiOpublisher has such an easy to use interface, it’s a snap to set up a custom type of ad that could be anything from an ebook download to a private consultation. It will take care of all the payment taking and processing for you, all you have to do is provide the service!

Ad server!

Some of you may remember the MBA ad network a few of us bloggers set up to show banner ads on all our sites with one payment. That whole system is running on OiOPublisher and it’s running without no more attention than a click to approve a banner when one is submitted.

You can use php or javascript to show ads so you could even run your own ad network! If you have more than one site then it’s a simple copy and paste to show your ads over every site and control them all from a single place. This is one of the major advantages of having it, most (experienced) bloggers have more than one site. Being able to offer a multiple site ad for one payment is a real bonus and getting to keep 100% of the money makes it even better.

Affiliate system

Not only can you sell your own ads with ease, you can actually set up your own affiliate network and get other bloggers to sell your ads for you! Now YOU are the one making the money and OTHERS ARE SELLING YOUR ADS! Set your system up so you pay affiliates a one off or recurring payment, either a percentage commission or a set amount and you’re away. You can offer an increased percentage to affiliates who perform the best and generate some competition that will see your ad spots sell out!

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