3.5 Reasons Why You should Stop Monetising Your Blog Immediately!

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Everybody wants to make money from blogging but this should not be your first objective.  There are a few things you must have before you try to monetise your site.

There is nothing worse than going to a website that has Adsense and other ads plastered all over it.   I hope your blog is not like that! Because if it is, you could be losing a lot of readers.

I was reading a blog post by Dennis Marshall iblog4dollars and he was saying how your website is like real estate.  A very smart concept and there is a lot of truth to it.

So this is the same way you have to look at your website and that is as “valuable real estate” every part of your blog is worth something.

An example of this would be that above the fold of your website is where some of the most precious website real estate you have so you should use it wisely.  The footer area of your site is not so valuable.

Question, what’s the point of having two 300×250 Adsense ads above the fold if no one clicks on them?  I better stop because I’m getting ahead of myself here!

Let’s just get into the meat of this article on why you should stop monetising your blog immediately.

0.5 The New Google Update

Google released an update to their algorithm January this year.  This update kills sites that have excessive ads or ads in the wrong places.

1.5 You Got No Traffic

If all you are receiving is 0 to 100 visitors a day why have you got Adsense on your website?  Look at your Adsense earnings and if they are less than one dollar per day you need to take your adsense down.

The spaces where your

Adsense or other ads are placed could be optimised better by giving your visitors more value.

The same thing happened to me, I was only receiving 20 visitors to my blog per day and I had Adsense and other Clickbank ads on my site.

I had two massive 300×250 Adsense units, one on the top right of my sidebar and another in the middle of my content.

How many Adsense clicks did I get? Well over a month I made $2 “Wow”

I also had click bank ads under the Adsense unit and I received around 30 hops in two months and no sales.

2.5 I Began Thinking

I have known to think on occasions LOL! But seriously as I was thinking about why I was not getting any sales it quickly dawned on me that I never click on Adsense or buy click bank products from any website that I visit.

I am in the SEO and blogging niche and I have total “ad blindness” so if I have ad blindness I wonder how many of my visitors have ad blindness as well?

I also realise that most of the blogs that I visit don’t have Adsense anywhere on their site and the ones that do have traffic.

So what I decided to do was instead of giving my visitors ads, I thought I’ll give them content instead and it all started to pay off.

As soon as I took my ads down my traffic and site interaction went up. Why? I don’t know it could be a coincidence.

3.5 Take It All Down

Take my advice if you are only getting a handful of traffic to your website every day then you should take your ads down and concentrate more on delivering good content.

If you have got info links on your website take them off because you want your visitors to be able to focus 100% on what your content is saying.  You don’t want them to be put off by 20 different words underlined.

Like I said earlier in this article, it will not hurt you to take down your ads because you are not earning any money from them anyway.

Was I bit harsh or am I telling the truth? Please leave a comment and let me know your thoughts.