3 top ways to increase traffic without Search Engines or Social Media!


Search engines and social media are great ways to pull traffic to websites. Before this era of Social media, Search engines used to be the main talk around whenever web traffic was mentioned. Today, there are many more ways you can get real targeted traffic to your blog even without the almighty search engines – […]

Direct Advertising, Affiliate Banners or Adsense! Which is best?

Direct Advertising

If you are into generating  income from your blog, at one moment, I’m sure you have had to think to decide which of these three models can generate the highest earnings – Direct Advertising, Affiliate Banners and Adsense Why these 3 is because they are competing for the same ad spots; A 300X250 sidebar ad […]

How to transform your blog to a money making monster!

review blog posts

You can never make money blogging until you give your blog the power to generate income. Blogging as an activity does not make the money. There is no way creating and publishing articles on your blog can make you money if you don’t place those money making objects on your blog. Banners, adsense sponsored posting […]

6 Reasons To Start Your Own Blog Today!

how to start a blog

A few weeks ago, I was in a nearby supper market where I met an old time friend. It was exciting we were seeing each other for the first time after high school, about 10 years ago. Boy! he has grown so big and a father of 2. As a matter of fact, this supper […]

6 evergreen ways to boost affiliate commissions as a blogger

boost affiliate commissions

One of the most exciting moments in our Internet Marketing lives is when we log into our affiliate accounts and see those most wanted commissions dropping in from different products we promote. Affiliate Marketing is actually one of the most interesting ways to earn income online. While you can actually make money in affiliate marketing […]

SEO ALERT! Is your blog too slow? Performance check and recommendations

wordpress speed and performance check

One of the top things we want as bloggers and webmasters is to take our sites or articles to position #1 of page 1 of main search engines. Now, a lot is written out there on improving ones SERP position and one of the things that are under looked is the load speed of your […]

WARNING! Don’t publish your next blog post until you read this!

publish blog post

One of the most exciting moments of blogging is when your well written article is ready and you are about to hit the ‘publish’ command button. But often, our articles are only ready in our brains. A lot of things are still left undone and some of these untidy things go a long way to […]

Blogging in 2014 ~ A leap Foward

blogging in 2014

2013 is fast gone! I can clearly remember when it got announced later in 2012. We had our brains full of resolutions and plans for the next year. We planned so much for our families, friends and even our dear blogs. January came and gone and now the year is dying out. What’s the level […]

Blog Contests ~ Hidden traffic gem you must not neglect!

blog contest

Organizing blog contests on your blog is a powerful way to pull in huge traffic. From my experience, you get rewarded more than you put in. Despite the huge value in benefits, most bloggers are still not sure if it’s worth their time. My most recent contest has been doing quite fine bringing in quite impressive […]

4 important factors to be successful with Internet Marketing

internet marketing

Internet marketing is a lucrative market that thousands of people have already tried.  A lot of people fail because they simply don’t treat “Internet marketing” like a real business.  In order to make it a worthwhile venture on the internet you are going to need to understand some fundamental facets of the game that will […]