The 4 Step Master plan to protect your blog from Google updates forever!

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Before I start I would like to say

“NO this is not another one of those article’s that talks about using backlinks and unique content”

Now that is out of the way with now we can begin.

There is one thing that is on everyone’s lips in the blogosphere and that is “Google” well to tell you the truth I think that Google has always been the main talking point when it comes to online business.

Since the Panda update last year up until now Google are becoming harder to work with.

With every new update the search results seem to be getting more and more bizarre.

The other day I typed in “make money online” in to Google and some of the websites on page one didn’t even have any content and others were just total rubbish.

The crazy thing is that some of the website’s that used to be on page one are now on page oblivion.

Well I’m going to give you “My 4 Step Master plan” on how you can protect your website or online business from every single Google update from now on.

1# Don’t Play Google’s Game!

Can somebody answer this one simple question “what is Google looking for?”

Is it unique content, title tags? Back links? Good on page SEO? Keywords? Etc. Can you truly say that you know?

Well the answered is probably no because with all the updates everyone seems to be a little bit confused or in the dark when it comes to what Google are truly looking for.

So my advice is to stop playing the Google game altogether.

2# Does Google Own You?

Now this is quite a powerful question.

Your website is selling shares from the day it was launched.  If someone owns 50% or more of your business they become a majority shareholder and own your business.

Now go and look at your Google analytics traffic report, where does all your traffic come from?

If more than 50% of it comes from Google search then you are in big trouble because if Google falls out of love with your website then 50% of your traffic will disappear overnight.


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As you can see from the above picture if this web site got hit by a Google update their traffic would go from 2,490 to 429.  So that could mean by by income.


The picture above is what we all should be aiming for! Nearly “Google Proof” because the site only gets 35% of its traffic from search.

This site is better protected from “Crazy Google Updates” if this site gets hit then it will still be OK!

Don’t rely on Google for traffic and don’t have all your eggs in one basket you have to diversify your traffic sources.

The majority of your traffic has to come from direct and referral traffic that way you will always be in control of your website.

3# Branding Is Everything

You have to start building your brand so that people will come directly to your website.

An example of this would be that when you shop on Amazon, Tesco, Nike, Wal-Mart etc you never do a Google search for those sites do you?

You just type the whole URL into your browser, WHY?

because of branding.

You need to build up your brand so that people will look for you the same way.

If Google fell out of love with sites that have a brand it would not make that much difference to their sales or traffic.

4# Build Up Your Following

We all know how to do this.  You need to first start building a list so that you can have traffic on tap.

You also need to get into social media and start building up relationships with other webmasters within your field.

“For heaven’s sake make sure you have a Gravatar“ because this will help your social proof.  No one likes to see the mystery man in the comment section of a blog post.

Sometimes I don’t approve comments because the people who leave them have not got a Gravatar and it makes my blog look ugly.

Well I hope that this article has given you something to think about and what you should be doing when it comes to your blog and online business.