5 Bad and Lousy Words That You Should Avoid in Your Salesletter

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Saifudheen Mak
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Saifudheen Mak
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Saifudheen Mak
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Have you ever wonder why people don’t feel interest in your products? Are you the one who wonder seeing the high volume of sales of your competitors? Leave everything! Do you know why people won’t even be interested to sign up to your free newsletter?

Are you facing any of the above problems? Sometimes people think that their product prices are too high making it unable to sell. Or you may have finally ended the business in deciding to change your product. Stop confusing about these things till you complete reading this post. First of all, you should not blame your product if it is not sold! In most cases your salesletter can beat your leads down. Probably you may have used some lousy words that your visitors won’t love to hear. Studies have proved that those words can reduce leads up to 80%.

Shall we begin to explore the bad words that you should never use in your salesletter?

#1. Buy

This word can probably scare your readers because you are asking them to open their wallet and give the money to you! You should always keep in mind that people are searching for free information. In some cases, they need little more time before deciding to spend money on a product. It doesn’t matter what product you sell, using this word alone can kill your sales easily. Rather than using the word ‘buy’, how about using ‘claim’, ‘grab’ etc? Before using a word, consider you as a visitor and see how it sounds. For example, “Grab your license today!” sounds better than “Buy this software now”.

#2.  Learn

This word can make your people feel lazy to buy your product! Do you know why? People would

think that they have to learn a lot of new things to get the benefit of your products. A person will only be interested in faster results if he is spending some money. Who will be ready to spend his valuable time for finding the results of a product after buying it? Now tell me, Will you dare to use the word ‘learn’ in your salesletter? How about using the word “Discover”? If it sounds good, you can write like “Discover how I earned $3460 within a month!”.

#3. Tell

You should not use this word to say the benefits of your product. If you use ‘tell’, people will feel that you are just saying unsure things about the product and they won’t believe you. Instead of using “Let me tell you how I earned $3460 within a month”, use “Let me reveal how I earn $3460 within a month”. Which one do you think is best for a salesletter that really attract buyers?

#4. Things

You should avoid using this word if you want to make your salesletter outstanding. If you use the word ‘things’, people will lose their confidence on your product. Wondering how it happens?  Will you click on a link that says “Discover the 5 things that helped me earn $3460 within a month”? How about clicking on a link that says “Discover the 5 methods that helped me earn $3460 within a month”?

#5. Stuff

Most marketers use this word to explain their products. But it is not good at all! Do you like the sentence “Click here to download my money making stuffs”? How about using the sentence “Click here to download my money making secrets”? The word “stuff” is somewhat related to “Things” but both should be treated separately.

If you can take some time to build a better salesletter avoiding those 5 bad words, you can skyrocket your business. Now you can start thinking about your salesletters and modify them by avoiding those 5 lousy words.